Elfsborg vs Pafos Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Europa League

Elfsborg vs Pafos: Expert Betting Tips for Europa League.

The highly anticipated match between Elfsborg and Pafos is set to take place on July 11, 2024, at 17:00 GMT. This Europa League qualification 1/8-finals clash will be held at the Borås Arena in Borås, which boasts a capacity of 16,200 spectators. The match will be officiated by Ukrainian referee Panchyshyn D., adding an extra layer of expertise to this crucial encounter.

Elfsborg had a disappointing end to their previous season, losing the title on the last day, and currently sit in 7th place in their league. Pafos, on the other hand, has rapidly risen in Cypriot football and secured their spot in the Europa League by winning the domestic cup. This match marks Pafos’ debut in European competitions, setting the stage for an exciting and unpredictable game.

Elfsborg vs Pafos Betting Tips and Match Insights

For today’s Elfsborg vs Pafos prediction, it is essential to consider both teams’ recent form and overall performance. Elfsborg has been solid at home, winning their last five league matches at Borås Arena. Pafos, while inexperienced in Europe, has shown strength in recent friendlies. This match promises to be competitive, with home advantage likely playing a significant role in the outcome.

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Elfsborg Results

Elfsborg’s recent form has been a mix of wins, draws, and losses. Here are their last five matches:

06.07.24AllsvenskanElfsborg vs Brommapojkarna3-0W
29.06.24FriendlyElfsborg vs Fredrikstad0-0D
29.06.24FriendlyElfsborg vs Fredrikstad0-0D
01.06.24AllsvenskanGoteborg vs Elfsborg1-0L
28.05.24AllsvenskanMalmo FF vs Elfsborg2-1L

Elfsborg’s performance at home has been strong, especially highlighted by their recent 3-0 win against Brommapojkarna. Their ability to keep clean sheets in their last few matches is also notable. However, their away form has been less impressive, affecting their overall standings in the league.

Pafos Results

Pafos has had a strong preparation period for this match, as evidenced by their recent results:

03.07.24FriendlyPafos vs Panathinaikos0-0D
30.06.24FriendlyPafos vs Legia1-0W
28.06.24FriendlyPafos vs Ilirija5-0W
23.06.24FriendlyPafos vs Univ. Craiova2-1W
18.05.24CupOmonia vs Pafos0-3W

Pafos’ recent victories in friendlies against strong teams like Panathinaikos and Legia indicate their readiness for European competition. Their dominant 5-0 win against Ilirija showcases their offensive capabilities. However, their inexperience in European matches might be a challenge.

Head-to-Head Matches: Elfsborg vs Pafos

As this is Pafos’ first foray into European competition, there are no previous head-to-head matches between Elfsborg and Pafos to report.

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Elfsborg Predicted Lineup

For the upcoming match against Pafos, Elfsborg is expected to field a strong lineup with a mix of experienced players and promising talents. Below is the predicted lineup for Elfsborg: Isak Pettersson (GK), Sebastian Holmen (DF), Gustav Henriksson (DF), Terry Yegbe (DF), Simon Hedlund (MF), Timothy Ouma (MF), Besfort Zeneli (MF), Niklas Hult (MF), Ahmed Qasem (FW), Michael Baidoo (FW), Arber Zeneli (FW)

Predicted lineup for Elfsborg football team, featuring key players in defense, midfield, and attack.

Pafos Predicted Lineup

Pafos, making their European debut, is likely to bring their best squad to face Elfsborg. The lineup will feature key players who have been instrumental in their recent successes. Below is the predicted lineup for Pafos: Ivica Ivusic (GK), Joao Correia (DF), Josef Kvida (DF), David Goldar (DF), Matias Melluso (DF), Vlad Dragomir (MF), Moustapha Name (MF), Onni Valakari (MF), Muamer Tankovic (FW), Jairo (FW), Bruno (FW)

Predicted lineup for Pafos football team, highlighting key players in defense, midfield, and attack.

Key Points to Consider

Here are some critical factors to keep in mind for this match:

  • Elfsborg has won their last five home league games;
  • Elfsborg has kept a clean sheet in their previous three games;
  • Pafos is making their debut in European competitions;
  • Elfsborg’s new coach, Oscar Hiljemark, led them to a 3-0 victory in his first game;
  • Pafos’ recent signings, including Joao Correia, could impact their performance;
  • Elfsborg’s home advantage could be a deciding factor;
  • Pafos had a successful preparation period with multiple wins;
  • The market value of both teams is nearly equal, indicating a potentially balanced match.
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Free Tips on Elfsborg vs Pafos

For those looking to make informed bets on the Elfsborg vs Pafos match, it’s crucial to consider various factors that can influence the game’s outcome. These tips will help you understand the dynamics between the teams and make more accurate predictions. Below are some key aspects to keep in mind:

  • Team Form: Always check the recent form of the teams. Teams that are on a winning streak are generally more confident, while teams on a losing streak might lack morale.
  • Home vs. Away Performance: Elfsborg has shown strong performance at home, winning their last five league games at Borås Arena. Pafos, however, struggled away from home last season even against less competitive teams.
  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Although this is Pafos’ first European match and there are no head-to-head statistics available, understanding how new teams typically perform in Europe can provide insights.
  • Injuries & Suspensions: Always check for team news before placing a bet. For instance, the return of goalkeeper Ivica Ivusic for Pafos after his absence could be significant.
  • Weather Conditions: The weather can influence gameplay, especially heavy rain or strong winds. For this match, keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Borås can be beneficial as it might affect the style of play.

By considering these factors, you can enhance your Elfsborg vs Pafos prediction and increase your chances of making a successful bet.

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Elfsborg vs Pafos Match Prediction 2024

For the Elfsborg vs Pafos prediction, the home team’s recent form and experience in European competitions give them a slight edge. The Elfsborg vs Pafos odds favor Elfsborg, primarily due to their strong home performance and clean sheet record in recent matches. Pafos, although strong in their domestic league and friendlies, may struggle with the pressure of their first European game.

Given these factors, Elfsborg is likely to secure a win, leveraging their home advantage and recent improvement under their new coach. However, Pafos’ potential for surprise should not be underestimated.

Our Prediction: Elfsborg 2-0 Pafos

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match ResultElfsborg to win1.75
Total GoalsUnder 2.5 Goals2.0
Both Teams to ScoreNo2.02

For a comprehensive betting experience, you can place your bet on Elfsborg vs Pafos at bc.game. Take advantage of the favorable odds and enjoy the thrill of the Europa League qualification match.

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