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Have you been keeping up with this year’s IPL? It’s been wild, like a non-stop thrill ride. It’s more than just cricket, it’s like a huge party where the best of the best from around the globe come together to show what they’ve got. The vibe in each game is electric, you know? Every team is pushing hard, battling it out to climb up in what’s probably the grandest T20 showdown around. And, oh, have you seen the IPL Points Table for 2021? It’s not just numbers, it’s like a storybook of the entire season – showing who’s smashing it, who’s in a tight spot, and how they all stack up. Keeping track of it? It’s a blast.

As we dive into the details of the Points Table, it’s important to understand the metrics used to rank the teams. Points are awarded based on match outcomes, with additional considerations for net run rates. This table not only represents the current standings but also tells the story of each team’s journey in the league – their triumphs, setbacks, and the competitive spirit that defines the IPL.

Once fans start analyzing the standings, they don’t just look at the numbers and positions. They are looking for hints and tips, trying to figure out what their favorite teams’ chances are to make it to the playoffs. For them, this table is more than just a set of data. It contains strategy, skill and that unpredictability of sports games that makes each match unique and exciting.

As we proceed, let’s explore the IPL Points Table 2021 in detail, examining how each team has fared and what their standings mean for their prospects in the tournament. The following section presents the table, offering a comprehensive view of the team rankings and their path forward in the league.

IPL 2021 Points Table


More details about columns

  • P: Played
  • W: Win
  • L: Loss
  • T: Tie
  • NR: No Results
  • NRR: Net Run Rate
  • PTS: Points


In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 season. Whether you’re curious about the schedule, the teams, or standout performances, you’ll find your answers here.

When will IPL 2021 start?

IPL 2021 began on April 9, 2021.

When will IPL 2021 end?

The tournament concluded on May 30, 2021.

How many matches were played in IPL 2021?

A total of 60 matches were played in IPL 2021.

Who won IPL 2021?

The Chennai Super Kings won IPL 2021, marking their fourth title win.

How many teams qualified for the playoffs in IPL 2021?

Four teams qualified for the playoffs in IPL 2021.

Which player scored the most fifties in IPL 2021?

Shikhar Dhawan scored the most fifties in IPL 2021.

When was the IPL auction 2021?

The IPL auction for the 2021 season took place on February 18, 2021.

Our Experts’ Opinions on IPL 2021

Exceptional Talent Showcase:

IPL 2021 was a showcase of exceptional talent in cricket. Young players and seasoned veterans alike displayed extraordinary skills, contributing to the dynamic and competitive nature of the league.

Team Performance:

The performance of the teams was a mix of predictable dominance by strong teams and surprising upsets by underdogs. This balance made the league more exciting and unpredictable.

Impact of COVID-19:

The season was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a rescheduled second half. Despite these challenges, the management and players showed commendable adaptability and resilience, ensuring the continuation of the tournament under safe conditions.

Technological Advancements:

The use of technology, especially in terms of live broadcasting and decision-making, was impressive. The use of the Decision Review System (DRS) and other technological tools enhanced the accuracy of decisions and the overall viewing experience.

Fan Engagement:

Even though the pandemic restricted the presence of fans in the stadiums, IPL 2021 witnessed substantial fan engagement through digital platforms. The creative use of social media and interactive online sessions helped in keeping the spirit of the game alive among fans.

Standout Players:

Several players stood out with their exceptional performances, making a significant impact on their teams’ fortunes. The season was a great platform for these players to showcase their talent on an international stage.

Overall Impact on Cricket:

IPL 2021 played a pivotal role in advancing the game of cricket. It not only provided entertainment but also contributed to the development of young talent and the global expansion of the sport.

In conclusion, IPL 2021 was a testament to the resilience and passion for cricket, offering high-quality entertainment and contributing significantly to the global cricket community.

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