Sevilla vs Cadiz Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – LaLiga

Sevilla vs Cadiz: Expert Predictions, Betting Tips, and Match Odds for LaLiga Clash.

The upcoming encounter between Sevilla and Cadiz at the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán promises to be more than just a routine LaLiga match. Scheduled for the 36th round on May 15, 2024, at 17:30 GMT, the stakes are unusually high for both teams. Referee Ortiz M. from Spain will oversee the proceedings in a stadium that can accommodate up to 42,714 spectators. As Sevilla looks to salvage a disappointing season, Cadiz fights tooth and nail to escape relegation, adding an extra layer of intensity to this clash.


As we delve into the Sevilla vs Cadiz prediction today, it’s crucial to consider both teams’ recent form and their historical matchups. Sevilla, under the guidance of Quique Sanchez Flores, has shown signs of recovery, albeit too late to salvage their European aspirations. Conversely, Cadiz’s recent victory over Getafe breathed new life into their survival battle, though their away form remains a concern. With both teams facing critical challenges, this match could be pivotal in defining their seasons. Expect a tense encounter as Sevilla aims to continue their modest resurgence and Cadiz clings to hope.

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Current LaLiga standings for Sevilla vs Cadiz 15.05.2024:

Sevilla Results

Sevilla’s recent results reflect a season of underachievement, punctuated by fleeting moments of form. As they prepare to host Cadiz, the importance of a victory cannot be overstated, particularly as they aim to end the season on a high note.

Despite recent victories, Sevilla’s inconsistency remains their biggest enemy, as seen in the loss to Villarreal and the draw against Betis.

Cadiz Results

For Cadiz, each match is now a final in its own right. The slim margin for error in their quest for LaLiga survival is evident in their last few games.

Cadiz’s struggle is apparent, with only one win in five games, highlighting their difficulties, particularly in away matches.

It’s essential to consider that the information in the standings and the last 5 matches of the teams may not be current today because the data is updated after each new match. To find details about the latest match and the opposing team, simply hover over the “Forms” column.

Head-to-Head: Sevilla vs Cadiz

Exploring the recent encounters between Sevilla and Cadiz offers insights into their competitive dynamics.

28.10.2023LaLigaCadiz vs Sevilla2-2
01.04.2023LaLigaCadiz vs Sevilla0-2
21.01.2023LaLigaSevilla vs Cadiz1-0
06.08.2022FriendlySevilla vs Cadiz1-0
29.04.2022LaLigaSevilla vs Cadiz1-1

This historical context sets the stage for what promises to be a closely contested match.

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Predicted Lineups for Sevilla vs Cadiz Match

As we approach the Sevilla vs Cadiz match, let’s take a look at the predicted starting lineups for both teams. Understanding these lineups is crucial for fans and analysts alike, as they provide insights into the tactical approaches each team might employ during the game. Below is a detailed comparison of the expected players on the field for both teams, arranged by their playing positions.

Sevilla PlayerPositionCadiz PlayerPosition

Player Availability: Injuries and Suspensions

Ahead of the Sevilla vs Cadiz clash, it’s important to note the players who will not be available due to injuries. These absences could have significant implications on the strategies and overall dynamics of the match.


SevillaGudelj N.Knee Injury
SevillaLamela E.Knee Injury
SevillaRomero I.Thigh Injury
SevillaSow D.Foot Injury
SevillaTorres O.Shoulder Injury
CadizHernandez L.Knee Injury
CadizJose MariKnee Injury
CadizKouame R.Injury
CadizMere J.Knee Injury
CadizSan Emeterio F.Injury


CadizOusou A.Ankle Injury

These player absences should be considered when discussing the match’s potential outcomes and the strategic adjustments both teams might need to make.

Key Factors to Watch

As we approach this crucial LaLiga fixture, several factors stand out:

  • Injuries: Sevilla’s lineup has been disrupted by ongoing injuries, impacting their consistency;
  • Form: Both teams have shown fluctuating forms, with Sevilla winning three of their last five and Cadiz securing a critical victory recently;
  • Home Advantage: Sevilla has the home field, a factor that has historically favored them;
  • Stakes: High stakes for both teams—Sevilla aiming for a top-half finish and Cadiz fighting relegation;
  • Managerial Influence: Quique Sanchez Flores has somewhat stabilized Sevilla, while Mauricio Pellegrino’s strategies for Cadiz will be crucial;
  • Scoring Issues: Cadiz has struggled to score, especially away from home;
  • Psychological Pressure: The relegation threat looms large over Cadiz, potentially affecting their performance;
  • Motivation: Sevilla’s desire to redeem a poor season could motivate them to excel.
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Free Tips on Sevilla vs Cadiz

When preparing to place bets on Sevilla vs Cadiz, it’s crucial to consider a variety of factors that can influence the outcome of the match. The following tips are derived from an in-depth analysis of the teams’ historical performance, current form, and specific conditions pertaining to the upcoming LaLiga match. These insights aim to provide a better understanding of the dynamics at play and enhance the betting strategy.

  • Examine Head-to-Head Records: Historically, Sevilla has had an upper hand in most encounters against Cadiz. This trend provides valuable insight into the possible dynamics of the upcoming match, suggesting Sevilla might once again dominate.
  • Assess Team and Player Form: Sevilla’s recent improvement under their new coach and Cadiz’s struggle in away games are pivotal in forecasting the match. A team’s form, including its key players, often dictates the match’s tempo and outcome.
  • Impact of the Venue: Sevilla’s home performance at Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán has been notably stronger than their outings. The support of a home crowd could provide the extra motivation needed for Sevilla to secure a win.
  • Recent Managerial Changes: The recent appointment of Quique Sanchez Flores has led to a positive change in Sevilla’s tactics and morale. This change could be crucial in outmaneuvering Cadiz, whose performance has been inconsistent.
  • Weather and Pitch Conditions: Always check the weather forecast on match day. Poor weather conditions, like heavy rain, can impact the gameplay, especially on a grass pitch, which might become slower and more challenging to navigate.

These tips are tailored to the specific circumstances surrounding the Sevilla vs Cadiz match, providing a nuanced approach to your betting strategy.

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Match Prediction: Sevilla vs Cadiz 2024

Considering both teams’ circumstances and recent forms, Sevilla seems better positioned to claim the victory. The Sevilla vs Cadiz odds favor the home side, reflecting their slight edge in quality and form. Cadiz’s dire need for points could make them a dangerous opponent, but Sevilla’s stronger squad depth and home advantage should prevail.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeSevilla Win1.9

In conclusion, betting on this match at BC Game offers attractive prospects. You can place your bet on Sevilla vs Cadiz through for potentially rewarding returns.

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