Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Eredivisie – Conference League – Play Offs – Semi-Finals

Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam: Preview, Predictions, and Betting Odds.

The much-anticipated match Eredivisie between Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam is scheduled for May 23 at 19:00 GMT+0. This crucial encounter will take place at the Stadion Galgenwaard in Utrecht. Both teams are set for an exciting clash as they aim to conclude their seasons on a positive note.

Utrecht, currently having a challenging season, will be looking to leverage their home advantage to secure a much-needed victory. Known for their resilience, especially at home, Utrecht aims to make a strong statement in this decisive match. Sparta Rotterdam, on the other hand, is looking to capitalize on their recent form and climb higher in the league standings. With a strong lineup and tactical prowess, Sparta Rotterdam is prepared to challenge Utrecht and potentially secure an important win.


In this section, we will delve into the latest performances and head-to-head matches between Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam to provide a detailed forecast for the upcoming match. Analyzing their current form, key players, and previous encounters offers valuable insights into what to expect.

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Current EREDIVISIE LEAGUE standings for Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam 23.05.2024:


Utrecht has had a varied set of results in their recent fixtures. They secured victories in two of their last five matches, demonstrating their ability to perform well under pressure. However, they faced one defeat, highlighting areas that need improvement. Additionally, two of their matches ended in draws, showing resilience but also a need to convert these opportunities into wins. This mixed performance indicates both strengths and vulnerabilities that they will need to address as they prepare for their upcoming match against Sparta Rotterdam.

LAST MATCHES: Sparta Rotterdam

Sparta Rotterdam has been in excellent form recently, winning four out of their last five matches. This impressive run showcases their strong performance and tactical efficiency on the field. Their ability to consistently secure victories highlights their offensive prowess and solid defensive strategies. The team’s current winning streak has significantly boosted their confidence as they head into their upcoming matches. With such a strong recent record, Sparta Rotterdam is poised to be a formidable opponent for any team they face.

HEAD-TO-HEAD MATCHES Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam

In their recent head-to-head encounters, Utrecht has emerged victorious three times, showcasing their ability to outperform Sparta Rotterdam in crucial matches. Sparta Rotterdam, however, has won twice, demonstrating their competitiveness and capability to challenge Utrecht effectively. These results highlight a fairly balanced rivalry, with both teams showing strengths in different aspects of their gameplay. Utrecht’s superior record indicates their tactical advantage and consistency in key moments. Meanwhile, Sparta Rotterdam’s victories underline their potential to disrupt Utrecht’s plans and secure wins when it matters most. This balanced history sets the stage for an exciting and unpredictable match.

DataCompetitionMatch upResult
12.05.24EREUtrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam0:1
26.11.23ERESparta Rotterdam vs Utrecht1:2
04.06.23ERESparta Rotterdam vs Utrecht1:1
01.06.23EREUtrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam1:2
24.03.23ERESparta Rotterdam vs Utrecht0:3
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Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam starting lineups

Utrecht PlayersPositionSparta Rotterdam PlayersPosition
Vasilis BarkasGoalkeeperNick OlijGoalkeeper
Mark van der MaarelRight BackShurandy SamboRight Back
Nick ViergeverCenter BackBart VriendsCenter Back
Mike van der HoornCenter BackAdil AuassarCenter Back
Souffian El KarouaniLeft BackMica PintoLeft Back
Jens ToornstraMidfielderJonathan de GuzmanMidfielder
Oscar FrauloMidfielderSven MijnansMidfielder
Can BozdoganAttacking MidDirk AbelsAttacking Mid
Isac LidbergRight WingTobias LauritsenRight Wing
Sam LammersStrikerVito van CrooijStriker
Ryan FlamingoLeft WingArno VerschuerenLeft Wing

Players Unavailable For Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam

In the upcoming match between Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam, several key players will be unavailable due to injuries. Utrecht will miss the presence of Timo Handwerker and Kjell Gadellaa, both sidelined with knee injuries. Additionally, Anthony Descotte is out due to a separate injury. On the side of Sparta Rotterdam, Arno Verschueren is dealing with a knee injury, while Tobias Lauritsen is also unavailable due to an injury. These absences will undoubtedly impact the dynamics and strategies of both teams in this crucial encounter.

