Ashwin and Wood Laud Duckett’s Exceptional Skills Following His Century for England

Ashwin and Wood Laud Duckett's Exceptional Skills Following His Century for England

Following his remarkable performance, Ben Duckett modestly stepped back, allowing others to extol his achievements, a move that seemed fitting given the circumstances. The opening batsman had remained undefeated overnight, amassing a swift 133 runs on the second day of the third Test, with indications of more runs on the horizon.

The task of evaluating Duckett’s innings fell to Ravichandran Ashwin and Mark Wood. Ashwin, who had previously overpowered Duckett in their 2016 encounter – marking a challenging introduction to Test cricket for Duckett – found himself among the spin bowlers who were outplayed on the day. In response to India’s total of 445 all out, England made a rapid advance, reaching 207 for two in a mere 35 overs.

Ashwin and Wood Praise Duckett’s Masterful Innings

Ravichandran Ashwin expressed admiration for Ben Duckett’s exceptional performance, acknowledging his impressive century. “He’s displayed phenomenal talent, and his hundred today was wonderful,” Ashwin remarked, despite restraining his applause due to his competitive nature, especially after achieving his 500th Test wicket. Ashwin particularly lauded Duckett’s slog sweeps, terming them as ‘really special’.

Mark Wood, feeling relieved to rest after his effort of four for 114, praised England’s batting strategy. The team’s aggressive approach, he noted, is unlikely to diminish. Wood commended Duckett for his brave and skillful response, especially being so far behind in the game.

Wood continued, highlighting Duckett’s challenging batting style. “Bowling against him in the nets is a real pain. Despite our best efforts, he refuses to get off the ball,” Wood said. He admired Duckett’s ability to maintain clarity and freedom in his shot selection after a long time in the field, emphasizing Duckett’s skillful adaptation to the changing field placements and his persistence in staying at the crease until the end.

Duckett’s Stellar Performance and Ashwin’s Historic Achievement

“Maybe he hasn’t received the recognition he deserves for his high scores, but this was undoubtedly his day, and it was a sight to behold, especially for a bowler who has just completed numerous overs.”

His long-time rival accomplished a legendary accomplishment while Ben Duckett had what could be his best day in Test cricket. Ravichandran Ashwin took Zak Crawley’s wicket during a thrilling last session that saw 176 runs and two wickets. Ashwin became the ninth spinner to take more than 500 wickets in Tests at this important occasion; he was also the second Indian to accomplish it, after the illustrious Anil Kumble.

Ashwin Reflects on Career Milestones and Pitch Controversy

“I’d be lying if I said reaching 500 runs doesn’t hold significance. It definitely does, though it hasn’t quite sunk in yet,” the 37-year-old cricketer admitted, sharing how the pandemic had altered his outlook. He expressed a renewed appreciation for the game, acknowledging that the pandemic allowed him to reassess his priorities and reignite his passion for cricket, which he felt had somewhat diminished before.

In another notable incident, Ashwin found himself at the center of controversy, receiving an official warning for running on the pitch during his 37-run inning – a violation of cricket laws. This led to a rare imposition of a five-run penalty by umpires Joel Wilson and Kumar Dharmasena.

“I was aware of the warnings that our batters had received about running on the pitch,” Ashwin said in response to the matter. Regrettably, I was unable to quickly dismount the pitch because to my lack of motor abilities. I can guarantee the English media and players that it wasn’t meant to be deliberate. No matter what they make of it, I don’t care. As far as I can tell, the pitch is holding its own.

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