Criciuma vs Cruzeiro Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Brazilian Serie A

Match prediction for the Criciuma vs Cruzeiro game at Brazilian Serie A 2024.

Criciuma will host Cruzeiro at the Estadio Heriberto Hulse on July 3, 2024, at 23:00 in the 14th round of the Brazilian Serie A. The match will be officiated by Vitor Gobi J., and the venue has a capacity of 19,300 spectators. This game is a crucial encounter in the mid-season stage of the Serie A tournament.

Criciuma enters this match on the back of a two-game winless streak, while Cruzeiro aims to recover from their recent defeat. With both teams striving for better positions in the league, this matchup promises to be an exciting battle.

Betting Tips and Match Insights

In this section, we will prepare you with vital insights and tips for the upcoming clash. Criciuma vs Cruzeiro prediction today suggests a closely contested match, considering both teams’ recent performances. Criciuma, aiming to maintain their top-flight status, will look to exploit Cruzeiro’s inconsistent form. Cruzeiro, on the other hand, needs to improve their away record to stay in the race for a Copa Libertadores spot. Key players’ absences due to injuries and international duties will also play a significant role in the outcome.

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Criciuma Results

Criciuma has shown mixed results in their recent matches. Below is a summary of their last five games:

30.06.24Serie ACriciuma vs Internacional1-1D
27.06.24Serie ASao Paulo vs Criciuma2-1L
22.06.24Serie ACriciuma vs Botafogo RJ2-1W
19.06.24Serie AAtletico GO vs Criciuma1-2W
16.06.24Serie ACriciuma vs Bahia2-2D

Criciuma has demonstrated resilience, managing to secure points in tight matches. Their home performance has been relatively stable, although they have dropped some crucial points. With a game or two in hand, they have the potential to climb up the standings.

Cruzeiro Results

Cruzeiro’s recent form has been inconsistent. Here is a summary of their last five games:

30.06.24Serie AFlamengo RJ vs Cruzeiro2-1L
26.06.24Serie ACruzeiro vs Athletico-PR2-0W
23.06.24Serie ABahia vs Cruzeiro4-1L
20.06.24Serie ACruzeiro vs Fluminense2-0W
16.06.24Serie AVasco vs Cruzeiro0-0D

Cruzeiro has struggled to find consistency, particularly in away games. Their inability to string together consecutive positive results has affected their position in the standings, and they need to address this issue to maintain their challenge for a Copa Libertadores spot.

Criciuma vs Cruzeiro Head-to-Head

Below is a summary of the last five head-to-head encounters between Criciuma and Cruzeiro:

04.09.22Serie BCruzeiro vs Criciuma1-1
28.05.22Serie BCriciuma vs Cruzeiro0-1
27.01.16PLCriciuma vs Cruzeiro1-1
09.11.14Serie ACruzeiro vs Criciuma3-1
09.08.14Serie ACriciuma vs Cruzeiro0-0

The head-to-head record indicates that Criciuma has found it challenging to secure victories against Cruzeiro. The visitors have historically performed well in these matchups, which may give them a psychological edge.

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Possible Starting Lineups for Criciuma vs Cruzeiro

In this section, we will present the predicted starting lineups for the upcoming football match between Criciuma and Cruzeiro. These projected lineups are based on the latest team news, player performances, and tactical considerations by the respective managers. Understanding the expected lineups can give you insights into team strategies and key players to watch during the match.

Criciuma PlayerPositionCruzeiro PlayerPosition
Hermes MidfielderRomeroMidfielder


In this section, we will list the players who will not be available for the upcoming match between Criciuma and Cruzeiro. The absence of these key players due to injuries or other reasons can significantly impact the team’s performance and strategy. Knowing who is unavailable can help you make more informed predictions and betting decisions.

Player NameTeamReason
Wilker AngelCriciumaInternational Duty
Felipe VizeuCriciumaInjury
Jonathan LemosCriciumaDoubtful – Hamstring Issue
Jose CifuentesCruzeiroInternational Duty
Juan DinennoCruzeiroInjury
Rafa SilvaCruzeiroInjury

Key Factors to Consider

Injuries, team form, player performances, and other critical aspects will significantly influence the outcome of this match. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Injuries and Absences: Criciuma will be without Wilker Angel and Felipe Vizeu, while Cruzeiro misses Jose Cifuentes and Juan Dinenno;
  • Home Advantage: Criciuma’s performance at Estadio Heriberto Hulse has been mixed, with a recent unbeaten home run;
  • Away Struggles: Cruzeiro has lost four of their seven away matches this season, including the last two;
  • Current Form: Criciuma is on a two-game winless streak, whereas Cruzeiro recently lost to Flamengo;
  • Standings: Criciuma is close to the relegation zone, while Cruzeiro is vying for a Copa Libertadores spot;
  • Key Players: The impact of key players like Claudinho for Criciuma and Matheus Pereira for Cruzeiro;
  • Recent Matches: Analysis of both teams’ recent performances and results;
  • Historical Data: Head-to-head records and historical performances in similar situations.
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Free Tips on Criciuma vs Cruzeiro

Analyzing the upcoming match between Criciuma and Cruzeiro requires a comprehensive look at various factors. This list will provide you with key insights and tips to make informed decisions when betting on this exciting encounter. From team form to tactical approaches, understanding these elements can give you an edge in predicting the outcome.

  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Review past encounters between Criciuma and Cruzeiro to identify any recurring trends. Historical data often reveals which team tends to dominate these matchups and can give clues about potential outcomes.
  • Recent Team Form: Assess the current form of both teams. Criciuma is on a three-match unbeaten run at home, while Cruzeiro has lost their last two away games. Teams on winning streaks generally have higher confidence, which can significantly influence their performance.
  • Injuries and Suspensions: Check for any key players missing due to injuries or suspensions. For instance, Criciuma will miss Wilker Angel and Felipe Vizeu, while Cruzeiro will be without Jose Cifuentes and Juan Dinenno. The absence of crucial players can dramatically alter team dynamics and match outcomes.
  • Home vs. Away Performance: Analyze how Criciuma performs at home compared to Cruzeiro’s away performance. Criciuma has shown resilience at Estadio Heriberto Hulse, while Cruzeiro has struggled on the road, losing four out of seven away matches this season.
  • Team Motivation and Stakes: Consider the importance of this match for both teams. Criciuma is fighting to stay clear of the relegation zone, while Cruzeiro is aiming for a Copa Libertadores spot. The stakes involved can greatly impact the level of effort and performance from both teams.

By considering these factors, you can better understand the dynamics at play in the Criciuma vs Cruzeiro match, making your betting predictions more informed and accurate.

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Criciuma vs Cruzeiro Match Prediction 2024

Considering the current form, injuries, and historical performances, the probable outcome of this match is a closely contested draw. Criciuma’s home advantage and Cruzeiro’s away struggles are key factors influencing this prediction. The odds for a draw reflect the balanced nature of this matchup, making it a likely result.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match ResultDraw3.0
Under 2.5 GoalsYes1.53
Both Teams to ScoreYes2.05

Place your bet on the Criciuma vs Cruzeiro match at to take advantage of the latest odds and expert insights.

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