UtrechtHandwerker T.Knee Injury
UtrechtDescotte A.Injury
UtrechtGadellaa K.Knee Injury
Sparta RotterdamVerschueren AKnee Injury
Sparta RotterdamKitolano J.Injury

Key Points to Consider

Several factors will play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the match between Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam:

  • Injuries and Suspensions: Utrecht: The team has no major injury concerns or suspensions, allowing them to field a strong lineup. Sparta Rotterdam: Similarly, Sparta Rotterdam has no significant injuries or suspensions, ensuring that their key players will be available for the match;
  • Team Form: Utrecht: Utrecht has shown resilience in their recent matches, with two wins, one loss, and two draws. This performance indicates a balanced form and the potential to challenge Sparta Rotterdam effectively. Sparta Rotterdam: Sparta Rotterdam has been in excellent form, winning four out of their last five matches. Their current winning streak highlights their confidence and capability to perform well under pressure;
  • Player Performance: Utrecht: Key players such as Vasilis Barkas and Isac Lidberg have been instrumental in their recent success. Their performances will be crucial in maintaining the team’s momentum. Sparta Rotterdam: Sparta Rotterdam will rely heavily on Nick Olij and Tobias Lauritsen to continue their winning run. These players need to maintain their top form to secure a positive result;
  • Recent Successes and Failures: Utrecht: Their recent draw against Go Ahead Eagles (2-2) and wins against Vitesse and Heerenveen demonstrate their capability to compete against tough opponents. Sparta Rotterdam: Sparta Rotterdam’s recent victories highlight their strengths, emphasizing their tactical efficiency and strong team coordination.

By considering these factors, fans and analysts can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play and make better-informed predictions for the Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam match.

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Free Tips on Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam

To help you make informed decisions for the upcoming match between Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam, here are some valuable tips based on critical aspects of the teams and their recent performances:

  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Review the historical encounters between Utrecht and Sparta Rotterdam. Understanding how these teams have performed against each other in the past can offer insights into potential outcomes. Utrecht has a slight edge, winning three out of the last five encounters, while Sparta Rotterdam has won two;
  • Team Form: Analyze the recent form of both teams. Sparta Rotterdam has been in excellent form, winning four out of their last five matches, showcasing their strong performance and tactical efficiency. Utrecht, on the other hand, has a balanced record with two wins, one loss, and two draws;
  • Injuries & Suspensions: Always check for team news regarding injuries and suspensions before placing a bet. Currently, both teams have no significant injury concerns or suspensions, allowing them to field their strongest possible lineups;
  • Player Form: Just as teams have form, so do players. Key players like Isac Lidberg for Utrecht and Tobias Lauritsen for Sparta Rotterdam can significantly influence the match outcome. Their recent performances and ability to create scoring opportunities will be crucial.

By considering these factors, you can gain a deeper understanding of the match dynamics and make more informed predictions for the Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam encounter.

Utrecht vs Sparta Rotterdam Match Prediction 2024:

Sparta Rotterdam is expected to secure a victory over Utrecht in their upcoming match. Here are the main reasons supporting this prediction:

Sparta Rotterdam has been in excellent form, winning four out of their last five matches. This winning streak highlights their current high level of performance and tactical efficiency. In contrast, Utrecht’s form has been more mixed, with two wins, one loss, and two draws in their last five games, indicating inconsistency.

In recent encounters between the two teams, Utrecht has a slight edge, but Sparta Rotterdam has proven capable of challenging them effectively. Given Sparta Rotterdam’s current form, they are well-positioned to leverage their strengths and secure a win.

Both teams are missing key players due to injuries. However, Utrecht’s absences include Timo Handwerker, Kjell Gadellaa, and Anthony Descotte, which could significantly impact their defensive and offensive strategies. Sparta Rotterdam, while missing Arno Verschueren and Tobias Lauritsen, has shown better squad depth and adaptability.

Sparta Rotterdam’s recent victories have been characterized by strong defensive organization and effective counter-attacking play. Their ability to adapt tactics during matches and exploit opponents’ weaknesses has been a key factor in their success.

Sparta Rotterdam’s recent run of positive results has likely boosted their confidence and morale. This psychological advantage can be crucial in tight matches, enabling them to perform under pressure and secure crucial points.

Given these factors, Sparta Rotterdam appears to have the upper hand and is predicted to win this encounter against Utrecht. Their current form, strategic advantages, and overall team performance make them the favorites in this match.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds

Sparta Rotterdam

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