UEFA European Championships: Latvia vs Wales Predictions

During the Euro 2024 qualifier, Latvia's Roberts Savalnieks and Wales' Ethan Ampadu vie for possession of the ball.

The spotlight of European football shifts to the Latvian capital, Riga, as the home team, Latvia, prepares to lock horns with the Welsh dragons. Two diverse footballing cultures, both enriched with unique histories, are about to clash on a shared dream stage. Latvia, once the dark horses of European football, is eager to etch another memorable chapter, while Wales, bolstered by their recent successes, seeks to maintain their ascendancy in European competitions.

The Skonto Stadium, famed for its electric ambiance, is gearing up to be the backdrop for another mesmerizing game. Every set-piece, every tackle, and every goal will echo the enthusiasm of the multitude of fans. For many, this isn’t just a game for league standings, it’s an embodiment of national identity, a reflection of football’s storied heritage, and those fleeting moments that define why football is more than just a sport.

This crucial phase in the UEFA European Championships sees both teams demonstrating grit and ambition. While Latvia aims to leverage their home ground advantage, familiarizing themselves with the turf nuances, Wales brings a confidence sculpted from past elite clashes. Given the unique attributes and potential weak spots of each squad, forecasting the outcome becomes both thrilling and intricate.

Setting the Stage

The build-up to this encounter is rife with expectations and history. Both nations have had their fair share of highs and lows on the football stage, and their most recent engagements shed light on what we might expect from this contest. The background provides context to their journey leading up to this crucial match.

Last Five Matches for Latvia


Over the recent period, Latvia’s performance has been waning, evident from their series of losses. Their defense seems to be particularly vulnerable, having conceded numerous goals in these matches. While the offense managed to net goals against Turkey and Ireland, their efforts weren’t enough to secure a win. As they prepare to host Wales, it’s evident that improvements are needed.

Last Five Matches for Wales

07.09.23FISouth Korea0-0D

Wales, though having fared slightly better than Latvia, have had their own challenges. Despite clinching a win against Latvia and drawing against formidable teams like South Korea and Croatia, they fell to Turkey and Armenia. Their defensive lapses in the match against Armenia were particularly concerning. They’d be keen to maintain their earlier advantage over Latvia in the upcoming fixture.

Kieffer Moore and Aaron Ramsey of Wales engage on the field with Latvia's Marcis Oss.

Historical Face-offs: Latvia vs Wales

28.03.23EURWales1-0W (for Wales)
18.08.04FILatvia0-2W (for Wales)

Latvia and Wales have clashed twice in recorded history, with Wales coming out on top both times. Their most recent encounter saw a close scoreline, suggesting that while Wales managed to edge out, it wasn’t a straightforward victory. Both teams will be drawing from this history as they plan their strategies for the upcoming match.

Key Match Insights

  • Latvia’s defense vulnerabilities – Conceded first in 10 of their last 11 home UEC qualifying ties.
  • The Gareth Bale void – Wales faces the challenge of filling the massive void left by Bale’s retirement.
  • Aaron Ramsey’s influence – Wales’ performance usually elevates when Ramsey scores.
  • Latvia’s poor form – A run of consecutive losses depicts their current struggles.
  • Managerial pressure – Wales’ Rob Page faces increasing scrutiny after recent results.
  • Key player absence – Wales will miss Joe Morrell due to a ban from his last red card.
  • Latvia’s search for inspiration – Jānis Ikaunieks is the home side’s biggest threat.
  • The burden of history – Latvia’s only major tournament appearance ended at the group stage in 2004.

Predictive Analysis and Outcome

Considering the weight of this match, it’s essential to evaluate the probable outcome. Latvia’s recent struggles, especially at home, make them underdogs in this contest. Wales, despite their form, boasts of individual talents that can turn a game on its head, like Aaron Ramsey. Given the backdrop and the stakes, a narrow win for Wales seems likely. Their previous encounters and the current form of both teams, especially Latvia’s defensive frailties, make a 2-0 victory for Wales a plausible result.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeWales Win1.49
TotalUnder 2.51.75

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