Athletico-PR vs Bahia Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Brazil Serie A

Match prediction for the Athletico-PR vs Bahia game at Brazil Serie A 2024.

The long-awaited duel between Athletico Paranaense – Bahia performed on 10 July 2024 at 22:00, in which the hosts and visitors will determine who is stronger. The 16th round of the Brazilian Serie A will give this game and promises a thrilling fight with both teams looking to climb in the league table. Stadium will be packed to in 42,372 capacity.

These two teams are arriving in this match with differing form. Athletico Paranaense: Looking for back-to-back wins (first since early July, at Internacional and home to Goias): 3-2 win against Vasco in their previous Serie A game Bahia: Hoping just to get a victory today after losing two of the three league matches beforehand. Especially one that will be so important for their table and the selection to attain Copa Libertadores.


This is our expert Athletico-PR vs Bahia prediction today. Rohit Sharma is in good form. In contrast, Bahia will be keen to reverse their fortunes after losing 2-0 against Palmeiras. Both sides have been clinical till now and will look to go further up in the league standings, making this a must-watch clash. Both current form and home advantage will be huge factors in which way the result goes as will historical head-to-head results. These considerations should be top of mind when fans and bettors are making their picks.

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Athletico Paranaense Results

Athletico Paranaense has had a mixed bag of results in their recent outings. Below is a summary of their last five matches:

07.07.24Serie AAtletico Go vs Athletico-PR1-2W
04.07.24Serie AAthletico-PR vs Sao Paulo1-2L
30.06.24Serie AVitoria vs Athletico-PR0-1W
26.06.24Serie ACruzeiro vs Athletico-PR2-0L
23.06.24Serie AAthletico-PR vs Corinthians1-1D

Athletico Paranaense has secured two wins, two losses, and one draw in their last five matches. Their recent victory against Atletico Goianiense shows their potential, but inconsistent home performances are a concern. With a win, a loss, and a draw in their last three home games, they need to improve their home form to secure a win against Bahia.

Bahia Results

Bahia has also experienced a range of outcomes in their recent games. Below is a summary of their last five matches:

07.07.24Serie APalmeiras vs Bahia2-0L
04.07.24Serie ABahia vs Juventude2-0W
30.06.24Serie ASao Paulo vs Bahia3-1L
27.06.24Serie ABahia vs Vasco2-1W
23.06.24Serie ABahia vs Cruzeiro4-1W

Bahia has shown a stronger performance at home with three wins in their last five matches. However, their away form is troubling, with consecutive losses on the road. To get a positive result against Athletico-PR, they must address their away weaknesses and build on their recent home victories.

Athletico Paranaense vs Bahia: Head-to-Head Matches

Below is a summary of the last five encounters between Athletico Paranaense and Bahia:

12.11.23Serie ABahia vs Athletico-PR1-1
16.07.23Serie AAthletico-PR vs Bahia2-0
12.07.22CopaAthletico-PR vs Bahia2-1
22.06.22CopaBahia vs Athletico-PR1-2
09.10.21Serie AAthletico-PR vs Bahia0-2

In their recent head-to-head encounters, Athletico Paranaense has the upper hand with three wins out of five matches. Bahia’s last victory against Athletico-PR was back in October 2021. This historical advantage could give Athletico-PR a psychological edge heading into this match.

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Athletico Paranaense Probable Lineup

In this section, we present the predicted starting lineup for Athletico Paranaense in their upcoming match against Bahia. Knowing the expected players and their positions can provide insights into the team’s potential strategy and performance.

Linck (GK), Godoy (DF), Rocha (DF), Heleno (DF), Esquivel (DF), Christian (MF), Fernandinho (MF), Zapelli (MF), Erick (MF), Julimar (FW), Pablo (FW)

Predicted starting lineup for Athletico Paranaense in their match against Bahia.

Bahia Probable Lineup

Here, we provide the expected starting lineup for Bahia as they prepare to face Athletico Paranaense. Understanding the likely players and their positions helps in predicting how the team will approach the game and where their strengths might lie.

