Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – GERMANY: BUNDESLIGA

Stuttgart vs Bayern: Predictions, Odds, and Key Betting Insights for Bundesliga Match.

On the 32nd round of the Germany Bundesliga, an intriguing match is set to take place between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich. This crucial encounter is scheduled for May 4, 2024, at 13:30 GMT at the MHPArena in Stuttgart, which boasts a capacity of 60,449 spectators. The match will be officiated by referee Welz T. from Germany, adding an extra layer of national prestige to the event.

As we approach the latter stages of the Bundesliga, every match becomes significantly important not just for the league standings but also for the teams’ morale and positioning ahead of the season’s closure. This match is not an exception, with Stuttgart looking to break a long-standing jinx against Bayern Munich, a team they have not defeated in their last 9 league encounters.


As we delve into the Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich prediction today, it’s crucial to consider the historical performance and recent form of both teams. Stuttgart, despite their underdog status, have shown resilience at home, remaining undefeated in their last 10 league matches at MHPArena. On the other hand, Bayern Munich comes off a high-profile draw against Real Madrid in the Champions League, underscoring their competitive edge on international and domestic fronts.

Both teams have displayed consistent scoring abilities in their recent outings, a trend that bettors and fans alike should consider. This clash, steeped in a history of intense matchups and memorable performances, promises to be a compelling spectacle. The anticipation for this game is palpable, and the implications it holds for the standings are significant.

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Current Bundesliga standings for Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich May 4, 2024:

Stuttgart Results

Stuttgart has shown a commendable performance in their recent matches, indicating a steady if not spectacular, form. Here’s a look at their last five Bundesliga outings:

27.04.2024BundesligaBayer Leverkusen vs Stuttgart2-2D
21.04.2024BundesligaWerder Bremen vs Stuttgart2-1L
13.04.2024BundesligaStuttgart vs Eintracht Frankfurt3-0W
06.04.2024BundesligaDortmund vs Stuttgart0-1W
31.03.2024BundesligaStuttgart vs Heidenheim3-3D

Stuttgart’s recent home record is particularly impressive, showing resilience and tactical acuity. Their ability to score and defend effectively at MHPArena could be pivotal in this upcoming match.

Bayern Munich Results

Bayern Munich, a powerhouse in both domestic and international arenas, has also been in formidable form. Their last five matches are testament to their consistency and threat:

30.04.2024Champions LeagueBayern Munich vs Real Madrid2-2D
27.04.2024BundesligaBayern Munich vs Eintracht Frankfurt2-1W
20.04.2024BundesligaUnion Berlin vs Bayern Munich1-5W
17.04.2024Champions LeagueBayern Munich vs Arsenal1-0W
13.04.2024BundesligaBayern Munich vs FC Koln2-0W

Bayern’s ability to perform under pressure and score in crucial moments has been a key feature of their campaign, making them favorites in many of their matches.

Head-to-Head: Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich

In recent years, meetings between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich have mostly ended in favor of the latter. Here’s a look at the last five encounters:

17.12.2023BundesligaBayern Munich vs Stuttgart3-0
04.03.2023BundesligaStuttgart vs Bayern Munich1-2
10.09.2022BundesligaBayern Munich vs Stuttgart2-2
08.05.2022BundesligaBayern Munich vs Stuttgart2-2
14.12.2021BundesligaStuttgart vs Bayern Munich0-5

The historical data illustrates Bayern Munich’s dominance in this fixture, which could influence the psychological aspects of the upcoming match.

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Predicted Lineups for Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich

For the upcoming Bundesliga clash between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich, both teams are expected to field strong lineups despite some notable injuries. Below, we’ve detailed the likely formations and key players who will take the field, which could play a significant role in the dynamics and outcome of the match.

