São Paulo vs Cruzeiro Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Brazil Serie A

São Paulo vs Cruzeiro Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips - Brazil Serie A Round 7.

The upcoming clash between São Paulo and Cruzeiro in the Brazil Serie A promises to be an exciting encounter. Scheduled for June 2, 2024, at 21:30 GMT+0, the match will take place at the iconic Estadio Do MorumBIS in São Paulo. With a capacity of 77,011, the stadium is expected to be packed with enthusiastic fans. The match will be officiated by referee Torezin L. from Brazil, adding an extra layer of professionalism and scrutiny to this important round 7 fixture.

Both teams come into this match with recent successes in their respective continental competitions. São Paulo secured a 2-0 win in the Copa Libertadores against Talleres, while Cruzeiro achieved a 1-0 victory over Universidad Católica in the Copa Sudamericana. This game is set to be a pivotal moment in the Serie A campaign for both clubs.


For those looking into the São Paulo vs Cruzeiro prediction today, it is essential to consider recent form, historical encounters, and current team dynamics. Both teams have shown resilience in defense and effectiveness in attack. São Paulo’s recent unbeaten run at home gives them a slight edge, but Cruzeiro’s strong defensive performances cannot be overlooked. This match is likely to be closely contested, with both sides having the potential to score.

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São Paulo Results

São Paulo has shown a strong form in their recent matches across various competitions. Below is a summary of their last five games:

30.05.24COPSão Paulo vs Talleres Cordoba2-0W
24.05.24COPSão Paulo vs Aguia De Maraba2-0W
17.05.24COPSão Paulo vs Barcelona SC0-0D
13.05.24SASão Paulo vs Fluminense2-1W
09.05.24COPCobresal vs São Paulo1-3W

São Paulo has demonstrated a robust defensive setup, conceding only three goals in their last six games. Their offensive lineup, led by players like Lucas Moura and Luciano, has been effective, particularly in crucial moments. The team remains unbeaten at home in their recent league matches, showcasing their stronghold at Estádio do MorumBIS.

Cruzeiro Results

Cruzeiro has also displayed commendable form in their recent fixtures. Here are their last five matches:

31.05.24COPCruzeiro vs U. Catolica1-0W
17.05.24COPCruzeiro vs Union La Calera1-0W
12.05.24SAAtletico GO vs Cruzeiro0-1W
08.05.24COPAlianza vs Cruzeiro0-3W
28.04.24SACruzeiro vs Vitoria3-1W

Cruzeiro has been defensively solid, conceding only four goals in their last six matches. Their offensive unit has scored eight goals in the same period, showing a balanced approach between attack and defense. Their recent away form against São Paulo has not been favorable, and they will aim to break this trend.

São Paulo vs Cruzeiro Head-to-Head

Here is a look at the recent head-to-head encounters between São Paulo and Cruzeiro:

02.11.23SASão Paulo vs Cruzeiro1-0
25.06.23SACruzeiro vs São Paulo1-0
17.10.19SACruzeiro vs São Paulo1-0
02.06.19SASão Paulo vs Cruzeiro1-1
18.11.18SASão Paulo vs Cruzeiro1-0

The recent matches between these two teams have been closely contested, with São Paulo holding a slight edge in victories. Most games have been low-scoring affairs, highlighting the strong defensive capabilities of both sides.

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Predicted Lineups for São Paulo vs Cruzeiro

In football matches, predicting the starting lineups is crucial for understanding the potential dynamics of the game. Here, we provide an estimated lineup for both São Paulo and Cruzeiro, highlighting key players and their positions.

