Osasuna vs Mallorca Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – LaLiga

Osasuna vs Mallorca: LaLiga Match Analysis, Betting Tips, and Odds.

As the Spanish LaLiga season nears its conclusion, Osasuna will host Mallorca at the Estadio El Sadar in Pamplona for a pivotal Round 36 clash on May 14, 2024, at 17:30 GMT. This matchup not only holds significant implications for both teams in terms of league standing but also marks a critical stage in their respective campaigns. The game, set in the 23,516-capacity stadium, promises an intense battle for points as both teams strive to secure their LaLiga status for another season. At this late stage of the tournament, every match counts more than ever, adding an extra layer of excitement and urgency to the encounter.


In preparing for the Osasuna vs Mallorca prediction today, it’s essential to consider their recent performances and historical encounters. Osasuna, despite a season of ups and downs, showed resilience in their last game, securing a draw against Athletic Bilbao. Mallorca, on the other hand, comes off a narrow victory that helped them distance themselves from the relegation zone. This matchup is expected to be closely contested, as evidenced by their previous encounters and current form. With both teams fighting hard to avoid relegation, a draw seems a plausible outcome in this critical fixture. Thus, insights into their recent games will be crucial in shaping predictions and betting strategies.

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Current LaLiga standings for Osasuna vs Mallorca on May 14, 2024:

Osasuna Results

Osasuna’s recent form has been a concern for coach Jagoba Arrasate, especially considering their inability to secure wins consistently. Their last five LaLiga matches have seen them struggle, with a series of losses and a draw that have kept them close to the relegation zone. Here’s a detailed look at their recent performances:

11.05.2024LaLigaAth Bilbao vs Osasuna2-2D
05.05.2024LaLigaOsasuna vs Betis0-2L
28.04.2024LaLigaGranada CF vs Osasuna3-0L
20.04.2024LaLigaRayo Vallecano vs Osasuna2-1L
15.04.2024LaLigaOsasuna vs Valencia0-1L

Osasuna has clearly found it tough, managing only one point from their last five games, which might affect their confidence heading into the clash against Mallorca.

Mallorca Results

Mallorca’s situation is slightly better than Osasuna’s, with a recent victory providing a much-needed boost. Here’s how they’ve fared in their last five LaLiga outings:

11.05.2024LaLigaMallorca vs Las Palmas1-0W
04.05.2024LaLigaMallorca vs Atl. Madrid0-1L
28.04.2024LaLigaCadiz CF vs Mallorca1-1D
22.04.2024LaLigaSevilla vs Mallorca2-1L
13.04.2024LaLigaMallorca vs Real Madrid0-1L

With a win and a draw in their last five games, Mallorca might feel slightly more optimistic about their chances against Osasuna, especially considering their recent victory.

Head-to-Head: Osasuna vs Mallorca

The last five encounters between Osasuna and Mallorca have produced some thrilling moments and unexpected outcomes. Here’s a recap of their recent head-to-head matches:

21.12.2023LaLigaMallorca vs Osasuna3-2
31.03.2023LaLigaMallorca vs Osasuna0-0
14.01.2023LaLigaOsasuna vs Mallorca1-0
22.05.2022LaLigaOsasuna vs Mallorca0-2
26.09.2021LaLigaMallorca vs Osasuna2-3

These results suggest a competitive rivalry with no clear dominance, setting the stage for an unpredictable clash.

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Potential Starting Lineups for Osasuna vs Mallorca

As the match between Osasuna and Mallorca approaches, fans and analysts alike are keen to know the likely starting lineups. These lineups are crucial for understanding the tactical approaches both teams might employ during the game. Here’s a comparative overview of the possible players starting for both teams, which provides insights into their respective formations and key players.

