St Etienne vs Metz Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – FRANCE Ligue 1 – RELEGATION – PLAY OFFS – FINAL

St Etienne vs Metz: Predictions, Lineups, and Betting Insights.

The much-anticipated clash between St Etienne and Metz is scheduled for May 30, 2024, at 18:30. The match will be held at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, the home ground of St Etienne. This game is part of the Ligue 1 Relegation Playoffs Semi-Finals, a crucial stage where both teams will be fighting to secure their place in the top tier of French football. Although the referee for this match has not been announced yet, the stakes are incredibly high, making this a highly anticipated encounter.

St Etienne has had a mixed season in Ligue 2, showing moments of brilliance as well as some disappointing performances. On the other hand, Metz, coming from Ligue 1, aims to retain their spot in the premier division, bringing all their top players and strategies into this do-or-die match. Fans from both sides are eagerly awaiting this decisive battle, expecting a thrilling showdown on the field.

Betting Tips and Match Insights

In this section, we prepare you for a comprehensive analysis of both teams’ recent performances and their head-to-head encounters. Our St Etienne vs Metz predictions today will consider various factors, including form, key players, and previous meetings between the two sides.

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In their last five matches, St Etienne has shown mixed results. They managed to secure victories in two of these games, demonstrating their potential to dominate the field. However, they also faced one defeat, indicating areas where the team could improve. Additionally, two of their matches ended in draws, reflecting a balanced yet somewhat inconsistent performance. This recent form highlights both the strengths and the areas of vulnerability that St Etienne will need to address in their upcoming fixtures.

24.05.24Ligue 1St Etienne vs Rodez2:0W
17.05.24Ligue 2Quevilly Rouen vs St Etienne2:1L
10.05.24Ligue 2St Etienne vs Rodez1:1D
04.05.24Ligue 2Guingamp vs St Etienne2:2D
27.04.24Ligue 2St Etienne vs Caen1:2W


In their last five matches, Metz has struggled to find consistent form. They managed to win only one of these encounters, highlighting their difficulties in securing victories. The team faced three losses during this period, indicating significant challenges in their performance and strategy. Additionally, one of their matches ended in a draw, reflecting their occasional ability to hold their ground but not dominate. This recent run of form points to areas that Metz needs to address to improve their results in upcoming fixtures

19.05.24Ligue 1Metz vs PSG0:2L
12.05.24Ligue 1Strasbourg vs Metz2:1L
04.05.24Ligue 1Metz vs Rennes2:3L
28.04.24Ligue 1Metz vs Lille1:2L
21.04.24Ligue 1Le Havre vs Metz0:1W

St Etienne vs Metz Head-to-Head:

Reviewing the head-to-head matches provides additional insight into their rivalry:

22.04.23Ligue 2St Etienne vs Metz1:3
07.11.22Ligue 2Metz vs St Etienne3:2
06.03.22Ligue 1St Etienne vs Metz1:0
30.10.21Ligue 1Metz vs St Etienne1:1
07.02.21Ligue 1St Etienne vs Metz1:0
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St Etienne vs Metz Starting Lineups

Here is the expected starting lineup for the upcoming match between St Etienne and Metz on May 30:

Players St EtiennePosition Players MetzPosition 
Etienne GreenGoalkeeperMarc-Aurele CaillardGoalkeeper
Mathieu DebuchyRight BackFabien CentonzeRight Back
Harold MoukoudiCenter BackDylan BronnCenter Back
Timothee KolodziejczakCenter BackJemersonCenter Back
Miguel TraucoLeft BackThomas DelaineLeft Back
Mahdi CamaraMidfielderKevin N’DoramMidfielder
Zaydou YoussoufMidfielderPape SarrMidfielder
Adil AouchicheAttacking MidfielderFarid BoulayaAttacking Midfielder
Denis BouangaRight WingOpa NguetteRight Wing
Wahbi KhazriStrikerIbrahima NianeStriker
Romain HamoumaLeft WingVagnerLeft Wing

Players Unavailable For St Etienne vs Metz

For the upcoming match between St Etienne and Metz, both teams will be missing key players due to injuries. St Etienne will be without midfielder Saïdou Sow, who is sidelined with a knee injury, and forward Ibrahima Wadji, who is suffering from a leg injury. These absences will likely affect St Etienne’s depth and flexibility in both defense and attack. On the Metz side, winger Joel Asoro is out due to an unspecified injury, and forward Benjamin Tetteh is also unavailable due to an injury. These injuries could impact Metz’s attacking options and overall team dynamics, potentially influencing the outcome of the match.

