Types of Bets in Football: Best Expert Tips

Types of Bets in Football: Best Expert Tips

Football betting draws people in for a multitude of reasons: from the allure of financial gains to the mental challenge it provides. To really get ahead in the game, seasoned bettors have to be on top of a multitude of elements. What we’re discussing here is not a shallow glance at the sport, it’s about digging deep into team statistics, scrutinising each player’s form with great care, and meticulously analysing past data. This kind of in-depth strategy transforms you from just another fan in the stands to an active player in the unfolding theatre of the match.You’re not just passively watching events unfold, you’re an integral cog in the wheel, making well-thought-out judgments that could very well tip the scales to your advantage.

Common Types of Football Bets

Amid the high-octane world of sport, few experiences can compete with the sheer thrill elicited by a football match. Yet this fervour is not confined to the roars of fans or the titanic clashes unfolding on the pitch. Football betting has evolved as a parallel industry where savvy individuals pit their wits in a cerebral contest of probabilities and outcomes. As part of your football fandom, you’ll find a rich variety of football bet types to explore, ranging from straightforward match result bets to complex proposition wagers based on specific in-game events.

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Match Result (1X2) in Football

The 1X2 football bet, commonly referred to as the Match Result bet, is one of the most straightforward and popular types of football bets. In 1X2 football betting, punters place their bets on one of three potential outcomes: a win for the home team (1), a draw (X), or a win for the away team (2).

Football 1X2 betting is highly popular because of its simplicity. Punters just need to decide on a single outcome from the three possibilities. It’s a classic betting format and forms the foundation for many other bet types football. The 1X2 bet is especially prevalent in football due to the high frequency of draws in matches, making the three-way choice more challenging and engaging for bettors.

Example of 1X2 in Football: In the Napoli vs. Milan game, you could wager on Napoli winning (1), the match concluding in a tie (X), or Milan securing a win (2).

Example of bet Match Result (1X2) on draw Napoli vs. Milan
Example of Match Result (1X2) bet on draw Napoli vs. Milan

Football Double Chance

The football double chance bet offers a unique blend of reduced risk and strategic flexibility for punters. In this betting format, rather than selecting just one outcome, you back two out of the three possible results in a football match.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 1X: This bet wins if the home team triumphs or if the game concludes in a draw. Essentially, it covers scenarios where the away team doesn’t secure a victory.
  • X2: With this option, you win if the match ends in a draw or the away team emerges victorious. It’s a safeguard against the home team winning.
  • 12: This is a bet on either team winning, eliminating the possibility of a draw. It’s ideal for matches where a draw seems unlikely.

Football double chance betting is a favored choice among those who prefer a more cautious approach. It provides a safety net, allowing bettors to cover more ground with a single wager. While the odds might be a bit lower compared to a regular Match Result (1X2) bet, the increased chances of winning make the football betting types a strategic tool in a punter’s arsenal.

Example of double chance in football: If you’re uncertain about the Napoli vs. Milan outcome, you could bet on Napoli to either win or draw. This way, you win the bet unless Milan takes the victory.

Example of Double Chance Bet on Napoli or draw in Match: Napoli vs. Milan
Example of Double Chance Bet on Napoli or draw in Match: Napoli vs. Milan

Over/Under Goals Betting

Under over goals betting in football is a straightforward yet strategic way for punters to predict the potential number of goals in a match. This form of wagering does not focus on which team will win; instead, it’s all about how many goals will be scored in total by both teams combined.

Here’s the essence of under over goals explained:

  • Over: When you place an “over” bet, you’re predicting that the total goals scored will exceed a certain number. For instance, if you bet on “Over 2.5” for a match between Chelsea and Liverpool, you’re expecting three or more goals in total.
  • Under: Conversely, an “under” bet means you anticipate the total goals scored will be less than a specified number. Using the same match example, an “Under 2.5” bet would win if the combined score is two goals or fewer.

The .5 in the goal number (like 2.5 or 3.5) ensures there’s no ambiguity, as matches can’t have half a goal. This means the outcome is clear-cut, with no possibility of a draw regarding the bet.

In essence, understanding under over goals in betting types football requires insight into team dynamics, their recent form, and historical matchups. It’s a popular bet as it offers a unique angle on the game, focusing solely on goal action, making it both thrilling and analytically challenging.

