Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – AFC Champions League

Yokohama vs Ulsan: Champions League Betting Odds and Match Tips.

The stage is set for an enthralling semi-final showdown in the AFC Champions League as Yokohama F Marinos host Ulsan Hyundai at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan, on April 24, 2024. With kickoff scheduled for 10:00 GMT+0, this match not only promises to captivate football fans but also holds the potential to write a new chapter in the history books of this prestigious tournament. This stage of the competition, being the play-offs semi-finals, adds an extra layer of intensity and prestige to the encounter.

The Nissan Stadium, with a seating capacity of 72,327, will serve as the backdrop for this critical battle. While specific details about the match officials remain undisclosed, their decisions will undoubtedly play a crucial role in this tightly contested affair. This encounter is pivotal as it decides who advances to the finals of the AFC Champions League, highlighting the significance of every move on the pitch.


In preparing for the Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai prediction today, it’s essential to consider the context and momentum both teams bring into this clash. Yokohama must overturn a 1-0 deficit from the first leg, putting them in a position where they need to attack without exposing themselves defensively. Ulsan, on the other hand, will look to capitalize on their slight advantage, aiming to secure a spot in the final through disciplined play and strategic counterattacks. The stakes are incredibly high, and this setup makes for a potentially tight and tactical match.

As we delve into the specifics, the historical data and recent performances of both teams will be pivotal in shaping our predictions. It is crucial to analyze not just the outcomes but also the nature of these matches to gauge how they might approach this decisive encounter.

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Yokohama F Marinos Results

Yokohama F Marinos have shown resilience and capability, particularly on their home ground. In their last five matches, they have demonstrated a strong ability to secure results under pressure, despite a recent stumble.

DateCompetitionMatchupResultTeam Outcome
17.04.2024CLUlsan HD vs Yokohama F. Marinos1-0L
13.04.2024J1Yokohama F. Marinos vs Shonan Bellmare2-2D
10.04.2024J1Yokohama F. Marinos vs Gamba Osaka2-0W
07.04.2024J1Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama F. Marinos1-2W
03.04.2024J1Yokohama F. Marinos vs Kawasaki Frontale0-0D

Their performance highlights their strength at home, which could be critical in this upcoming match. The ability to rebound from setbacks and maintain composure under pressure suggests that Yokohama will be formidable opponents in their home stadium.

Ulsan Hyundai Results

Ulsan Hyundai enters this match on a wave of positive momentum, having secured significant victories in recent outings that have boosted their confidence.

DateCompetitionMatchupResultTeam Outcome
17.04.2024CLUlsan HD vs Yokohama F. Marinos1-0W
13.04.2024KL1Ulsan HD vs Gangwon4-0W
06.04.2024KL1Ulsan HD vs Suwon FC3-0W
02.04.2024KL1Daejeon vs Ulsan HD2-0L
30.03.2024KL1Jeonbuk vs Ulsan HD2-2D

Their recent form shows a team that knows how to secure results, particularly in critical matches. This capability to perform under pressure will be vital in their away game at Yokohama.

Head-to-Head Match Results

When examining the recent head-to-head matchups between these teams, we can gather insights into their competitive dynamics.

17.04.2024CLUlsan HD vs Yokohama F. Marinos1-0

The limited recent encounters suggest a closely matched competition, with the last game being a narrow victory for Ulsan.

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Predicted Starting Lineups for Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai

As Yokohama F Marinos prepares to host Ulsan Hyundai in a pivotal AFC Champions League semi-final clash, both teams’ starting lineups will play a crucial role in determining the match’s outcome. The lineups listed below are based on the teams’ recent forms, player fitness, and tactical considerations as they approach this high-stakes encounter.

Yokohama F Marinos PlayerPositionUlsan Hyundai PlayerPosition

This lineup reflects each team’s current tactical layouts and player strengths. For Yokohama F Marinos and Ulsan Hyundai, the chosen formations and player roles will be essential in executing their game plans and securing a victory to move forward in the tournament.

Key Factors to Consider

Before making a match prediction, it is crucial to evaluate several aspects that could influence the outcome:

  • Current form of both teams;
  • Recent injuries and player availability;
  • Historical performance in the AFC Champions League;
  • Tactical setups and potential adjustments;
  • Home advantage for Yokohama F Marinos;
  • Ulsan Hyundai’s defensive strength;
  • Impact of key players such as Anderson Lopes for Yokohama;
  • Ulsan’s ability to perform under pressure.
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Free Tips on Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai

When considering betting on the highly anticipated match between Yokohama F Marinos and Ulsan Hyundai, it’s essential to dig deep into the data and performance trends that could influence the outcome. Here are some insights based on detailed analysis of their previous encounters, team dynamics, and other critical factors. These tips aim to give bettors a clearer perspective on what to expect and how to strategically approach their betting decisions for this AFC Champions League semi-final clash.

  • Examine Head-to-Head Performances: Historically, teams often show consistent patterns in their performances against specific opponents. Look at the recent head-to-head results between Yokohama F Marinos and Ulsan Hyundai to gauge which team might have a psychological edge.
  • Check Team and Player Form: Current form is a strong indicator of a team’s confidence and likelihood of success. For instance, a team like Ulsan Hyundai, coming into this game on a winning streak, may carry momentum that could prove decisive, especially in a high-stakes match.
  • Impact of Home Advantage: Yokohama F Marinos will have the support of their home crowd, which can provide a significant boost. This ‘12th man’ effect can be particularly influential in tightly contested matches like this one, potentially tilting the balance in favor of the home side.
  • Player Availability and Injuries: The absence or return of key players can dramatically shift a team’s dynamics. For example, the availability of Yokohama’s top scorer or key defenders returning from injuries could significantly impact their game plan and scoring capabilities.
  • Weather Conditions: Given the match’s location and date, weather conditions could play a role. Yokohama’s coastal position might bring unexpected weather that could affect the pace of the game and ball handling, which is crucial to consider when predicting the match outcome.

These tips are tailored to provide a comprehensive view of the factors that could influence the Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai match, helping you make more informed betting decisions.

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Match Prediction 2024: Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai

Considering the analysis and the critical factors mentioned above, the Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai odds favor a tightly contested match. Yokohama has the advantage of playing at home and will likely push hard to overturn the first-leg deficit. However, Ulsan’s recent form, especially their defensive solidity, suggests they can withstand this pressure.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Final ScoreDraw3.55

You can place your bet on Yokohama F Marinos vs Ulsan Hyundai at, leveraging all the insights and analysis provided to make an informed decision.

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