St EtienneDiarra S.Knee Injury
St EtienneWadji I.Leg Injury
MetzAsoro J.Injury
MetzTetteh B.Injury

St Etienne vs Metz Key Match Insights: 

Several factors will play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the match between St Etienne and Metz:

  • Injuries and Suspensions: St Etienne: The team has no major injury concerns or suspensions, allowing them to field a strong lineup. Metz: Similarly, Metz has no significant injuries or suspensions, ensuring that their key players will be available for the match;
  • Team Form: St Etienne: St Etienne has shown resilience in their recent matches, with two wins, one loss, and two draws. This performance indicates a balanced form and the potential to challenge Metz effectively. Metz: Metz has struggled, winning only one out of their last five matches, which could affect their confidence going into this match;
  • Player Performance: St Etienne: Key players such as Wahbi Khazri and Denis Bouanga have been instrumental in their recent success. Their performances will be crucial in maintaining the team’s momentum. Metz: Metz will rely heavily on Farid Boulaya and Ibrahima Niane to turn their form around. These players need to maintain their top form to secure a positive result;
  • Recent Successes and Failures: St Etienne: Their recent victories and strong home performances demonstrate their capability to compete against tough opponents. Metz: Metz’s recent struggles highlight their tactical inefficiencies and need for better coordination.

By considering these factors, fans and analysts can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play and make better-informed predictions for the St Etienne vs Metz match.

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Free Tips on St Etienne vs Metz

To help you make informed decisions for the upcoming match between St Etienne and Metz, here are some valuable tips based on critical aspects of the teams and their recent performances:

  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Reviewing the historical encounters between St Etienne and Metz can offer insights into potential outcomes. St Etienne has a slight edge, winning more of their recent encounters;
  • Team Form: Analyze the recent form of both teams. St Etienne has shown balanced form with two wins, one loss, and two draws in their last five matches. Metz, on the other hand, has struggled with only one win in their last five matches;
  • Injuries & Suspensions: Always check for team news regarding injuries and suspensions before placing a bet. Currently, both teams have no significant injury concerns or suspensions, allowing them to field their strongest possible lineups;
  • Player Form: Just as teams have form, so do players. Key players like Wahbi Khazri for St Etienne and Farid Boulaya for Metz can significantly influence the match outcome. Their recent performances and ability to create scoring opportunities will be crucial.

By considering these factors, you can gain a deeper understanding of the match dynamics and make more informed predictions for the St Etienne vs Metz encounter.

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St Etienne vs Metz Match Prediction 2024

Metz is predicted to win the upcoming match against St Etienne for several key reasons:

Recent Form:Metz has demonstrated stronger resilience and performance in their recent encounters compared to St Etienne. Despite a mixed season, Metz has shown the capability to bounce back in critical matches, highlighting their determination and competitive edge.

Head-to-Head Performance: Historically, Metz has had the upper hand in recent head-to-head encounters against St Etienne, winning four of the last five matches. This psychological advantage can play a significant role in boosting Metz’s confidence and morale heading into the match.

Key Players: Metz possesses a lineup of key players who have been crucial in their recent successes. Players like Farid Boulaya and Ibrahima Niane have the ability to change the dynamics of the game with their exceptional skills and tactical awareness. Their performance will be pivotal in securing a victory for Metz.

Motivation and Stakes: The motivation to secure a place in Ligue 1 is a powerful driving force for Metz. Their experience in high-stakes matches and the pressure to perform can lead to a more focused and determined team on the pitch. This drive can often make the difference in closely contested matches.

Injury Concerns: While both teams have had their share of injuries, Metz appears to be in a slightly better position in terms of player availability. This can provide them with a more stable and consistent lineup, enhancing their chances of executing their game plan effectively.

Given these factors, Metz is well-positioned to leverage their strengths and secure a victory against St Etienne in this crucial match. Their recent form, historical advantage, and key player performances make them the favorites to win.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
WinnerMETZ 3.56

You can place your bet on this match – St Etienne vs Metz at This platform offers a wide range of betting options, ensuring that you can utilize your insights for a potentially profitable outcome.

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