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Expert Betting Tips and Predictions for the Real Madrid vs Alaves LaLiga Game on May 14, 2024.

The upcoming LaLiga clash is set to be an exciting encounter as Real Madrid hosts Alaves at the iconic Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid on the 14th of May, 2024, at 19:30 GMT. With a massive crowd expected in the stadium which can host up to 83,186 spectators, the match promises to deliver thrilling football action. Referee Isidro Díaz de Mera will be overseeing the proceedings, ensuring fair play in this critical Round 36 battle.

This match is not just a regular league game; it’s a critical point for both teams as the season nears its conclusion. Real Madrid, aiming to extend their unbeaten home streak, will face an Alaves side that has shown resilience in recent games. The stage is set for a showdown that could influence the upper echelons of the LaLiga standings.


As we delve into the Real Madrid vs Alaves prediction today, it’s essential to consider the recent performances and historical encounters between these two teams. Real Madrid has shown formidable form at home, not losing in their last 22 league games at the Bernabéu. Meanwhile, Alaves, though underdogs, have pulled off impressive performances, hinting they can be more than just spectators in this clash.

Real Madrid’s consistent goal-scoring spree in their recent fixtures suggests they might dominate the game. On the other hand, Alaves has struggled to maintain consistent scoring, which could be crucial in a high-stakes match like this. This analysis sets the stage for a deeper look into the team dynamics and player forms as we progress.

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Current LaLiga standings for Real Madrid vs Alaves 14.05.2024:

Real Madrid Results

Real Madrid has been in splendid form, as seen in their recent matches. The team has displayed a solid combination of tactical discipline and offensive prowess, which has led to several significant victories. This form is a critical aspect as they head into the upcoming match against Alaves.

11.05.2024LaLigaGranada CF vs Real Madrid0-4W
08.05.2024Champions LeagueReal Madrid vs Bayern Munich2-1W
04.05.2024LaLigaReal Madrid vs Cadiz CF3-0W
30.04.2024Champions LeagueBayern Munich vs Real Madrid2-2D
26.04.2024LaLigaReal Sociedad vs Real Madrid0-1W

In their last five games, Real Madrid has shown an ability to dominate both domestically and in Europe, scoring multiple goals against high-caliber opponents and maintaining a stout defense.

Alaves Results

Alaves, although not as dominant as their upcoming opponents, have also shown sparks of brilliance that could threaten even the strongest teams. Their ability to clinch critical points has been evident in their recent outings.

10.05.2024LaLigaAlaves vs Girona2-2D
05.05.2024LaLigaValencia vs Alaves0-1W
27.04.2024LaLigaAlaves vs Celta Vigo3-0W
21.04.2024LaLigaAlaves vs Atl. Madrid2-0W
14.04.2024LaLigaGranada CF vs Alaves2-0L

Alaves’ mixed results show a team capable of upsets, particularly highlighted by their wins against strong teams like Atlético Madrid and Celta Vigo.

Head-to-Head: Real Madrid vs Alaves

The historical matchups between Real Madrid and Alaves typically have been in favor of Real Madrid, who have secured the majority of wins. However, each game has had its own story, and past results do not guarantee future outcomes.

21.12.2023LaLigaAlaves vs Real Madrid0-1
19.02.2022LaLigaReal Madrid vs Alaves3-0
14.08.2021LaLigaAlaves vs Real Madrid1-4
23.01.2021LaLigaAlaves vs Real Madrid1-4
28.11.2020LaLigaReal Madrid vs Alaves1-2

This section briefly evaluates the impact of historical results on the upcoming match, noting that while Real Madrid has the upper hand, Alaves has managed to snatch a win in the past, proving they can surprise.

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Expected Lineups for Real Madrid vs Alaves

As both teams prepare for this crucial LaLiga matchup, understanding the likely formations and starting lineups can provide deeper insights into their strategies and potential game dynamics. Real Madrid is expected to deploy a 4-2-3-1 formation, leveraging their strong midfield and defensive line. Alaves is also anticipated to mirror this setup, focusing on a balanced approach with emphasis on midfield control. Below is a comparison of the expected starting players for both teams.