São Paulo PlayerPositionCruzeiro PlayerPosition
RafaelGoalkeeperAnderson PaixaoGoalkeeper
Igor ViníciusDefenderWilliamDefender
Robert ArboledaDefenderZé IvaldoDefender
Alan FrancoDefenderJoão MarceloDefender
AlissonMidfielderLucas SilvaMidfielder
Damián BobadillaMidfielderLucas RomeroMidfielder
Rodrigo NestorMidfielderAlvaro BarrealMidfielder
JuanForwardMatheus PereiraForward
André SilvaForwardRafael SilvaForward
LucianoForwardGabriel VeronForward

Players Unavailable

Knowing which players are unavailable due to injuries or other reasons is crucial for assessing team strength and potential game outcomes. Below is a list of players who will not participate in the upcoming match between São Paulo and Cruzeiro.


São Paulo PlayerReasonCruzeiro PlayerReason
Pablo MaiaInjuryDinenno J.Injury
RafinhaInjuryFilipe MachadoInjury
Wellington RatoInjuryMateus VitalInjury
Rafael BiluAchilles Tendon Injury

Understanding these details helps in making more accurate predictions about the match outcomes and the performance of the teams involved.

Key Points to Consider

As we look forward to this exciting match, several key factors need to be taken into account:

  • Injuries: São Paulo will be without Wellington Rato, João Moreira, Rafinha, Lucas Moura, and James Rodríguez due to various injuries. Cruzeiro will miss Juan Dinenno, Mateus Vital, and Arthur Gomes;
  • Form: Both teams have shown solid defensive performances recently;
  • Home Advantage: São Paulo has been strong at home, remaining unbeaten in their last two league matches;
  • Recent Success: Both teams come off the back of important wins in continental competitions;
  • Historical Matches: São Paulo has a better recent record against Cruzeiro, especially at home;
  • Key Players: Lucas Moura and Luciano for São Paulo; Rafa Silva for Cruzeiro;
  • Defensive Strength: Both teams have conceded few goals in their recent fixtures;
  • Offensive Potential: Both sides have capable attackers who can make a difference in this match.
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Free Tips on São Paulo vs Cruzeiro

Analyzing the São Paulo vs Cruzeiro match involves considering various factors that could influence the outcome. Here are some key aspects to keep in mind when making your predictions. These tips are derived from detailed analysis of statistics, team form, and other crucial elements that can impact the game.

  • Statistics and Data of Previous Matches: Examine the historical data between São Paulo and Cruzeiro to understand their head-to-head performance. This will give you insight into how these teams have played against each other in the past, which can be a good indicator of potential outcomes.
  • Home vs. Away Performance: Assess the performance of São Paulo at home compared to Cruzeiro’s away performance. Some teams perform significantly better on their home ground due to familiar conditions and support from local fans. São Paulo’s recent unbeaten run at home suggests a strong advantage.
  • Injuries & Suspensions: Check the latest team news for updates on injuries and suspensions. The absence of key players like Lucas Moura and James Rodríguez for São Paulo or Juan Dinenno and Mateus Vital for Cruzeiro can significantly influence the match dynamics.
  • Team Motivation: Consider the stakes of the match and the motivation of both teams. São Paulo may be driven by their recent successes in the Copa Libertadores, while Cruzeiro will look to break their losing streak against São Paulo in away matches.
  • Weather Conditions on Match Day: Take into account the weather forecast for the day of the match. Weather conditions such as heavy rain can affect the pace of the game, the ball movement, and the players’ performance, potentially favoring one team’s playing style over the other.

By focusing on these aspects, you can make a more informed prediction for the São Paulo vs Cruzeiro match. Always consider a combination of factors rather than relying on a single element to improve the accuracy of your betting tips.

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São Paulo vs Cruzeiro Prediction 2024

Taking into account the form, injuries, and historical encounters, our São Paulo vs Cruzeiro prediction sees São Paulo as slight favorites. São Paulo’s home advantage and recent unbeaten run give them a significant edge. However, Cruzeiro’s strong defensive record means they will not be easy to break down. Therefore, we predict a 2-1 victory for São Paulo.

Here are the São Paulo vs Cruzeiro odds for this match, providing a clear indication of what to expect:

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Full-Time ScoreSão Paulo to Win1.77

Make your bet on the match – São Paulo vs Cruzeiro at bc.game and take advantage of the exciting odds available.

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