Wolves vs Arsenal Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – ENGLAND: PREMIER LEAGUE

Premier League Betting Guide: Wolves vs Arsenal Prediction and Odds.

As the Premier League season progresses into its 34th round, a significant encounter is set to take place at the Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton. On April 20th, 2024, at 18:30 GMT+0, Wolverhampton Wanderers (commonly known as Wolves) will host Arsenal in a pivotal match. Officiated by referee Tierney P. from England, this game not only holds crucial points at stake but also the potential to influence both teams’ standings as the season heads towards its climax.

Located at the historic Molineux Stadium with a capacity of 31,750, the venue is set to witness another intense matchup. This game is part of the latter stages of the Premier League, adding an extra layer of excitement and urgency to the fixture. The backdrop of recent performances and team aspirations heightens the anticipation for what promises to be a thrilling contest.


In preparation for the upcoming fixture, it’s essential to delve into the specifics of the Wolves vs Arsenal prediction today. Arsenal has consistently demonstrated dominance in their recent meetings with Wolves, boasting a string of victories that underline their tactical superiority and mental edge in this fixture. However, recent setbacks in other competitions may affect their performance, adding a layer of unpredictability to the match. Wolves, on the other hand, are desperate to turn their fortunes around, having struggled to find consistency in their game plan and execution. This match offers them a platform to regain confidence and potentially disrupt Arsenal’s rhythm.

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Current Premier League standings for Wolves vs Arsenal on April 20, 2024:

Wolves Results

Wolves have had a challenging season, marked by highs and lows which have seen them struggle to maintain consistency. Their recent form has been a concern, with a noticeable lack of victories:

13.04.24PLNottingham vs Wolves2-2D
06.04.24PLWolves vs West Ham1-2L
02.04.24PLBurnley vs Wolves1-1D
30.03.24PLAston Villa vs Wolves2-0L
16.03.24FACWolves vs Coventry2-3L

The table highlights a concerning trend for Wolves, with no wins in their last five games across all competitions. This lack of victories has undoubtedly impacted the team’s morale and standings in the league.

Arsenal Results

In contrast, Arsenal’s season has been a rollercoaster of formidable victories and recent stumbling blocks. Their performances, however, generally suggest a resilient team capable of overcoming challenges:

17.04.24CLBayern Munich vs Arsenal1-0L
14.04.24PLArsenal vs Aston Villa0-2L
09.04.24CLArsenal vs Bayern Munich2-2D
06.04.24PLBrighton vs Arsenal0-3W
03.04.24PLArsenal vs Luton2-0W

Despite recent losses, Arsenal has shown they can bounce back, particularly highlighted by their strong performance against Brighton and Luton in the Premier League.

Head-to-Head: Wolves vs Arsenal

Historically, Arsenal has had the upper hand in their recent encounters with Wolves. Here’s a look at their last five matchups:

02.12.23PLArsenal vs Wolves2-1
28.05.23PLArsenal vs Wolves5-0
12.11.22PLWolves vs Arsenal0-2
24.02.22PLArsenal vs Wolves2-1
10.02.22PLWolves vs Arsenal0-1

A brief evaluation of these results shows Arsenal’s clear dominance, outscoring Wolves 12-3 in their last five meetings.

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Predicted Lineups for Wolves vs Arsenal

Before you make any decisions on your bets, understanding the potential lineups for each team is crucial. Below is a detailed comparison of the predicted starting lineups for Wolverhampton Wanderers and Arsenal for their upcoming Premier League encounter. This information will help you gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each side based on their available players.

Wolverhampton WanderersPositionArsenalPosition
Jose SaGKDavid RayaGK
Toti GomesDFBen WhiteDF
Max KilmanDFWilliam SalibaDF
Santiago BuenoDFGabrielDF
Matt DohertyMFOleksandr ZinchenkoDF
Mario LeminaMFMartin OdegaardMF
Joao GomesMFDeclan RiceMF
Nelson SemedoMFKai HavertzMF
Pablo SarabiaFWBukayo SakaFW
Tommy DoyleFWGabriel JesusFW
Cunha M.FWLeandro TrossardFW

Player Availability: Injuries and Suspensions

It’s equally important to know which key players won’t be available for the match due to injuries, suspensions, or coaching decisions. This can significantly impact the dynamics of the game.



  • Bellegarde J. (Knee Injury)
  • Dawson C. (Groin Injury)
  • Neto P. (Hamstring Injury)


  • Timber J. (Coach’s decision)



  • Ait-Nouri R. (Calf Injury)

Understanding these absences and their potential impact on the teams’ strategies can provide valuable insights for more informed betting decisions.

Key Factors to Watch

Before finalizing predictions, it’s crucial to consider various dynamics that could influence the outcome:

  • Injuries to key players like Pedro Neto and Bukayo Saka;
  • Recent form of both teams, especially Arsenal’s recovery needs after Champions League disappointment;
  • Tactical adjustments from managers Gary O’Neil and Mikel Arteta;
  • The impact of crowd support at Molineux;
  • Historical performances in recent matchups;
  • Defensive vulnerabilities of Wolves;
  • Arsenal’s need to stabilize their Premier League campaign;
  • Potential game-changers like Matheus Cunha and Leandro Trossard.
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Free Tips on Wolves vs Arsenal

When placing bets on the Wolves vs Arsenal match, it’s important to consider a variety of factors that can influence the game’s outcome. From historical performance patterns to current conditions, each aspect offers insights that could sway your betting decisions. Here are several tailored tips based on an analysis of the teams and the circumstances surrounding their upcoming Premier League encounter.

  • Head-to-Head Records: Review the previous matchups between Wolves and Arsenal. Arsenal has dominated recent encounters, which could be a strong indicator of their potential performance in the upcoming match.
  • Recent Team Form: Always examine the current form of both teams. Arsenal, despite recent setbacks in other competitions, generally has a resilient squad capable of bouncing back, whereas Wolves have been struggling to find consistency, which may impact their confidence and gameplay.
  • Impact of Missing Players: Check for any updates on injuries or suspensions. For instance, Wolves will be without key player Pedro Neto, and Arsenal might see significant contributions from Bukayo Saka despite recent knocks. The absence or return of crucial players can significantly alter the dynamics of the game.
  • Home Advantage vs. Away Challenge: Consider the performance trends of Wolves at home and Arsenal away. Although Wolves have home ground advantage, their recent form at Molineux has been disappointing, which might tilt the scales in favor of Arsenal.
  • Weather Conditions on Match Day: Be aware of the weather forecast for the day, as adverse weather conditions can influence the style of play and overall pace of the game. This is particularly relevant in an open stadium like Molineux, where rain or wind could impact the match outcome.

By considering these factors, you can make more informed decisions when betting on the Wolves vs Arsenal match, potentially increasing your chances of a successful wager.

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Match Prediction: Wolves vs Arsenal Prediction 2024

Anticipating the dynamics of this clash, the Wolves vs Arsenal odds suggest a likely victory for Arsenal, who have historically performed well against Wolves. Despite their recent challenges, Arsenal’s superior tactical setup and individual quality are expected to prevail, especially considering Wolves’ defensive struggles and lack of recent victories.

Prediction Table

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Handicap(-1.5)Arsenal FC1.9

Arsenal’s ability to respond to adversity and Wolves’ ongoing struggles make a bet on Arsenal a prudent choice. A wager on this match – Wolves vs Arsenal can be placed at bc.game, where competitive odds enhance the betting experience.

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