AS Roma vs Juventus Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Italy Serie A

AS Roma vs Juventus on May 5: Serie A Odds, Tips, and Match Prediction.

On the 5th of May, 2024, a pivotal Serie A match will take place at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, as AS Roma takes on Juventus in what promises to be a high-stakes encounter. Scheduled for 18:45 GMT, the game marks the 35th round of the league. Officiating this crucial match will be referee Colombo A. from Italy, adding an extra layer of scrutiny to the proceedings. This matchup not only carries significant weight in terms of league standings but also serves as a critical juncture for both teams, each aiming to secure their spot in European competitions for the next season.

The Stadio Olimpico, with a capacity of 70,634, sets the stage for this showdown. AS Roma, still reeling from their recent setbacks in European competitions, and Juventus, looking to capitalize on their domestic form, find themselves at a crossroads. This late in the season, each match could drastically alter the landscape of the top-tier Italian football, making this fixture especially crucial.


As we delve into the AS Roma vs Juventus prediction today, it’s essential to consider the form and historical context of these two storied clubs. Roma’s recent performances in Serie A and European competitions show a team struggling for consistency, while Juventus, although barred from European play this season, has shown resilience in domestic competitions. This matchup at the Stadio Olimpico, therefore, is not just about the three points at stake but could be a defining moment for both teams’ seasons.

Both teams have had a mixed bag of results recently, with Roma facing setbacks at home and Juventus struggling on the road. This clash offers Roma a chance to bounce back and secure crucial points at home, while Juventus could use this game to prove their mettle away from home and silence their critics. The historical matchups between these two have always been closely contested, indicating another potential thriller this weekend.

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Current Serie A standings for AS Roma vs Juventus on 05.05.2024:

AS Roma Results

In the lead-up to their crucial clash with Juventus, AS Roma’s recent form has been a rollercoaster. The team has shown they can rise to the occasion, yet consistency remains their biggest challenge. Here’s how they’ve fared in their last five matches:

02.05.2024ELAS Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen0-2L
28.04.2024SANapoli vs AS Roma2-2D
25.04.2024SAUdinese vs AS Roma1-2W
22.04.2024SAAS Roma vs Bologna1-3L
18.04.2024ELAS Roma vs AC Milan2-1W

These results highlight Roma’s ability to pull off crucial wins but also their susceptibility to unexpected defeats. Their loss to Bologna at home and the recent defeat in the Europa League underline the need for increased focus and resilience, especially in high-pressure games.

Juventus Results

Juventus, on the other hand, has navigated this season’s challenges with a notable focus on bolstering their domestic campaign. Their last five games shed light on their current form:

27.04.2024SAJuventus vs AC Milan0-0D
23.04.2024COPLazio vs Juventus2-1L
19.04.2024SACagliari vs Juventus2-2D
13.04.2024SATorino vs Juventus0-0D
07.04.2024SAJuventus vs Fiorentina1-0W

Juventus has struggled to secure wins, with a series of draws and a loss to Lazio in the Coppa Italia highlighting their issues. Their solitary win against Fiorentina shows they can secure results, but their inconsistency is a growing concern.

Head-to-Head: AS Roma vs Juventus

Looking at the last five encounters between AS Roma and Juventus reveals a tight contest with fluctuating fortunes for both clubs. Here’s a quick recap:

30.12.2023SAJuventus vs AS Roma1-0
05.03.2023SAAS Roma vs Juventus1-0
27.08.2022SAJuventus vs AS Roma1-1
09.01.2022SAAS Roma vs Juventus3-4
17.10.2021SAJuventus vs AS Roma1-0

These matches suggest a closely matched history, with each team having their moments of triumph and disappointment. The recent 1-0 victories for each side when hosting reflect the competitive nature of these fixtures and hint at another closely contested match.

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Potential Lineups for AS Roma vs Juventus

As we approach the thrilling Serie A encounter between AS Roma and Juventus, understanding the potential starting lineups is crucial. These lineups give insight into the tactical approaches both teams might adopt and the key players who could influence the game’s outcome. Here’s a comparative overview of the expected players from each team, positioned across the field.

