Atletico Madrid vs Girona Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – LaLiga

Expert Betting Tips and Odds for the Atletico Madrid vs Girona LaLiga Match.

Atletico Madrid and Girona face off in an intriguing LaLiga encounter that could have significant implications for the top four race. Set for April 13, 2024, at 12:00 GMT, this crucial match will take place at the Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, which boasts a capacity of 70,460. Under the oversight of referee Bengoetxea R., both teams will be keen to secure a victory in this Round 31 fixture as the season approaches its climax.

The game not only holds importance in the context of LaLiga but also as a measure of both teams’ current form and aspirations. Atletico Madrid, known for their robust defensive setup under coach Diego Simeone, will be looking to capitalize on their home advantage. Girona, on the other hand, has been struggling with form, particularly in away matches, which adds an extra layer of challenge against a team like Atletico.


As we dive into the Atletico Madrid vs Girona prediction today, it’s evident that this matchup is more than just a game; it’s a battle for stability in the top ranks of Spanish football. Atletico’s recent performances in European competitions have shown their ability to rise to the occasion, suggesting that they could bring the same intensity to this league match. Girona, struggling on the road, will have to defy recent trends to upset the hosts.

This encounter promises to be tightly contested, with Atletico Madrid likely to employ a strategic approach, balancing attack and defense. Given both teams’ recent scoring patterns, a low-scoring affair seems probable. This analysis sets the stage for further exploration of team strategies and individual match-ups.

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Current LaLiga standings for Atletico Madrid vs Girona April 13, 2024:

Atletico Madrid Results

Atletico Madrid has shown a mix of resilience and vulnerability in their recent fixtures. A closer look at their last five matches reveals a team struggling for consistency but still capable of pulling off crucial wins. Here is how they’ve fared:

10.04.2024CLAtl. Madrid vs Dortmund2-1W
01.04.2024LLVillarreal vs Atl. Madrid1-2W
17.03.2024LLAtl. Madrid vs Barcelona0-3L
13.03.2024CLAtl. Madrid vs Inter2-1W
09.03.2024LLCadiz CF vs Atl. Madrid2-0L

In these games, Atletico has demonstrated their capability to secure wins under pressure, particularly in crucial Champions League matches. However, their domestic form shows some susceptibility, especially against high-caliber opponents.

Girona Results

Girona’s recent journey in LaLiga tells a story of a team that peaks unpredictably but often falters under pressure, especially away from home. Their last five matches are indicative of their current state:

31.03.2024LLGirona vs Betis3-2W
16.03.2024LLGetafe vs Girona1-0L
09.03.2024LLGirona vs Osasuna2-0W
03.03.2024LLMallorca vs Girona1-0L
26.02.2024LLGirona vs Rayo Vallecano3-0W

Girona’s pattern of winning at home yet losing on the road highlights their struggle to maintain consistency. This trend might be concerning as they head into a challenging away fixture against Atletico.

Head-to-Head: Atletico Madrid vs Girona

Examining the last five encounters between these two teams provides insights into their competitive dynamics. The results are mixed, with both teams having their moments:

03.01.2024LLGirona vs Atl. Madrid4-3
13.03.2023LLGirona vs Atl. Madrid0-1
08.10.2022LLAtl. Madrid vs Girona2-1
02.04.2019LLAtl. Madrid vs Girona2-0
16.01.2019CDRAtl. Madrid vs Girona3-3

These matches reflect a slight edge for Atletico Madrid, especially in more recent games.

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Possible Lineups for Atletico Madrid vs Girona

As Atletico Madrid and Girona prepare for their upcoming LaLiga clash, understanding the potential lineups is crucial for analyzing how the match might unfold. Below is a comparison of the anticipated starting players for each team, providing insights into their positions and roles. This setup gives a clear view of each team’s tactical alignment and key players who could influence the match’s outcome.

