Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Bundesliga

Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich: Odds, Tips, and Predictions for Bundesliga Action.

The upcoming Bundesliga encounter between Union Berlin and Bayern Munich is set to take place at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei in Berlin, on April 20, 2024. Kick-off is scheduled for 16:30 GMT+0. This Round 30 fixture will be overseen by referee S. Jablonski from Germany. Union Berlin, struggling to avoid relegation, faces a challenging match against Bayern Munich, who despite losing the Bundesliga title to Bayer Leverkusen, still competes with pride and for securing the second spot in the standings.

This match not only features two teams at opposite ends of the Bundesliga table but also brings together distinct tactical approaches and aspirations. With the venue being Union Berlin’s home ground, where they have collected most of their points this season, a dramatic clash is anticipated.


As we delve into the Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich prediction today, it’s essential to highlight the contrasting forms of both teams. Union Berlin has been struggling with consistency, failing to score in their last three games, while Bayern Munich recently secured their place in the Champions League semi-finals. This game is more than just a routine fixture for Union Berlin as they fight for survival, whereas Bayern looks to maintain their unbeaten record against the Iron Ones in Bundesliga play.

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Current Bundesliga standings for Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich as of 20 April 2024:

Union Berlin Results

Union Berlin’s recent performances reflect their desperate struggle in the Bundesliga. Despite a strong home record, their form has dipped significantly at a crucial time of the season. Here’s a look at their last five matches:

DateCompetitionMatchupResultTeam Outcome
12.04.2024BundesligaAugsburg vs Union Berlin2-0L
06.04.2024BundesligaUnion Berlin vs Bayer Leverkusen0-1L
30.03.2024BundesligaEintracht Frankfurt vs Union Berlin0-0D
21.03.2024Club FriendlyUnion Berlin vs Magdeburg3-1W
16.03.2024BundesligaUnion Berlin vs Werder Bremen2-1W

From these results, it’s evident Union Berlin performs better at home, winning two out of their last three home matches, which might give them a slight edge in the upcoming fixture.

Bayern Munich Results

Bayern Munich’s form has been mixed, reflecting some resilience amidst a season of ups and downs. Their last five games are as follows:

DateCompetitionMatchupResultTeam Outcome
17.04.2024Champions LeagueBayern Munich vs Arsenal1-0W
13.04.2024BundesligaBayern Munich vs FC Koln2-0W
09.04.2024Champions LeagueArsenal vs Bayern Munich2-2D
06.04.2024BundesligaHeidenheim vs Bayern Munich3-2L
30.03.2024BundesligaBayern Munich vs Dortmund0-2L

Bayern’s recent away form has been concerning, with only one win and two losses in their last five Bundesliga away games. This could be a crucial factor in the upcoming match.

Head-to-Head: Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich

When assessing the historical encounters between Union Berlin and Bayern Munich, the dominance of Bayern is clear. Here are the results of their last five meetings:

24.01.2024BundesligaBayern Munich vs Union Berlin1-0
26.02.2023BundesligaBayern Munich vs Union Berlin3-0
03.09.2022BundesligaUnion Berlin vs Bayern Munich1-1
19.03.2022BundesligaBayern Munich vs Union Berlin4-0
30.10.2021BundesligaUnion Berlin vs Bayern Munich2-5

Bayern Munich has maintained a clear upper hand in recent encounters, which may influence the psychological aspects of the upcoming match.

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Potential Lineups for Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich

Ahead of the pivotal Bundesliga match between Union Berlin and Bayern Munich, fans and analysts alike are keenly interested in the potential lineups each team might field. The starting eleven can provide significant insights into the tactical approaches planned by the coaches, as well as how each team might attempt to exploit the other’s weaknesses. Below is a detailed projection of the expected formations and key players likely to feature in this high-stakes encounter.

Union Berlin PlayerPositionBayern Munich PlayerPosition
Frederik RonnowGoalkeeperManuel NeuerGoalkeeper
Danilho DoekhiCenter BackJoshua KimmichRight Back
Kevin VogtCenter BackMatthijs de LigtCenter Back
Paulo OtavioLeft BackEric DierCenter Back
Rani KhediraDefensive MidAlphonso DaviesLeft Back
Christopher TrimmelRight MidfieldAleksandar PavlovicDefensive Midfield
Lucas TousartCenter MidfieldLeon GoretzkaCenter Midfield
Niko GießelmannLeft MidfieldThomas MullerAttacking Midfield
Robin GosensLeft Wing BackJamal MusialaRight Wing
Brendan AaronsonForwardMathys TelLeft Wing
Mikkel KaufmannForwardHarry KaneStriker

Injuries and Suspensions

Injuries and suspensions can significantly affect team strategies and the outcome of matches. Below is a list of players from both teams who are expected to miss the upcoming match due to these reasons.

