Italy Clinches Euro 2024 Spot Following Tense Draw with Ukraine

Italy Qualifies To UEFA Euro 2024 After Goalless Match Draw Against Ukraine

Italy’s national football team successfully booked their ticket to the Euro 2024 finals after a tense goalless draw against Ukraine. This result solidified their second-place finish in Group C, tying them on points with Ukraine but edging ahead due to a superior head-to-head record. The match, fraught with tension and close calls, showcased the resilience of the Italian side.

Group Dynamics and Qualification Scenario

The reigning European champions concluded their qualification campaign six points adrift of group leaders England, who had earlier confirmed their spot by defeating Italy 3-1 at Wembley. Ukraine, despite a strong performance, now faces the prospect of qualifying through the playoffs, with their aspirations still alive.

Key Moments in a Goalless Stalemate

The match, held at BayArena in Leverkusen, was a riveting contest from the outset. Both Italy’s Gianluigi Donnarumma and Ukraine’s Anatoliy Trubin were formidable in goal, thwarting several scoring attempts.

  • Early Attempts: Italy’s offensive push saw Federico Chiesa narrowly missing a goal, while Donnarumma countered by denying Georgiy Sudakov’s attempt for Ukraine.
  • Giovanni Di Lorenzo and Davide Frattesi’s Close Calls: Both Italian players had significant opportunities, with Trubin making a crucial save against Frattesi’s attempt.
  • Increased Pressure from Ukraine: In the second half, Ukraine ramped up their efforts with Mykhailo Mudryk testing the Italian defense, only to be denied by Donnarumma.

Spalletti’s and Donnarumma’s Reflections

Post-match, Italian coach Luciano Spalletti acknowledged the strength of the Ukrainian team and noted the physicality of the match, especially in the latter stages. Spalletti appreciated his team’s performance, emphasizing their initial dominance and the shift in the game’s nature towards the end.

Gianluigi Donnarumma, expressing satisfaction, reflected on Italy’s journey of redemption following their failure to qualify for the last World Cup. He credited the new coaching staff for revitalizing the team and leading them to the position they deserved.

Italy secure Euro 2024 finals spot after nervy goalless draw with Ukraine

Controversy and Close Calls

A pivotal moment came in stoppage time when Bryan Cristante’s challenge on Mudryk in the penalty area raised appeals for a penalty from the Ukrainian side. However, these claims were dismissed, adding to the drama of the final moments.

Ukraine’s Road Ahead

Despite the setback, Ukraine’s hopes for Euro 2024 remain alive. They are set to participate in the playoffs, offering them another chance to secure a place in the finals. The playoff draw, scheduled for Thursday in Nyon, will determine their path forward.

Italy’s Euro History and Future Prospects

Italy, with this qualification, is set to make their eighth consecutive appearance at the European Championship. Their consistent presence at the Euros is a testament to their enduring quality and resilience in European football. Looking ahead, the Italian side will aim to build on this success and make a strong showing at the Euro 2024 finals.


The goalless draw between Italy and Ukraine was more than just a match; it was a testament to the competitive spirit and tactical acumen of both teams. For Italy, it marked a significant step in their journey towards redemption and excellence, while for Ukraine, it was a display of grit and potential, with a path to the Euros still open through the playoffs. As the dust settles on this qualification phase, both teams will look forward to their next challenges with renewed determination and hope.

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