Torino vs Juventus Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Italy: Serie A

Torino vs Juventus: Match Preview, Betting Odds, and Predictions.

On April 13th, 2024, the city of Turin will host one of the most anticipated matches of the Serie A season: the Derby della Mole between Torino and Juventus. Scheduled for a 16:00 GMT start at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino, this clash not only epitomizes fierce local rivalry but also holds significant implications for both teams. With the Serie A nearing its conclusion in Round 32, every match becomes crucial. Referee Maresca F. from Italy will be officiating, ensuring the game adheres to the highest standards of fairness and sportsmanship.

This encounter is more than just a battle for city bragging rights. It represents a pivotal moment in the season where Juventus aims to consolidate their position for a Champions League return, while Torino fights for a spot in the Conference League. The historical backdrop of 209 official encounters, with Juventus taking the lead in victories, adds an extra layer of intensity to this match.

Betting Tips and Match Insights

As we delve into the Torino vs Juventus prediction today, it’s crucial to consider the current form and historical data of both teams. Juventus, traditionally a powerhouse in Italian football, has shown some instability in their recent performances, which could play a key role in today’s matchup. Torino, on the other hand, despite a setback against Empoli, has demonstrated resilience and tactical solidity under Ivan Juric’s management. This game, therefore, is not just about the rivalry but also about which team can best execute their game plan under pressure.

The strategic nuances and the recent underperformance in terms of scoring from both sides suggest a tightly contested match likely dominated by tactical play rather than a high-scoring affair. These insights lead to a critical understanding of what to expect in this fixture.

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Current Serie A standings for Torino vs Juventus April 13, 2024:

Torino Results

In their recent Serie A outings, Torino has shown a mixed bag of results. The team has demonstrated a solid defensive setup but struggled to convert opportunities into goals, which might be concerning for their supporters. Here’s how they’ve fared in their last five league matches:

06.04.2024Serie AEmpoli vs Torino3-2L
30.03.2024Serie ATorino vs Monza1-0W
16.03.2024Serie AUdinese vs Torino0-2W
08.03.2024Serie ANapoli vs Torino1-1D
02.03.2024Serie ATorino vs Fiorentina0-0D

Despite the recent loss to Empoli, Torino has been resilient, securing two wins and two draws in their previous encounters. Their defensive rigidity and occasional offensive outbursts will be key in the upcoming derby.

Juventus Results

Juventus, with their eyes set on reclaiming their spot in the Champions League, has had a slightly turbulent run in their last five matches across all competitions:

07.04.2024Serie AJuventus vs Fiorentina1-0W
02.04.2024Coppa ItaliaJuventus vs Lazio2-0W
30.03.2024Serie ALazio vs Juventus1-0L
17.03.2024Serie AJuventus vs Genoa0-0D
10.03.2024Serie AJuventus vs Atalanta2-2D

While Juventus managed two wins, their recent matches also saw them drop points crucially, highlighting a potential vulnerability that Torino could exploit, especially given the high stakes of the derby.

Historical Matchup: Torino vs Juventus

In the past five encounters between these two teams, Juventus has had a clear upper hand. Here’s a summary of their recent head-to-head matches:

07.10.2023Serie AJuventus vs Torino2-0
28.02.2023Serie AJuventus vs Torino4-2
15.10.2022Serie ATorino vs Juventus0-1
18.02.2022Serie AJuventus vs Torino1-1
02.10.2021Serie ATorino vs Juventus0-1

Juventus has dominated recent derbies, which could psychologically benefit them going into this match.

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Potential Lineups for Torino vs Juventus

As we look forward to the Derby della Mole between Torino and Juventus, understanding the potential starting lineups is crucial for analyzing how the match may unfold. Both teams have their preferred formations and key players who could significantly influence the game’s outcome. Here’s a comprehensive look at who might start for each team, based on recent matches and current availability.

