Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – EUROPE: EUROPA LEAGUE

Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen: Odds, Tips, and Predictions for Upcoming Europa Match.

As the Europa League draws towards its climactic stages, the Stadio Olimpico in Rome gears up to host a thrilling semi-final encounter between Roma and Bayer Leverkusen on May 2, 2024, at 19:00 GMT+0. This match promises to be a spectacle under the watchful eyes of referee Letexier F. from France. Competing in the Europa League’s penultimate phase, both teams aim to secure a place in the final in Dublin, adding another chapter to their storied European campaigns.


Ahead of the Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen clash, it’s essential to consider the current form and historical performance of both teams. The stakes are high, and each team brings a unique set of strengths and challenges to this semi-final match. The Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen prediction today focuses on the balanced dynamics between these two well-matched teams, promising a tight contest. As you prepare your betting strategy, consider the impact of recent matches and their long-standing rivalry in European competitions. Stay tuned for a detailed breakdown of their paths to this stage and key players to watch.

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Roma Results

Roma has displayed varying levels of performance leading up to the semi-finals. Their recent journey reflects a team with resilience and strategic prowess. Below is a snapshot of their last five matches:

28.04.2024Serie ANapoli vs AS Roma2-2D
25.04.2024Serie AUdinese vs AS Roma1-2W
22.04.2024Serie AAS Roma vs Bologna1-3L
18.04.2024Europa LeagueAS Roma vs AC Milan2-1W
11.04.2024Europa LeagueAC Milan vs AS Roma0-1W

Roma’s recent encounters highlight their capability to secure crucial wins, especially in European matches. Their resilience in bouncing back from domestic setbacks to excel on the European stage indicates a team that rises to the occasion.

Bayer Leverkusen Results

Bayer Leverkusen enters this match as the newly crowned Bundesliga champions, demonstrating formidable form. Here are their latest results:

27.04.2024BundesligaBayer Leverkusen vs Stuttgart2-2D
21.04.2024BundesligaDortmund vs Bayer Leverkusen1-1D
18.04.2024Europa LeagueWest Ham vs Bayer Leverkusen1-1D
14.04.2024BundesligaBayer Leverkusen vs Werder Bremen5-0W
11.04.24Europa LeagueBayer Leverkusen vs West Ham2-0W

Leverkusen’s performance, marked by an unbeaten streak and late goals, showcases their persistence and tactical acumen. Their ability to find late equalizers and win under pressure will be crucial against Roma.

Head-to-Head: Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen

The history between Roma and Bayer Leverkusen has been tightly contested. Here’s a look at their last five encounters:

18.05.2023Europa LeagueBayer Leverkusen vs AS Roma0-0
11.05.2023Europa LeagueAS Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen1-0
04.11.2015Champions LeagueAS Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen3-2
20.10.2015Champions LeagueBayer Leverkusen vs AS Roma4-4
03.11.2004Champions LeagueAS Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen1-1

Their past matches suggest a pattern of closely fought games, often resulting in draws or narrow margins.

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Predicted Lineups for Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen

As both teams gear up for their crucial Europa League semi-final encounter, understanding the potential starting lineups is key to anticipating the flow of the match. Below is a comparison of the expected starting players for Roma and Bayer Leverkusen, highlighting their positions and providing insights into the tactical setups that might be seen during the game.

Roma PlayerPositionBayer Leverkusen PlayerPosition
El ShaarawyForwardSchickForward

Player Availability: Injuries and Suspensions

Understanding which key players are unavailable for the upcoming match is crucial as it could significantly influence both teams’ strategies and the match’s outcome.


RomaCelik Z.Red Card
RomaLukaku R.Muscle Injury
Bayer LeverkusenIglesias B.Arm Injury


RomaSmalling C.Groin Injury
Bayer LeverkusenHlozek A.Ankle Injury
Bayer LeverkusenTah J.Knock

This section highlights the players who might not participate in the upcoming match, providing a clearer picture of what each team’s lineup might look like and allowing fans and bettors to adjust their expectations and strategies accordingly.

Key Factors to Consider

Before finalizing your bets, consider these critical elements:

  • Injuries: Roma will be without Zeki Celik, while Bayer Leverkusen has doubts over Adam Hlozek and Borja Iglesias;
  • Form: Both teams have shown resilience in their domestic leagues and Europe;
  • Recent Successes: Leverkusen’s unbeaten streak and Roma’s European performances highlight their current strength;
  • Scandals: No recent controversies have affected the teams’ focus;
  • Streaks: Leverkusen’s record-breaking unbeaten run contrasts with Roma’s mixed results;
  • Tactical Adjustments: Both coaches have adapted their strategies effectively throughout the season;
  • Key Players: Romelu Lukaku for Roma and Florian Wirtz for Leverkusen are players to watch;
  • Historical Performance: Their previous meetings have been evenly matched, indicating a tight game ahead.
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Free Tips on Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen

In preparation for the upcoming semi-final clash between Roma and Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League, it’s essential to delve into several critical aspects that could influence the outcome of the match. This section offers a succinct guide, focusing on strategic insights derived from team statistics, recent form, and other pivotal factors that are crucial for making informed betting decisions.

  • Examine In-Depth Match Statistics: Study past performance data to understand trends in productivity and outcomes between these teams. Such analysis can reveal who might hold a tactical edge in this encounter.
  • Recent Team Form: A team’s current momentum is often a good predictor of their future performance. Roma’s resilience in European competitions and Leverkusen’s unbeaten streak should be considered when predicting the match outcome.
  • Head-to-Head Records: Historical matchups can provide insights into possible results. Given the tight nature of previous Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen games, expect a closely contested match.
  • Check for Key Absences: Player availability can drastically sway a match’s dynamics. With key players like Zeki Celik missing for Roma, and potential absences for Leverkusen, these factors could decisively impact the game.
  • Managerial Tactics and Changes: With both teams under relatively new management since their last encounter, understanding their tactical adjustments is crucial. Both Daniele De Rossi and Xabi Alonso have brought fresh approaches to their teams, which could play a significant role in the match’s strategy.

By considering these factors, bettors can gain a more nuanced understanding of the upcoming match, thereby enhancing their betting strategies for this high-stakes Europa League semi-final.

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Match Prediction: Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen Prediction 2024

Considering both teams’ form, historical encounters, and current standings, a draw seems a likely outcome for this first leg. The Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen odds suggest a closely contested match, with neither side able to establish clear dominance. Leverkusen’s knack for late goals could neutralize Roma’s home advantage.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeDraw3.5

A bet on this match can be placed at, where the bet on the match – Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen offers competitive odds and an engaging betting experience. Consider these insights and predictions to inform your betting strategy.

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