Union Berlin PlayerReasonBayern Munich PlayerReason
Yorbe VertessenInjuryKingsley ComanInjury
Jerome RoussillonInjurySacha BoeyInjury
Josip JuranovićInjuryTarek BuchmannInjury
Rani KhediraDoubtfulGabriel MarušićInjury
Jakob BuskInjuryBouna SarrInjury
Serge GnabryDoubtful

These absences could lead to adjustments in the usual playing styles and strategies of both teams, potentially impacting the dynamics of the match.

Key Factors to Consider

In this section, we highlight several crucial elements to consider before the match:

  • Injuries: Key players like Jakob Busk and Serge Gnabry are questionable, impacting both teams’ line-ups;
  • Form: Union Berlin is struggling, particularly in scoring, while Bayern shows resilience in European competitions;
  • Recent successes: Bayern’s advance in the Champions League contrasts with Union Berlin’s relegation fears;
  • Scandals: Past incidents like the heated argument involving Nenad Bjelica could add tension to the match;
  • Home/Away impact: Union Berlin has shown some strength at home, which they will hope to capitalize on;
  • Tactical setups: The tactical approach by both managers will play a crucial role, especially in midfield battles;
  • Squad rotation: With the Champions League commitments, Bayern might rotate their squad, affecting their performance;
  • Historical dominance: Bayern’s historical edge over Union Berlin in past fixtures.
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Free Tips on Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich

As we look ahead to the crucial Bundesliga clash between Union Berlin and Bayern Munich, it’s essential to analyze various aspects that could influence the outcome of the match. Here are some tailored tips based on the historical data, current form, and unique characteristics of this matchup. These insights aim to guide fans and bettors alike in making more informed decisions when evaluating this game.

  • Examine Home vs. Away Performance: Union Berlin has demonstrated strong performances at home, gathering a significant portion of their points at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei. In contrast, Bayern has struggled in recent away games, which could be crucial in assessing the potential outcomes of this match.
  • Consider the Impact of Key Players and Injuries: Both teams have important players potentially missing due to injuries. For Union Berlin, the availability of key players like Jakob Busk could influence their defensive stability. Meanwhile, Bayern’s lineup changes, especially with players like Serge Gnabry possibly returning, could alter their attacking dynamics.
  • Review Recent Team Form: Union Berlin is battling to avoid relegation and has not won in their last three matches, showing difficulties in scoring goals. Bayern, on the other hand, has shown resilience by advancing in the Champions League and will look to carry this momentum into the Bundesliga.
  • Assess the Weather Conditions: The match day weather can significantly impact the playing conditions. Given that the game will be held in Berlin, local weather conditions could affect the pace of the game and the team’s strategies, especially if the weather is adverse.
  • Player Form and Match Stakes: Players’ current form can be a decisive factor. For instance, Union Berlin’s struggle for goals could be worsened if their key forwards are out of form. Conversely, a player like Thomas Müller from Bayern, known for his crucial plays, could tip the scale in favor of Munich, especially with the team no longer under pressure to defend the Bundesliga title but still aiming to secure second place.

These tips are framed to give a comprehensive view of the factors that might affect the match outcome, helping you make well-informed decisions whether you’re watching as a fan or betting on the game.

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Match Prediction: Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich Prediction 2024

Considering the current form and historical data, the Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich odds favor Bayern. Despite their struggles in the Bundesliga, Bayern’s quality and depth are likely to prevail, especially with Union Berlin’s recent inability to find the back of the net. We predict Bayern to win with more than 1.5 goals in the match.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeBayern Wins1.6
Bayern Munich totalOver 1.51.54

You can place your bet on the match – Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich at bc.game. This promises to be a contest where Bayern looks to maintain their unbeaten streak against Union, and perhaps secure a convincing win as they prepare for more critical challenges ahead in the Champions League.

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