Felipe (GK), Gilberto (DF), Xavier (DF), Kanu (DF), Juba (DF), Alexandre (MF), Lucas (MF), De Pena (MF), Cauly (MF), Everaldo (FW), Thaciano (FW)

 Predicted starting lineup for Bahia in their match against Athletico Paranaense.


In this section, we list the players who are unavailable for the match due to injuries or other reasons. Knowing which key players are missing can significantly affect the outcome of the game and should be taken into consideration when making predictions and bets.

Athletico-PRTomas CuelloInjury
BahiaNicolas AcevedoInjury

By understanding the predicted lineups and the unavailable players, you can better assess the potential performance and outcomes of the Athletico-PR vs Bahia match.

Key Moments to Watch

As we analyze the upcoming match, several key factors could influence the outcome:

  • Injuries: Tomas Cuello will miss the match for Athletico Paranaense, while Bahia’s Nicolas Acevedo remains sidelined with a knee injury;
  • Form of Key Players: Athletico-PR’s Julimar has scored in two of his last three appearances after an 11-game drought;
  • Home and Away Form: Athletico Paranaense struggles at home with only one win in their last six home games, while Bahia has lost their last three away matches;
  • Recent Performances: Bahia needs to improve their away form, having suffered consecutive losses on the road;
  • Motivation: Both teams are close in the standings, making this a crucial match for Copa Libertadores qualification;
  • Previous Encounters: Athletico Paranaense has won three of the last five matches against Bahia;
  • Tactical Approaches: Both teams will need to adjust their tactics based on player availability and recent performances;
  • Scoring Ability: Bahia’s forward Everaldo, who scored in their last encounter, will be a key player to watch.
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Free Tips on Athletico-PR vs Bahia

Using statistics and historical data of previous matches or head to heads between teams can be a big help in football prediction. That also applies to this week’s clash between Athletico Paranaense and Bahia. To help you place wise bets, we have compiled an extensive list of important betting tips– as per team form, other intuitive factors besides detailed logical discussions.

  • Recent Form: Always evaluate the recent performance of both teams. Athletico-PR is looking to secure consecutive wins for the first time in nearly two months, which suggests they might be gaining momentum. On the other hand, Bahia is trying to recover from two losses in their last three matches, indicating possible struggles.
  • Head-to-Head Performance: Examine the historical outcomes when these teams have faced each other. Athletico-PR has a better record in recent encounters, with three wins in the last five matches against Bahia. This trend can provide insights into which team might have a psychological advantage.
  • Home vs. Away Records: Consider the performance of teams at home and away. Athletico-PR has had difficulties at home recently, winning only one of their last six home matches. Conversely, Bahia has struggled on the road, losing their last three away games. These patterns can significantly impact the match outcome.
  • Managerial Influence: Take into account any recent changes in coaching staff. A new coach can bring different tactics and motivation to a team. While there haven’t been recent changes for either team, understanding the current managerial strategies can provide context on team performance.
  • Weather and Pitch Conditions: Weather can affect gameplay, and it’s essential to consider this factor. Curitiba’s weather on match day can influence the pace and style of play, potentially favoring one team over the other depending on their adaptability to conditions.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can better anticipate the dynamics of the upcoming match and make more informed betting choices.

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Match Prediction 2024: Athletico-PR vs Bahia

Over the last 5 games, Athletico Paranaense has a better performance overall than their opponent – so that in conjunction with their historical dominance is why this process is mostly reporting going one way. Nevertheless, their patchiness at home and Bahia’s ability to reverse form on the road makes this a close contest.

With all of this in mind, the most likely outcome is a modest home win for Athletico Paranaense. Here are the most relevant data for making an Athletico-PR vs Bahia prediction this Wednesday, August 21st. To make an informed decision on the Athletico-PR vs Bahia odds, however.

Our Prediction: Athletico-PR 2-1 Bahia

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match WinnerAthletico-PR to win2.19
First Half ResultDraw2.12
Both Teams to ScoreYes1.8

These insights can also be used by betting fans to place informed bets. Here is where you can make a match bet — Athletico-PR vs Bahia on the where you can access competitive odds and a lot of different types within one game.

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