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The 2018 Indian Premier League was such an electrifying season, full of memorable moments that had cricket fans absolutely hooked. Can you believe we’ve already had eleven seasons of the IPL? It feels like just yesterday when it all started back in 2008. This season was something else, wasn’t it? I loved seeing the incredible blend of homegrown heroes and international superstars on the field. It’s amazing to see how far the IPL has come, growing more popular and prestigious with each passing year. There were experienced veterans showing off their skills alongside some really exciting young players.

In cities all over India, this cricket season was like a blockbuster movie. Teams from everywhere threw themselves into the game, fighting for the top spot in one of the world’s most loved cricket leagues. It was a rollercoaster of a season, filled with jaw-dropping moments, games that kept you on the edge of your seat, and a bunch of surprises that no one saw coming. Whether it was explosive batting or masterful bowling, the 2018 IPL had it all. It just reinforced the league’s reputation as a hotspot for cricketing talent.

Looking back at the 2018 IPL, the points table is more than just numbers. It tells the story of intense competition, skillful play, and smart strategies. It’s not just about wins and losses, but about the hard-fought battles that took place on the field. Diving into the details of the points table really brings back the excitement of that season and the standout performances of each team. What a season it was!

IPL 2018 Points Table


More details about columns

  • P: Played
  • W: Win
  • L: Loss
  • T: Tie
  • NR: No Results
  • NRR: Net Run Rate
  • PTS: Points


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by users about the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018.

When IPL 2018 will start?

IPL 2018 started on April 7, 2018.

When IPL 2018 will end?

IPL 2018 ended on May 27, 2018.

How many matches in IPL 2018?

There were a total of 60 matches in IPL 2018.

Who won IPL 2018?

Chennai Super Kings won IPL 2018.

How many teams qualify for playoffs in IPL 2018?

Four teams qualified for the playoffs in IPL 2018.

Which player scored the most fifties in IPL 2018?

Kane Williamson scored the most fifties in IPL 2018.

When IPL auction 2018 will?

The IPL auction in 2018 was held on January 27 and 28.

Our Experts’ Opinions on IPL 2018

The 2018 Indian Premier League (IPL) was a spectacular showcase of cricketing talent and strategy. Celebrating its eleventh edition, the tournament continued to captivate audiences worldwide with high-octane matches, emerging talents, and strategic masterstrokes from seasoned players and management alike.

Key Highlights:

Chennai Super Kings’ Triumphant Return: After a two-year suspension, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) made a phenomenal comeback, clinching the title under MS Dhoni’s experienced captaincy. Their strategy of relying on seasoned players paid off, debunking the myth that T20 is a young man’s game.

Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Consistent Performance: Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) demonstrated consistent performance throughout the season. With a strong bowling lineup led by Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Rashid Khan, SRH emerged as one of the most balanced teams in the tournament.

Emergence of Young Talents: IPL 2018 was notable for uncovering new cricketing gems. Players like Prithvi Shaw and Shubman Gill showcased their mettle against international stars, hinting at a bright future for Indian cricket.

High-Scoring Games: The season witnessed several high-scoring games, indicating evolving batting strategies and the increasing prowess of batsmen in handling pressure situations.

Strategic Insights:

Auction Dynamics: The 2018 IPL auction highlighted the importance of strategic bidding, with teams vying for all-rounders and experienced T20 specialists, recognizing the value they bring to the high-paced game.

Captaincy: Leadership played a crucial role, with captains like MS Dhoni and Kane Williamson demonstrating the impact of strategic field placements and batting orders.


IPL 2018 was more than just a cricket tournament; it was a celebration of strategic acumen, emerging talents, and the enduring spirit of cricket. The season set new benchmarks for T20 cricket, further solidifying IPL’s position as a premier sporting event globally.

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