Empoli vs Napoli Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Italy: Serie A

Serie A Analysis: Empoli vs Napoli Match Predictions and Betting Odds for April 20, 2024.

On April 20, 2024, at 16:00 GMT, Empoli will face Napoli in a crucial Serie A match that could influence their survival in Italy’s top-flight football. The match is scheduled at the Stadio Carlo Castellani in Empoli, a venue with a capacity of 16,284 spectators. This game falls under the 33rd round of the Serie A season. Referee Manganiello G. from Italy will be officiating, ensuring strict adherence to the rules in this pivotal match-up.

Betting Tips and Match Insights

In this upcoming encounter, Empoli’s urgent need for points clashes with Napoli’s attempt to salvage a disappointing season by qualifying for European competitions. The Empoli vs Napoli prediction today focuses not just on the result, but also on the strategic imperatives that could influence the game’s dynamics. Given both teams’ recent struggles to maintain consistent form, this match promises to be a battleground for crucial points in Serie A. Prepare for an in-depth look at their recent performances and historical encounters that could hint at potential outcomes.

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Current Serie A standings for Empoli vs Napoli 20.04.2024:

Empoli Results

Empoli has been fighting hard to avoid relegation, evidenced by their recent performances in Serie A. Despite a victory against Torino, their form has been largely disappointing with several losses to key competitors. Here’s how they’ve fared in their last five matches:

13.04.2024Serie ALecce vs Empoli1-0L
06.04.2024Serie AEmpoli vs Torino3-2W
01.04.2024Serie AInter vs Empoli2-0L
15.03.2024Serie AEmpoli vs Bologna0-1L
10.03.2024Serie AAC Milan vs Empoli1-0L

From these results, it’s evident that Empoli struggles particularly in away games, securing only one win in their last five encounters. Their ability to score against Torino but failing to net in four out of these five matches shows a lack of consistency in attack.

Napoli Results

Napoli, traditionally a stronger side, has not lived up to expectations this season. Here’s a quick recap of their last five games:

14.04.2024Serie ANapoli vs Frosinone2-2D
07.04.2024Serie AMonza vs Napoli2-4W
30.03.2024Serie ANapoli vs Atalanta0-3L
17.03.2024Serie AInter vs Napoli1-1D
12.03.2024Champions LeagueBarcelona vs Napoli3-1L

Napoli has been inconsistent, with only one win, two draws, and two losses. Their defense has been particularly porous, conceding in each of their last five games which is a worrying sign for a team with European aspirations.

Head-to-Head Empoli vs Napoli

Looking at the recent matchups between Empoli and Napoli provides insights into their competitive dynamics:

12.11.2023Serie ANapoli vs Empoli0-1
25.02.2023Serie AEmpoli vs Napoli0-2
08.11.2022Serie ANapoli vs Empoli2-0
24.04.2022Serie AEmpoli vs Napoli3-2
12.12.2021Serie ANapoli vs Empoli0-1

This rivalry has been evenly balanced with both teams sharing victories and defeats. Empoli has managed to secure crucial wins, suggesting they can rise to the occasion against higher-ranked teams.

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Potential Lineups for Empoli vs Napoli

As we approach the crucial Serie A clash between Empoli and Napoli, it’s important to consider the likely lineups each team will field. Given recent injuries and suspensions, both teams might see some changes from their usual starting XI. The following table provides a detailed look at the expected players in starting roles, which can influence the dynamics of the match and should be considered when assessing the teams’ strengths and strategies.

Empoli PlayerPositionNapoli PlayerPosition
Elia CaprileGoalkeeperAlex MeretGoalkeeper
Bartosz BereszynskiDefenderGiovanni Di LorenzoDefender
Sebastian WalukiewiczDefenderNatanDefender
Sebastiano LupertoDefenderLeo OstigardDefender
Emmanuel GyasiMidfielderAndre Zambo AnguissaMidfielder
Razvan MarinMidfielderStanislav LobotkaMidfielder
Simone BastoniMidfielderPiotr ZielinskiMidfielder
Giuseppe PezzellaMidfielderPasquale MazzocchiDefender
Szymon ZurkowskiForwardMatteo PolitanoForward
Alberto CerriForwardVictor OsimhenForward
Matteo CancellieriForwardKhvicha KvaratskheliaForward

Player Availability: Injuries and Suspensions

As with any high-stakes football match, player availability due to injuries or suspensions can significantly impact team performance. Here are the current players from both Empoli and Napoli who will not participate in the upcoming match, along with those whose participation is questionable.

