Howe on Ashworth’s Potential Move to Old Trafford

Howe on Ashworth's Potential Move to Old Trafford

Eddie Howe expresses concern that Dan Ashworth could reveal Newcastle United’s transfer strategies, key players, and tactical insights to Manchester United. Despite the interest from Old Trafford to acquire Newcastle’s sporting director, and Ashworth’s apparent desire to depart, his transfer is not yet finalized due to unresolved compensation issues. Meanwhile, Ashworth is still participating in recruitment discussions with scouts.

Howe Seeks Swift Resolution in Ashworth’s Potential Transfer

Eddie Howe emphasized the ongoing nature of recruitment, stating it’s a year-round endeavor that never pauses. He acknowledged Dan Ashworth’s influential role, filled with access to critical information, describing the situation as somewhat unique. Newcastle’s manager is eager for a prompt conclusion to the much-discussed move, which might see Manchester United paying upwards of £10 million in compensation. This fee is aimed at mitigating a clause in Ashworth’s contract that prevents him from taking up a new position for a year after his departure from Tyneside. While Howe appreciates his strong relationship with Ashworth, he hasn’t included the 52-year-old in his closest team of advisors, expressing a preference for a quick resolution for the benefit of all parties involved.

Discusses Ashworth’s Future at Newcastle

Despite no explicit declaration of wanting to leave from Ashworth, Newcastle’s manager, when queried, negated the notion of Ashworth expressing a desire to remain. According to Howe, Ashworth’s tenure at Newcastle, which began 20 months ago following his shift from Brighton, has been too brief to significantly impact the club. Emphasizing the long-term nature of such a role, Howe remarked that true effectiveness in these positions requires stability and time, as changes within a football club take considerable time to implement. He acknowledged Ashworth’s limited duration at the club, but assured that Newcastle, being a prominent club, would function efficiently regardless of individual presence. Howe praised the club’s management and expressed confidence in the capable individuals across all departments, ensuring smooth operations moving forward.

Howe commended Dan Ashworth for his restraint in avoiding abrupt changes. He remarked, “Dan preserved the existing structures and we continue operating as we did in the initial transfer window [prior to Ashworth joining].” He added, “Our recruitment has been effective and will remain unaffected.

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