Torino PlayerPositionJuventus PlayerPosition
Vanja Milinkovic-SavicGoalkeeperWojciech SzczesnyGoalkeeper
Adrien TamezeDefenderFederico GattiDefender
Alessandro BuongiornoDefenderBremerDefender
Ricardo RodriguezDefenderDaniloDefender
Raoul BellanovaMidfielderAndrea CambiassoMidfielder
Samuele RicciMidfielderWeston McKennieMidfielder
Nikola VlasicMidfielderManuel LocatelliMidfielder
Karol LinettyMidfielderAdrien RabiotMidfielder
Mergim VojvodaMidfielderFilip KosticMidfielder
Duvan ZapataForwardDusan VlahovicForward
Antonio SanabriaForwardFederico ChiesaForward

Players Unavailable for the Match

The following table lists players from both Torino and Juventus who will not participate in the upcoming match due to injuries or suspensions. This information is essential for understanding the depth and potential adjustments each team might need to make.

TorinoDjidji K.Muscle Injury
TorinoGineitis G.Knee Injury
TorinoPellegri P.Muscle Injury
TorinoSchuurs P.Knee Injury
JuventusFagioli N.Suspended
JuventusMilik A.Muscle Injury
JuventusPogba P.Doping

This lineup and availability overview provides a snapshot of how both teams might set up tactically and which players could play a pivotal role in the outcome of the match.

Key Points to Consider

Before making a final match prediction, it’s crucial to assess several factors that could influence the outcome of the Torino vs Juventus game:

  • Recent form of both teams;
  • Injury concerns: Torino missing Ivan Ilic and Gvidas Gineitis; Juventus without Arkadiusz Milik;
  • Impact of suspensions: Juventus’s Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli are notable absences;
  • Tactical setups and adjustments expected from both coaches;
  • Physical and mental fatigue factors towards the end of the season;
  • Historical performance in the Derby della Mole;
  • Weather conditions on the match day, which could affect play styles;
  • Fan support and atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico di Torino.
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Free Tips on Torino vs Juventus

As we approach the intense match-up between Torino and Juventus in Serie A, it’s important to consider various factors that could influence the outcome. This section aims to provide free tips based on detailed analysis of statistics, team dynamics, and other crucial elements. By carefully examining these factors, you can gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to make more informed betting decisions.

  • Check Head-to-Head Statistics: Juventus has historically had the upper hand against Torino, which might influence the psychological aspect of the upcoming match. Review past meetings to understand potential outcomes.
  • Evaluate Team and Player Form: Currently, Juventus, despite leading Torino in standings, shows signs of inconsistency. Torino, resilient at home, may capitalize on this, especially with Juventus’ recent struggles in scoring.
  • Home vs. Away Performance Analysis: Torino’s performance at Stadio Olimpico di Torino could be a decisive factor. Teams often perform better in familiar settings, backed by their supporters, which could give Torino an edge.
  • Weather Conditions on Match Day: The weather can greatly influence how a game is played. Given the match day’s forecast, consider how conditions like rain or a particularly windy day could affect the gameplay, potentially benefiting a team with a strong physical presence or tactical setup that copes better with adverse conditions.
  • Recent Schedule and Player Fatigue: Juventus has had a dense fixture list, which might lead to fatigue impacting their performance. Consider this factor, especially in the latter stages of the match when physical conditioning becomes crucial.

By considering these factors, you can make more educated predictions and potentially find better betting opportunities in the upcoming Torino vs Juventus match.

Match Prediction: Torino vs Juventus – Prediction 2024

Given the current dynamics and the critical importance of this match in the context of Serie A standings, a low-scoring game is anticipated. Both teams have shown a propensity for tight, defensively sound matches in recent encounters. The Torino vs Juventus odds suggest a slight advantage to Juventus based on historical dominance and slightly better form, but Torino’s motivation to redeem themselves in front of a home crowd cannot be underestimated.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Over/Under 2.5 GoalsUnder 2.51.5

In conclusion, while Juventus are the favorites, the intensity of a derby can always sway results unpredictably. Betting on this match? Consider the conservative approach given the current form and historical trends. You can place your bets on Torino vs Juventus at

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