Stuttgart PlayerPositionBayern Munich PlayerPosition
Alexander NuebelGoalkeeperManuel NeuerGoalkeeper
Leonidas StergiouDefenderJoshua KimmichDefender
Anthony RouaultDefenderDayot UpamecanoDefender
Waldemar AntonDefenderMin-Jae KimDefender
Hiroki ItoDefenderAlphonso DaviesDefender
Jamie LewelingMidfielderAleksandar PavlovicMidfielder
Atakan KarazorMidfielderRaphael GuerreiroMidfielder
Angelo StillerMidfielderThomas MuellerMidfielder
Chris FuehrichMidfielderE. M. Choupo-MotingForward
Deniz UndavForwardMathys TelForward
Serhou GuirassyForwardHarry KaneForward

Players Unavailable for the Match

Both Stuttgart and Bayern Munich face challenges with several key players unavailable due to injuries and suspensions. The absence of these players could significantly impact team strategies and the overall flow of the game.

StuttgartMassimo R.Muscle Injury
StuttgartMillot E.Yellow Cards
StuttgartMittelstadt M.Yellow Cards
StuttgartNartey N.Knee Injury
StuttgartVagnoman J.Leg Injury
StuttgartZagadou D.Knee Injury
Stuttgartdi Benedetto S.Broken Calfbone
Bayern MunichBoey S.Muscle Injury
Bayern MunichBuchmann T.Muscle Injury
Bayern MunichComan K.Muscle Injury
Bayern MunichMarusic G.Knee Injury
Bayern MunichSarr B.Knee Injury
Bayern Munichde Ligt M.Knee Injury

These absences could offer opportunities for other players to step up and could also necessitate tactical adjustments from both teams’ managers.

Key Factors to Consider

Before placing your bets, consider the following elements that could impact the match outcome:

  • Team morale following recent high-profile matches;
  • Injury concerns for key players on both teams;
  • Historical performance in head-to-head matches;
  • Home field advantage for Stuttgart;
  • Tactical approaches from both managers;
  • Current form and fitness levels;
  • Potential strategic adjustments due to player suspensions;
  • Weather conditions on the day of the match.
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Free Tips on Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich

As we approach the Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich clash, it’s crucial to utilize various analytical angles to gauge the potential outcome of this match. The following tips are designed to guide bettors and enthusiasts in making informed decisions based on patterns observed in team performances, historical data, and current circumstances surrounding the game.

  • Head-to-Head Legacy: Historically, Bayern Munich has demonstrated dominance over Stuttgart, especially in their away games. This longstanding trend is a critical factor to consider as it often sets the psychological tone of the matchup.
  • Injuries and Suspensions: Keeping abreast of team news is vital. For instance, Bayern Munich’s current injuries to key players like Kingsley Coman could impact their usual gameplay dynamic, potentially leveling the playing field somewhat for Stuttgart.
  • Home vs. Away Analysis: Stuttgart has maintained a strong home record recently, going undefeated in their last 10 home league matches. This factor should not be underestimated, as playing on familiar ground can significantly boost a team’s performance and confidence.
  • Team Tactics and Formation: Understanding the tactical setups for both teams could provide insights into the match’s flow. Stuttgart might employ a defensive strategy to counter Bayern’s attacking prowess, influencing the total number of goals scored.
  • Referee Influence: The appointed referee, Welz T., may have tendencies in card-giving that could affect the game’s rhythm and the aggression of the players. Bettors might find opportunities in markets related to bookings.

These tips offer a structured way to analyze the upcoming Bundesliga encounter, allowing fans and bettors to approach the game with a strategic mindset.

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Match Prediction: Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich Odds

In conclusion, while Stuttgart’s impressive home form makes them a formidable opponent, Bayern Munich’s historical dominance and superior squad depth make them the favorites. The expected tight defense from Stuttgart might delay but not completely deny a Bayern victory. We predict a hard-fought 2-1 win for Bayern Munich.

In terms of betting, the Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich odds should favor the visitors, but consider the potential for a closer match than the odds suggest.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Double chancedraw or Bayern Munich1.72

In betting, every detail counts. Place your bets on this match – Stuttgart vs Bayern Munich at, and take advantage of the comprehensive odds and markets available.

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