AS Roma PlayerPositionJuventus PlayerPosition
Mile SvilarGoalkeeperWojciech SzczesnyGoalkeeper
Diego LlorenteDefenderBremerDefender
Gianluca ManciniDefenderFederico GattiDefender
Zeki CelikDefenderAndrea CambiasoDefender
Lorenzo PellegriniMidfielderAdrien RabiotMidfielder
Leandro ParedesMidfielderManuel LocatelliMidfielder
Edoardo BoveMidfielderCarlos AlcarazMidfielder
Paulo DybalaForwardWeston McKennieMidfielder
Romelu LukakuForwardFederico ChiesaForward
Tommaso BaldanziForwardDušan VlahovicForward

Unavailable Players

Certain players will not be available for Juventus in the upcoming match due to various reasons, which could impact the team’s strategy and performance. Here’s a list of those players and the reasons for their absence.

JuventusAlex SandroMuscle Injury
JuventusFagioli N.Suspended
JuventusPogba P.Doping

This information about unavailable players is vital for understanding how Juventus might need to adjust their lineup and tactics, potentially offering AS Roma certain advantages in specific areas of the pitch.

Key Factors to Consider

Before we dive into the match prediction, it’s crucial to consider several impacting factors:

  • Injuries and Suspensions: Both teams have key players returning, which could influence the match dynamics;
  • Home vs. Away: Roma has the home advantage, where they have historically performed better against Juventus;
  • Current Form: Both teams have shown patchy form, but Juventus’s struggles on the road might give Roma the upper edge;
  • Tactical Setups: How each coach approaches the game could be pivotal, especially in midfield battles;
  • Psychological Factors: Coming off a loss in Europe, Roma might be more motivated to bounce back;
  • Scoring Ability: Juventus has struggled to score in recent matches, which could be detrimental in this high-stakes game;
  • Defensive Solidity: Both teams have shown vulnerabilities at the back, which could lead to goals;
  • Stakes of the Match: With much at stake for both sides, expect a tense and tactical encounter.
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Free Tips on AS Roma vs Juventus

As we look ahead to the clash between AS Roma and Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico, there are several key aspects to consider that could influence your betting decisions. Understanding these elements can provide deeper insights into the probable outcomes of this high-stakes Serie A match. Here are some tailored tips based on the latest data and match-specific conditions that could help refine your betting strategy for AS Roma vs Juventus.

  • Head-to-Head Record: Historically, matches between AS Roma and Juventus have been tightly contested. It’s essential to review their recent head-to-head encounters to gauge which team might have a psychological edge. In their last five meetings, each team has had its share of wins and losses, suggesting that this could be a close match.
  • Recent Form and Team Morale: Both teams have had mixed results in their recent matches. AS Roma is looking to bounce back from a European defeat, which could either spur them on or weigh them down. Meanwhile, Juventus has struggled with consistency, particularly in away games. The team’s current morale and confidence levels, influenced by these performances, should be considered.
  • Impact of Player Availability: Injuries and suspensions can drastically alter the dynamics of a match. For this encounter, the return of key players like Diego Llorente and Leandro Paredes for Roma could bolster their lineup. Similarly, the availability of Federico Chiesa for Juventus enhances their attacking options. Always check the latest team news close to the match day to understand who is likely to play.
  • Tactical Approaches and Match Strategy: Understanding the tactical setups that both coaches, De Rossi for Roma and Allegri for Juventus, might employ can provide insights into how the match might unfold. For example, if Roma opts for an aggressive start to seize early control, Juventus might counter with tight defensive strategies and look to exploit on the break.
  • Stadium Atmosphere and Fan Influence: The Stadio Olimpico is known for its vibrant atmosphere, which can energize the home team. AS Roma’s performance at home tends to improve with the support of their passionate fans, potentially giving them an edge in this encounter.

These tips incorporate a blend of statistical analysis, team dynamics, and situational factors specific to AS Roma vs Juventus. By considering these aspects, you can make more informed decisions when placing your bets on this crucial Serie A match.

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Match Prediction: AS Roma vs Juventus

Given the current dynamics and the AS Roma vs Juventus odds, the prediction leans towards a draw or a narrow home victory. Roma’s motivation to bounce back after their European disappointment and their generally stronger home form against a faltering Juventus side suggests they might edge this encounter. However, Juventus’s need to prove themselves could see them snatch a point in a tightly contested match.

Prediction Table

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Double chanceAS Roma or draw1.4

A bet on this match – AS Roma vs Juventus can be placed on, where you can find competitive odds and a wide range of betting options. This game promises to be a significant one in Serie A, and a well-placed bet could be just as rewarding as the match itself.

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