Mohamed Salah Stays Put, but Should Liverpool Be Worried? Al Ittihad Looms in the Background

mohamed salah

Okay, Liverpool nation, let’s start with the good news: Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian marvel who has been tearing up the Premier League for us, is staying at Anfield. At least for the moment. Yep, Deadline Day passed and Mo is still in the iconic Liverpool red. But man, was it a nail-biter!

That £150 Million Offer We Can’t Forget

Hold up, let’s rewind. Al Ittihad, this mega-rich club from the Saudi Pro League, actually had the audacity to throw a jaw-dropping £150 million bid our way. I mean, you gotta respect the audacity. But, thank the soccer gods, Liverpool said “thanks, but no thanks.”

So let’s dive into the numbers a bit. Salah’s got two years left on his contract and is already pocketing £350,000 per week — making him Liverpool’s highest-paid player ever. On the flip side, Al Ittihad was willing to cough up around £1.5 million per week to snatch Salah. That’s like, insane money, people!

Weighs In

Liverpool’s standing firm on Salah for now, but don’t get too comfy Al Ittihad is probably gonna come back with an even bigger offer come January or next summer.

Let’s remember Mohamed Salah’s statistics from last season:

mohamed salah in match

Playing it Cool: Al Ittihad’s Strategy

You’ve got to admire Al Ittihad’s approach. They’re not just throwing cash around like a kid with his first allowance, they’re being strategic. They made a big offer, Liverpool said no, and now they’re backing off to let the dust settle. But don’t get it twisted, they’re not out of the game.

Here’s the thing. Salah is an extraordinary player, but he’s also in his early 30s. The clock is ticking, both for him and for Liverpool’s financial strategists. The closer we get to the end of Salah’s contract, the more Al Ittihad’s offers might start to make sense to the club’s execs.

What’s the Endgame?

So, what’s going to happen? In the short term, nothing. Salah will keep doing what he does best making magic on the field. But as 2024 and the end of his contract loom closer, things could get super interesting. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to start browsing for Salah jerseys from the Saudi Pro League just in case.

For Now, Let’s Cherish Each Salah Moment

Until then, let’s enjoy every last dribble, pass, and goal from our Egyptian King. But don’t get too cozy, big changes could be just a transfer window away. Keep your scarves close and your eyes on the headlines, Reds. This Salah saga is far from over.

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