Will Not Play

EmpoliTyronne EbuehiInjury
NapoliNikita ContiniInjury
NapoliMathias OliveraMuscle Injury
NapoliAmir RrahmaniYellow Cards
NapoliMario RuiRed Card


EmpoliEtrit BerishaInjury
EmpoliArdian IsmajliInjury
NapoliJuan JesusHealth problems

This section offers an overview of the team compositions and player availabilities, crucial for understanding potential changes in team tactics and dynamics. Whether you’re a fan, a pundit, or a bettor, keeping an eye on these details could provide essential insights into how the match might unfold.

Key Factors to Consider

Before making any predictions, consider the following aspects:

  • Empoli’s desperate fight for survival might push them to exceed expectations;
  • Napoli’s defensive vulnerabilities could be an opportunity for Empoli;
  • Both teams have scored in most of their recent encounters, suggesting a possibility of a high-scoring game;
  • Key absences due to injuries and suspensions for both teams;
  • Empoli’s poor away form vs. their stronger performances at home;
  • Napoli’s need to secure European competition might motivate a stronger performance;
  • The potential impact of weather conditions on the game’s dynamics;
  • The psychological aspect, with Empoli fighting relegation and Napoli disappointed by their season.
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Free Tips on Empoli vs Napoli

As Empoli faces off against Napoli in this critical Serie A encounter, understanding the nuances that could influence the game’s outcome is crucial. Here, we delve into some key aspects that could guide betting decisions for this matchup. By examining historical data, team forms, and specific situational factors, we aim to provide insights that could enhance your betting strategy for Empoli vs Napoli.

  • Historical Performance: Historically, the outcomes between Empoli and Napoli have been mixed, suggesting a competitive rivalry. Reviewing their past encounters can reveal patterns, such as which team dominates at home or away, and the typical scoring trends during these matches.
  • Team Form and Recent Matches: Empoli’s struggle near the relegation zone and Napoli’s inconsistent season highlight the importance of current form. A team’s recent performances can be a strong indicator of their potential in an upcoming match. For example, Napoli’s defense has been leaky, which might provide opportunities for Empoli.
  • Player Availability and Match Impact: Injuries and suspensions can significantly alter team dynamics. With key players like Mario Rui and Amir Rrahmani missing for Napoli, their defensive lineup will be tested, potentially giving Empoli a tactical advantage in attack.
  • Stadium Atmosphere and Fan Support: The match will be held at Stadio Carlo Castellani, Empoli’s home ground, where they tend to perform better. The support of the home crowd can act as a motivational boost, potentially influencing the performance of the home team.
  • Weather Conditions: Given the outdoor nature of football, weather can play a critical role. For instance, a wet pitch could slow down Napoli’s quick passing game and affect the overall pace, benefiting a defensively set-up Empoli aiming to disrupt Napoli’s rhythm.

These insights are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the factors at play in the Empoli vs Napoli match, guiding more informed betting decisions. Always consider these elements in conjunction with real-time updates and team news before placing your bets.

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Match Prediction Empoli vs Napoli 2024

Considering the current form and circumstances, a draw seems a plausible outcome for this match. The Empoli vs Napoli odds likely favor Napoli due to their overall stronger squad, but Empoli’s need for points at home should not be underestimated. Both teams have defensive issues, making a score draw a sensible prediction.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Both Teams to ScoreYes1.73

Empoli vs Napoli offers a compelling fixture for betting enthusiasts. You can place your bets on bc.game, leveraging the insights provided here. Betting on such evenly matched encounters can offer good returns, especially when understanding the teams’ current form and motivations.

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