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Cookie Policy

In the digital landscape of today, where seamless interaction and personalized services are paramount, our commitment to providing you with the best online experience is unwavering. The utilization of cookies is a pivotal aspect of this commitment, and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that you not only understand how cookies work but also have the autonomy to control their usage. Through this Cookie Policy, we shed light on the role of cookies, why we use them, and most importantly, how you, as a user, can exercise complete control over their presence on our website. Your online journey, after all, should be a reflection of your preferences and comfort.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain a limited amount of information. They are downloaded to your computer as you interact with a website. Each time you visit our web pages, your browser stores these cookie files. Learn how you can control the use of cookies here.

Why do We Use Cookies?

Cookies serve as valuable tools on our websites, contributing to enhanced functionality and personalized content delivery.

We employ both session cookies and persistent cookies to provide various features on our websites. Session cookies are temporarily loaded onto your device and are stored only during your time on a specific website. They facilitate seamless page-to-page navigation and allow websites to remember your selected settings. Persistent cookies may be used to recognize you on your next visit or to tailor online advertisements.

How Do We Use Cookies?

When you visit our websites, cookies will be placed on your device in two ways.

  1. Cookies placed by, the website operator, are referred to as first-party cookies.
  2. Additionally, cookies may be placed on your device by third parties other than Betting , known as third-party cookies. Examples of using third-party cookies include collecting browser usage information and providing personalized content.

While first-party and third-party cookies serve different purposes, all cookies used by us fall into the following four main categories:

User Control Over Cookies

Maintaining control over cookies is entirely within your reach. You can individually enable or disable cookies on our website based on your preferences.

If you wish to block some or all cookies, you can modify your browser settings accordingly. Instructions for doing so are provided by your chosen browser. For your convenience, we’ve compiled links below that contain cookie deletion instructions for the most common web browsers. Note that by blocking certain cookies, certain features of our website may be affected.

Mobile users can refer to their device’s user guide for additional information on blocking cookies through their mobile browsers. To learn more about online behavioral advertising cookies and how to opt out. Detailed information on opting out of advertising on specific platforms can be found.

You can review your privacy settings by visiting the Privacy Settings Center at the bottom of the main page.

Please note that changing or deleting your consent to the use of specific types of cookies does not remove cookies from your device. However, they will be disabled, and we will no longer collect them. For additional information on how to remove cookies from your device, refer to the section on “How do We Use Cookies?”

Using Ad Blocking Technologies?

If you utilize ad-blocking technologies, be aware that some extensions may block our ability to send you notifications regarding cookie settings or user benefits. If you wish to continue using our service, disable ad-blocking and adjust your cookie settings in accordance with our Cookie Notice.

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