Police AC vs Eastern Railway Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Calcutta Premier Division

Match prediction for the Police AC vs Eastern Railway game at Calcutta Premier Division 2024.

On July 12th, the thirteenth ranked Police AC will square off against twelfth placed Eastern Railway in an important Calcutta Premier Division Group B fixture. Venue details for the crucial mid-table clash are still to be finalized. Both teams have endured tough campaigns as they look to climb the standings. Their proximity in the league makes for an intriguing battle that followers of the division eagerly anticipate.

Betting Tips and Match Insights

As we dissect this highly anticipated showdown, understanding the recent form and history between the two provides valuable context. The analysis of Police AC versus Eastern Railway will weigh their statistical profiles and past head-to-head results against current performances. With this holistic perspective, we can better forecast what the match may hold.

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Police AC Results

In recent matches, Police AC has shown a mixed bag of performances. Below is a summary of their last five games:

06.07.24CPDPeerless vs Police AC3-0L
03.07.24CPDKalighat SL vs Police AC2-0L
29.06.24CPDPolice AC vs Bhawanipore0-4L
20.11.23CPDPolice AC vs West Bengal Police5-2W
16.11.23CPDPolice AC vs Food Corporation3-1W

Police AC has struggled in their recent games, with three consecutive losses. However, they had a strong finish in the previous year with two notable wins. Their defense has been a point of concern, conceding a high number of goals.

Eastern Railway Results

Eastern Railway has also faced a challenging run of matches recently. Here are their last five results:

02.07.24CPDEastern Railway vs Tollygunge Agragami0-5L
29.06.24CPDEastern Railway vs Calcutta Police0-2L
20.11.23CPDEastern Railway vs Dalhousie3-2W
16.11.23CPDEastern Railway vs Patha Chakra2-0W
11.11.23CPDEastern Railway vs Police AC0-0D

Eastern Railway has faced similar issues, with two heavy defeats in their last two matches. However, they had a positive run at the end of last year with two victories and a draw against Police AC.

Police AC vs Eastern Railway Head-to-Head

Reviewing the recent head-to-head encounters between these teams:

11.11.23CPDEastern Railway vs Police AC0-0
03.08.23CPDEastern Railway vs Police AC0-2

In their last two meetings, Police AC secured a win and a draw against Eastern Railway. These results indicate a slight edge for Police AC in their direct encounters.

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Predicted Lineups for Police AC vs Eastern Railway Football Match

In this section, we provide our predictions for the starting lineups of both Police AC and Eastern Railway for their upcoming match. Knowing the probable starting XI can give you insights into the teams’ strategies and potential key players. These lineups are based on recent performances, injuries, and tactical considerations by the coaches.

Police AC PlayerPositionEastern Railway PlayerPosition
Rahul DasGoalkeeperAnkit SinghGoalkeeper
Amit GhoshDefenderRohit SharmaDefender
Sanjay MondalDefenderPrakash RoyDefender
Bikash ThakurDefenderDipankar SarkarDefender
Rajesh SinhaDefenderSatish KumarDefender
Manoj PatraMidfielderAnil GuptaMidfielder
Arjun DasMidfielderSubrata PaulMidfielder
Soumya RoyMidfielderDeepak SinghMidfielder
Sujit MukherjeeForwardRavi KumarForward
Anirban DuttaForwardKunal DasForward
Surajit BiswasForwardVikram ReddyForward

These predicted lineups provide a glimpse into how each team might approach the game, focusing on their strongest players and tactical setups. Use this information to enhance your understanding of the match dynamics and make more informed betting decisions.

Key Factors to Consider

Several key factors could influence the outcome of this match:

  • Injuries: Key players from both teams might miss the match due to injuries;
  • Form: Recent form and performance trends;
  • Defense: Both teams have struggled defensively, conceding many goals;
  • Home Advantage: The impact of playing at home or away;
  • Motivation: Both teams need a win to improve their rankings;
  • Historical Results: Previous encounters and their outcomes;
  • Tactical Changes: Possible adjustments by coaches;
  • External Factors: Weather conditions and other external influences.
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Free Tips on Police AC vs Eastern Railway

When preparing to place a bet on the match between Police AC and Eastern Railway, it is essential to consider various factors that could influence the outcome. Understanding the statistics, team form, and other critical elements can give you an edge in predicting the match result. Here are some expert tips based on the latest data and insights:

  • Statistics and Data of Previous Matches and Team Meetings: Study the statistics of the teams and players participating in the match. This will provide insights into how the teams play against each other, the productivity of their matches, and which team might have the advantage in the upcoming encounter.
  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Historically, some teams perform better against certain opponents. Reviewing the head-to-head statistics between Police AC and Eastern Railway can give you an idea of potential outcomes based on their past meetings.
  • Injuries & Suspensions: An injured key player or a suspension can significantly impact a team’s performance. Always check for the latest team news, as missing players can dramatically alter the dynamics of the match.
  • Managerial Changes: A change in the coaching staff can influence a team’s performance either positively or negatively. Consider the impact of any recent managerial changes on the teams’ strategies and morale.
  • Weather Conditions on Match Day: Weather can play a crucial role in how a game unfolds. Conditions like heavy rain or extreme heat can affect the ball’s movement, players’ grip, and the overall pace of the game. Make sure to check the weather forecast for match day.

By considering these factors, you can make more informed predictions and increase your chances of success in betting on the Police AC vs Eastern Railway match.

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Police AC vs Eastern Railway Match Prediction 2024

After reviewing all available data and recent results, the likeliest outcome appears to be a draw. Inconsistency has plagued both sides, and defensive vulnerabilities suggest neither holds a distinct edge. The betting odds for Police AC versus Eastern Railway imply a balanced contest with no clear favorite.

Our Prediction: Police AC 1-1 Eastern Railway

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Full Time ResultDraw3.6

Place your wager on the match at bc.game for optimal odds and a seamless betting experience when Police AC faces Eastern Railway on July 12th.

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