Example of Over/Under Goals in Football: For the Napoli vs. Milan showdown, an over 3.5 goals bet means you’re banking on four or more goals being scored by both teams combined.

Example of Over/Under Goals (over 3.5 goals) Bet in real Football Match
Example of Over/Under Goals (over 3.5 goals) Bet in real Football Match

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Bet in Football

Both Teams to Score, or BTTS football betting, revolves around whether both teams in a match will net at least one goal each. If you believe both teams will score, you bet on ‘Yes’, otherwise ‘No’.

The attraction of this bet lies in its straightforwardness. Rather than predicting the exact outcome, your focus is purely on goals from both sides. When considering a BTTS wager, the current form of teams is crucial. Past encounters can also shed light on possible outcomes, as some teams have historical tendencies to score against certain opponents.

Variations of the standard BTTS bet exist. ‘BTTS and Win’ requires both teams to score, with an added prediction of the match winner. Meanwhile, ‘BTTS in Both Halves’ is a higher-stake bet, where the expectation is for both teams to score in each half.

Example: If you think both Napoli and Milan will contribute to the score sheet in their match, you’d place a ‘Yes’ bet on BTTS.

Example of BTTS Bet in real Football Match
Example of BTTS Bet in real Football Match
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Football Handicap Betting Explained

Handicap football betting is a method used to level the playing field in matches where there’s a perceived difference in ability between two teams. In the world of football handicap betting, the stronger team is given a ‘handicap’ in the form of goals that they need to overcome to win the bet.

Football handicap betting can be applied in various ways. There’s the ‘Single Handicap’ when there’s an apparent favorite. ‘Level Handicap’ is for teams of equal strength, meaning no handicap bias is given, and both teams start with 0 goals. Lastly, ‘Split Handicap’ happens when the difference between the two teams is minimal thus, the handicap is split.

In essence, handicap betting in football offers bettors the chance to earn profits even if the team they back doesn’t necessarily win the match. It’s an engaging way to place wagers, especially in matches where the outcome might seem predictable, by adding an element of challenge and increasing potential returns.

Example: If Milan starts with a -1 handicap against Napoli, they’d need to win by at least 2 clear goals for bets on them to pay out.

Handicap Betting
Example of Handicap Betting in real Football Match

Correct Score in Football Betting

Correct score betting in football is an exciting yet challenging form of wagering where punters predict the exact final score of a match. Instead of merely guessing who will win or if the game will end in a draw, bettors delve into the intricate details, aiming to forecast the precise number of goals each team will score.

Here’s a breakdown of football correct score tips:

  • Precision Required: In correct score betting, specificity is key. Instead of broad outcomes like a win, loss, or draw, you’re pinpointing an exact result. For instance, if you’re betting on a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, predicting a “2-1” score in favor of Real Madrid means you expect them to win with that exact scoreline.
  • High Odds: Due to its difficulty, football correct score bets often come with attractive odds. The unpredictability of football means there are numerous potential outcomes, making it harder to get right but also offering higher potential payouts.
  • Strategy and Analysis: To increase your chances of a successful correct score bet, it’s crucial to analyze team performance, player form, historical matchups, and even factors like injuries and venue. For example, if Bayern Munich is playing at their home ground and their top striker is in great form, a 3-0 prediction in their favor might seem plausible.
  • Potential Risks: It’s essential to be aware that, due to its specific nature, the risk associated with correct score betting is higher compared to more generalized bets. A single unexpected goal can overturn your prediction.

In essence, while the challenge of predicting the exact score can seem daunting, it’s this very challenge that makes types of football betting so appealing to many. It offers a blend of analytical depth, football knowledge, and the thrill of high rewards, making each match an intense and engaging experience.

Example: Placing a bet on a 1-0 win for Atletico Madrid over Alaves means you’re predicting Atletico to score one goal to Alaves’s 0.

Example of Correct Score Bet in real Football Match
Example of Correct Score Bet in real Football Match

Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT or Double Result Bet) in Football

Half Time/Full Time (often abbreviated as HT/FT or referred to as Double Result Bet) is a specialized form of types of football betting where punters predict the outcome at both half-time and full-time. This type of wager adds depth to match betting by requiring bettors to consider the flow of the match in two separate intervals.