Atletico Madrid PlayerPositionGirona PlayerPosition
Jan OblakGoalkeeperPaulo GazzanigaGoalkeeper
Axel WitselDefenderEric GarcíaDefender
José María GiménezDefenderDavid LópezDefender
César AzpilicuetaDefenderDaley BlindDefender
Nahuel MolinaMidfielderYan CoutoMidfielder
Marcos LlorenteMidfielderIván MartínMidfielder
KokeMidfielderAleix GarcíaMidfielder
Rodrigo De PaulMidfielderMiguel GutiérrezMidfielder
Samuel LinoMidfielderViktor TsyhankovForward
Álvaro MorataForwardArtem DovbykForward
Ángel CorreaForwardPortuForward

Unavailable Players

The availability of key players can significantly affect the strategies and potential outcomes of football matches. Here are the players who will not participate in the upcoming match due to various reasons such as injuries and suspensions:

Atletico Madrid PlayerReasonGirona PlayerReason
Barrios P.Yellow CardsArtero R.Ankle Injury
Depay M.Muscle InjuryMartin I.Yellow Cards
Hermoso M.Muscle InjuryRoca J.Knee Injury
Lemar T.Achilles TendonVilla T.Knee Injury
VitoloKnee Injury

This section provides an overview of the players sidelined for the match, helping fans and analysts understand how absences might impact each team’s formation and strategy during the crucial upcoming fixture.

Key Factors to Consider

Before placing your bets, consider the following crucial aspects:

  • Injuries: Atletico is missing key players like Memphis Depay and Thomas Lemar, which could affect their attacking options;
  • Team Form: Atletico’s ability to win important matches contrasts with their occasional slips in LaLiga;
  • Away Form: Girona’s poor performance in away games this season is a significant factor;
  • Head-to-Head Record: Past meetings have often been close, with Atletico typically having a slight upper hand;
  • Home Advantage: The Metropolitano Stadium is a fortress for Atletico, making it hard for visitors to come away with a win;
  • Tactical Setup: Simeone’s tactical nous could be pivotal in this clash;
  • Scoring Trends: Both teams have been involved in games with fewer than 3.5 goals recently;
  • Motivation: With a spot in the top four at stake, motivation will be high for both teams.
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Free Tips on Atletico Madrid vs Girona

When looking to predict the outcome of a football match like Atletico Madrid vs Girona, it’s crucial to consider a range of factors that can influence the game beyond simple team strength. These tips delve into deeper aspects of the match dynamics, helping bettors and fans gain a more nuanced understanding of what to expect. Here are some essential points to consider for the upcoming LaLiga match between Atletico Madrid and Girona.

  • Weather Influence on Gameplay: Given that weather conditions can change the nature of a match, it’s important to check the forecast for match day. Poor conditions such as rain or snow can affect the pace of the game and the ball’s movement, potentially benefiting teams better adapted to such conditions.
  • Pitch Condition at Metropolitano Stadium: The state and type of pitch can significantly affect gameplay. Atletico Madrid’s home stadium boasts a well-maintained grass pitch which supports their style of play, enabling smoother ball movement and tactical setups.
  • Impact of Recent Schedules: Fatigue can play a crucial role in a team’s performance, especially for teams with congested fixture lists. Although both teams have been active in domestic and potentially European competitions, their performance might be impacted if they’ve had a dense schedule leading up to this match.
  • Referee’s Influence: Understanding the refereeing style can be crucial, especially in tightly contested matches. Referee Bengoetxea R. is known for his officiating style, which could influence the number of fouls called and potentially the flow of the game. Bettors might want to consider this when looking at potential cards or penalties.
  • Upcoming Crucial Fixtures: If either team has significant upcoming matches, such as European competitions or key league fixtures, they might rest key players, which could impact the strength and strategy they bring to this game.

These considerations are tailored to provide deeper insights into the Atletico Madrid vs Girona match, offering a comprehensive view that goes beyond basic statistics and standings. By taking into account these often-overlooked aspects, fans and bettors can form a more rounded approach to their predictions and betting strategies.

Match Prediction: Atletico Madrid vs Girona Prediction 2024

Considering the current form and historical data, the Atletico Madrid vs Girona odds favor a low-scoring game. Atletico’s strong defensive setup and Girona’s struggles on the road suggest that fewer than 3.5 goals will be scored. This aligns with both teams’ recent performances and tactical approaches.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Total GoalsUnder 3.51.52

A bet on this match – Atletico Madrid vs Girona – can be placed on This prediction is rooted in a comprehensive analysis of both teams’ strengths and weaknesses, suggesting that Atletico Madrid will likely secure a win in a match that respects their defensive solidity.

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