Osasuna PlayerPositionMallorca PlayerPosition
Sergio HerreraGoalkeeperPredrag RajkovicGoalkeeper
Jesus AresoDefenderGiovanni GonzalezDefender
Alejandro CatenaDefenderMartin ValjentDefender
Jon PachecoDefenderAntonio RailloDefender
Juan CruzDefenderJuanpeDefender
Ruben GarciaMidfielderJoan SastreDefender
Lucas TorroMidfielderManu MorlanesMidfielder
Jon MoncayolaMidfielderSalva SevillaMidfielder
Aimar OrozMidfielderSergi DarderMidfielder
Enrique BarjaMidfielderDani RodriguezMidfielder
Kike BarjaForwardAbdón PratsForward

Players Unavailable for Osasuna vs Mallorca

The dynamics of the upcoming match will also be influenced by players who are unavailable due to injuries, suspensions, or other reasons. Here is a summary of players from both Osasuna and Mallorca who will not be participating in this crucial encounter:

OsasunaKike BarjaKnee Injury
OsasunaAnte BudimirRibs Injury
OsasunaDavid GarciaThigh Injury
OsasunaUnai GarciaMuscle Injury
OsasunaMoi GomezMuscle Injury
OsasunaPablo IbanezYellow Cards
MallorcaVedat MuriqiYellow Cards
MallorcaMartin ValjentYellow Cards

These absences could lead to significant tactical adjustments from both teams, potentially impacting the flow and strategy of the game.

Key Factors to Consider

Before making any predictions, it’s crucial to assess several key factors:

  • Both teams’ struggle for consistency in the league;
  • Impact of injuries and suspensions;
  • Recent form of key players;
  • Historical performance in head-to-head matches;
  • Tactical setups and potential adjustments;
  • Home advantage vs. away performance;
  • Stakes involved in the match, especially near the season’s end;
  • Weather conditions on the match day.
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Free Tips on Osasuna vs Mallorca

When analyzing the upcoming LaLiga match between Osasuna and Mallorca, it’s crucial to take into consideration various factors that might influence the outcome. This list of tips is designed to help bettors make more informed decisions based on the specific dynamics of this match. We’ve compiled these tips from a range of data points and statistics, focusing on key areas that typically influence football matches.

  • Player and Team Statistics: Reviewing the performance statistics of Osasuna and Mallorca, including their scoring rates and defensive strengths, will provide insights into their potential game strategies. For instance, Osasuna’s struggles at home versus Mallorca’s challenges on the road could play a pivotal role in determining the match dynamics.
  • Impact of Absences: Both teams have key players missing due to injuries and suspensions. The absence of influential players like Unai Garcia and Ante Budimir for Osasuna could impact their defensive and offensive capabilities, respectively. Similarly, any last-minute changes for Mallorca due to fitness issues could affect their game plan.
  • Head-to-Head Record: Historical matchups suggest a tight contest, with several recent games between Osasuna and Mallorca ending in draws. Understanding the patterns in these encounters can help predict the flow and outcome of the match.
  • Recent Form and Fatigue: Analyzing the recent match schedules of both teams can provide insights into their physical readiness. Osasuna and Mallorca have had fluctuating forms, with Mallorca showing resilience in recent games. Fatigue from recent matches could influence their performance, especially if one team has had a more grueling schedule leading up to this game.
  • Pitch Conditions and Weather Forecast: The condition of the pitch at Estadio El Sadar and expected weather conditions on match day can significantly affect gameplay. If the forecast predicts rain, it could lead to a slower pace and more physical play, which might favor the more defensively organized team.

These tips are designed to give bettors a well-rounded view of the upcoming Osasuna vs Mallorca match, helping them to make more informed decisions when placing their bets.

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Match Prediction: Osasuna vs Mallorca

Given the tight competition and high stakes, the Osasuna vs Mallorca odds lean towards a draw. Both teams have shown similar levels of performance and struggles throughout the season. The history of draws in their recent meetings further supports this prediction. A draw would reflect their current forms and the balanced nature of their recent encounters.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeDraw3.0
TotalUnder 2.51.47

In conclusion, the Osasuna vs Mallorca match presents a challenging betting landscape. However, a stake on a draw seems to be a prudent choice, reflecting both teams’ needs and recent forms. You can place your bets on this match through bc.game, ensuring you get the best odds and a safe betting environment.

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