Real Madrid PlayerPositionAlaves PlayerPosition
Thibaut CourtoisGKJesús OwonoGK
Lucas VázquezRBNahuel TenagliaRB
Éder MilitãoCBAbdel AbqarCB
Antonio RüdigerCBRafa MarínCB
Fran GarcíaLBJ. López CarballoLB
Eduardo CamavingaCMCarlos BenavidezCDM
Luka ModricCMAnder GuevaraCDM
Brahim DíazRWCarlos VicenteRW
Daniel CeballosCAMJon GuridiCAM
Arda GülerLWGiuliano SimeoneLW

Players Unavailable for the Match

Injuries can significantly impact a team’s performance and strategy. Here are the players who will not be participating in the upcoming match due to injuries, affecting both teams’ lineup choices and potentially the match outcome.

Real MadridAlaba D.Knee Injury
Real MadridTchouameni A.Leg Injury
AlavesSedlar A.Knee Injury

This list highlights the key players each team will miss, which could influence their tactics and effectiveness in certain areas of the pitch.

Key Factors to Consider

As we approach the match day, several factors stand out that could influence the game’s outcome:

  • Real Madrid’s formidable home record suggests a strong advantage;
  • Alaves’ resilience in tough matches has been notable, despite their overall lower standings;
  • Injury updates: Real Madrid will miss key players like Aurélien Tchouaméni and David Alaba, which could impact their usual gameplay;
  • Alaves’ clean bill of health means they can field their strongest lineup;
  • Form momentum: Real Madrid’s consistent scoring vs. Alaves’ defensive vulnerabilities;
  • Tactical setups: How each coach adapts to the other’s strategies could be pivotal;
  • Weather conditions: Expected clear skies may favor a fast-paced game;
  • Fan support: A packed Bernabéu can be incredibly motivating for Real Madrid.
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Free Tips on Real Madrid vs Alaves

When it comes to making informed decisions on football betting, it’s crucial to consider a variety of factors that can influence the outcome of the match. In the case of the upcoming Real Madrid vs Alaves clash, taking into account specific aspects of the game can provide us with better insights and potentially more successful betting strategies. Here are several free tips based on comprehensive analysis of past performances and current circumstances surrounding this particular match:

  • Examine Player and Team Form: Real Madrid has been on an impressive run, especially at home, showcasing both a strong offensive and defensive setup. Alaves, while not as consistent, has demonstrated capability to pull off upsets against stronger teams. Evaluating the recent match results of both teams provides a clearer picture of what to expect.
  • Consider the Historical Head-to-Head Outcomes: Historically, Real Madrid has dominated the matchups against Alaves, winning most of their recent encounters. This trend provides a contextual backdrop that suggests a potential advantage for Real Madrid.
  • Impact of Missing Players: Real Madrid will be without key players like Aurélien Tchouaméni and David Alaba due to injuries, which might affect their midfield and defensive solidity. Alaves, on the other hand, has no reported injuries, which means they can field their strongest lineup.
  • Home Advantage and Fan Influence at Santiago Bernabéu: Real Madrid’s performance at home has been formidable, partly due to the strong support from their fans. The influence of playing at the Santiago Bernabéu, known for its vibrant atmosphere, often acts as a ’12th man’, boosting the team’s performance.
  • Weather Conditions and Pitch Quality: The match day forecast predicts clear weather, which should lead to ideal playing conditions on the well-maintained natural grass of the Santiago Bernabéu. This is likely to facilitate a fast-paced game, favoring teams with strong technical skills like Real Madrid.

These insights, grounded in detailed analysis and current facts, can guide your betting strategies, providing a structured approach to predict the game’s outcome more accurately.

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Match Prediction: Real Madrid vs Alaves Prediction 2024

Considering the current form, historical data, and home advantage, the Real Madrid vs Alaves odds strongly favor the home team. Real Madrid’s consistent performance, especially in scoring and maintaining a strong defensive line, leads us to predict a comfortable victory for them. We anticipate a 3-0 win for Real Madrid, taking into account Alaves’ recent struggles in front of the goal and their defensive inconsistencies when playing away from home.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Multiscores1:0, 2:0 or 3:02.49
TotalOver 2.51.61

We encourage you to place your bets on this match through The stakes are high, and with the current form of Real Madrid, betting on a victory for them seems a promising option.

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