Here’s a comprehensive tips at the Half Time/Full Time bet:

  • Two Predictions in One: Unlike a standard match result bet, half time/full time betting requires two predictions. It’s not just about who wins at the end but also about the status at the mid-point. For instance, in a match between Chelsea and Arsenal, a bettor might predict Chelsea/Draw, indicating that Chelsea will lead at half-time but the match will end in a draw.
  • Elevated Odds: Due to the added complexity, the odds for football bet types are generally higher than standard match bets. The increased difficulty of predicting both intervals of the game results in better potential payouts.
  • Tactical Insight Needed: Effective half time/full time betting requires understanding teams’ tactical approaches. Some teams might start aggressively, aiming to secure an early lead, while others could be known for their comeback prowess in the second half. A classic scenario could involve a team like Manchester United, historically known for their late goals, where a Draw/Manchester United prediction could be considered.
  • Popular Scenarios: Commonly chosen half time/full time outcomes include a team leading at both intervals or a turnaround where one team leads at half-time, but the other team comes back to win by full time. Understanding the dynamics of a specific matchup is essential. For example, in a game where Liverpool faces a team from the lower half of the table, a Liverpool/Liverpool prediction might seem logical given their dominance.
  • Intricacies to Consider: The half time/full time bet is not just about team form. Factors such as team strategies, coaching decisions, player stamina, and even external elements like weather can influence a match’s progression.

Example: Betting on a draw at half-time but Napoli winning by full-time in their duel against Milan.

Accumulator (Parlay) in Football

A football accumulator is an exciting betting strategy that involves combining multiple match selections into a single bet. This method amplifies potential returns as each match’s outcome multiplies the odds. However, while the rewards can be significant, so can the risks, as all selections must win for the bet to be successful. Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of types of football bets:

Multiple Selections, One Bet: At its core, a football accumulator consolidates several individual bets into one. For instance, a bettor might choose four different matches and predict the winner of each. All these predictions are then combined into a single bet.

  • Magnified Returns: The primary allure of the football accumulator bet lies in its potential returns. The odds of individual match outcomes are multiplied together, leading to much higher potential payouts. So, if all four selections in our example above are correct, the combined odds could result in a substantial win from a relatively small stake.
  • All or Nothing: While the potential rewards of football accumulator bets are attractive, there’s a catch. Every single selection must win for the bet to pay out. If even one prediction is incorrect, the entire accumulator loses.
  • Variety in Selection: Football accumulator bets aren’t restricted to match results. Bettors can include various types of bets in football, such as both teams to score, over/under goals, and even correct scores, to diversify their accumulator.

Draw No Bet in Football

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The “Draw No Bet” option in football betting is a safeguarding strategy that provides a safety net for bettors. Essentially, it eliminates the draw from the possible outcomes of a football match, leaving only the win or loss options. This betting method is particularly popular in matches where a draw seems likely or where bettors want to reduce the risk associated with their wager.

At its foundation, the draw no bet in football gives bettors a cushion. When you place a draw no bet wager, you’re essentially backing a team to win. However, if the match ends in a draw, your stake is returned, meaning you neither win nor lose.

In essence, the draw no bet in football serves as a middle ground, offering bettors a way to back a team while having insurance against a draw. It’s a testament to the evolving nature of bet types football

Example: Placing a Draw No Bet wager on the match between Olympique Marseille and Olympique Lyon could be framed like this: Betting on Olympique Marseille with a Draw No Bet option means that if the match ends in a draw, your stake is returned; however, if Olympique Marseille wins, you claim the winnings. If Olympique Lyon wins, the bet is lost.

Example of Draw No Bet in real Football Match
Example of Draw No Bet in real Football Match


In conclusion, betting types football offers a myriad of options, each with its unique set of challenges and rewards. From the straightforward Match Result bets to the nuanced Correct Score predictions, the variety caters to both novices and seasoned bettors. The Half Time/Full Time bets require a deeper understanding of game dynamics, while options like Draw No Bet provide a safety net against unpredictable match outcomes. Accumulator bets amplify the excitement by combining multiple wagers, and Over/Under goals bets focus on match intensity rather than the winner. Understanding and strategically employing these bet types can elevate the betting experience, making football not just a game of passion but also a test of analytical prowess.

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