Roma vs Lazio Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – ITALY: SERIE A – ROUND 31

Roma vs Lazio: Betting Tips, Predictions, and Odds for the Serie A Clash.

As the Italian Serie A approaches its climax, the Stadio Olimpico sets the stage for a thrilling Rome derby. Roma and Lazio face off in Round 31 on April 6, 2024, at 16:00 GMT+0, promising a fierce battle for city bragging rights. With Guida M. officiating, the historical rivalry takes on added significance as both teams vie for crucial points. The iconic venue, with a capacity of 70,634, is ready to witness another chapter of this storied contest, underscoring the importance of this match in the Serie A calendar.

This encounter not only represents a pivotal moment for both teams in their season but also highlights the intense rivalry that has captivated fans for years. The significance of the derby extends beyond the current standings, embedding itself into the cultural fabric of Roman football. With both teams eager to assert their dominance, this match is a testament to the Serie A’s competitive spirit and the enduring appeal of its local derbies.


In preparation for the Roma vs Lazio prediction today, it’s essential to consider the recent form and historical context of this rivalry. Both teams have shown varying degrees of form leading up to this clash, with Roma securing a draw in their last Serie A outing and Lazio looking to bounce back from a defeat in the Coppa Italia. The head-to-head record leans slightly in favor of Lazio, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the prediction. This fixture’s history, coupled with the teams’ recent performances, sets the stage for a tightly contested match, underscoring the challenge in forecasting the outcome.

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Current Serie A standings for Roma vs Lazio April 6, 2024:

Roma Results

Roma’s recent performances offer insight into their current form and potential heading into the derby.

01.04.2024SALecce vs AS Roma0-0D
17.03.2024SAAS Roma vs Sassuolo1-0W
14.03.2024ELBrighton vs AS Roma1-0L
10.03.2024SAFiorentina vs AS Roma2-2D
07.03.2024ELAS Roma vs Brighton4-0W

Roma has demonstrated resilience and a solid defensive record in their recent Serie A matches, highlighted by a notable victory over Sassuolo and a goalless draw against Lecce. Their European campaign further accentuates their capability, particularly the emphatic win over Brighton. However, inconsistencies, as seen in the draw with Fiorentina, raise questions about their ability to consistently convert opportunities.

Lazio Results

Lazio’s path to the derby has been marked by its own set of challenges and achievements.

02.04.2024COPJuventus vs Lazio2-0L
30.03.2024SALazio vs Juventus1-0W
16.03.2024SAFrosinone vs Lazio2-3W
11.03.24SALazio vs Udinese1-2L
05.03.24CLBayern Munich vs Lazio3-0L

Despite recent setbacks, including losses against Juventus in the Coppa Italia and Bayern Munich in the Champions League, Lazio’s resilience was on full display in their Serie A win against Juventus. The team’s ability to secure victories under pressure, as seen against Frosinone, indicates a potential to upset Roma in the upcoming derby.

Head-to-Head: Roma vs Lazio Results

The history between Roma and Lazio reveals a competitive edge that both teams carry into the derby.

10.01.2024COPLazio vs AS Roma1-0
12.11.2023SALazio vs AS Roma0-0
19.03.2023SALazio vs AS Roma1-0
06.11.2022SAAS Roma vs Lazio0-1
20.03.2022SAAS Roma vs Lazio3-0

A review of the recent matches underscores Lazio’s slight advantage, winning three out of the last five encounters. However, Roma’s dominant 3-0 victory in March 2022 reminds fans and pundits alike of their potential to overturn expectations.

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Predicted Lineups for Roma vs Lazio

Ahead of the highly anticipated derby between AS Roma and Lazio, speculations around the starting lineups are rife. This section aims to provide an educated guess on the players who are most likely to take the field, given their current form, fitness levels, and tactical considerations by both teams. Understanding the potential lineups is crucial for grasping the tactical battle that will unfold, offering insights into how each team might approach the game.

AS Roma PlayerPositionLazio PlayerPosition
Mile SvilarGoalkeeperChristos MandasGoalkeeper
AngeliñoDefenderMario GilaDefender
Dean HuijsenDefenderAlessio RomagnoliDefender
Gianluca ManciniDefenderNicolò CasaleDefender
Rick KarsdorpDefenderAdam MarušićDefender
Edoardo BoveMidfielderLuis AlbertoMidfielder
Leandro ParedesMidfielderMatías VecinoMidfielder
Bryan CristanteMidfielderMatteo GuendouziMidfielder
Nicola ZalewskiForwardGustav IsaksenForward
Romelu LukakuForwardCiro ImmobileForward
Paulo DybalaForwardMattia ZaccagniForward

Player Availability for Roma vs Lazio

The matchday squad could be influenced by several key players’ availability concerns. Here, we list those who are confirmed to miss the game due to injuries or suspensions, along with players whose participation remains in doubt.

Player UnavailableTeamReason
Kristensen R.RomaMuscle Injury
Ndicka E.RomaYellow Cards
Provedel I.LazioAnkle Injury
Player QuestionableTeamReason
Azmoun S.RomaThigh Injury
Spinazzola L.RomaInjury
Lazzari M.LazioInjury
Rovella N.LazioInjury
Zaccagni M.LazioAnkle Injury

This table provides a snapshot of the potential impact player availability could have on the match. The absence of key defenders and attackers for both teams could lead to tactical adjustments, potentially altering the dynamic of the game.

Key Factors to Consider

As we delve deeper into the Roma vs Lazio matchup, several critical factors emerge that could influence the outcome:

  • Injuries: Roma’s absence of Rasmus Kristensen and Sardar Azmoun could impact their defensive and attacking options;
  • Suspensions: Evan Ndicka’s suspension for Roma adds to their challenges;
  • Recent Form: Both teams have shown fluctuating form, with Roma drawing and winning in their recent Serie A matches, while Lazio faced a tough defeat in the Coppa Italia;
  • Head-to-Head Record: Lazio’s recent upper hand in derby matches could provide a psychological edge;
  • Tactical Approaches: The expected formations, 4-3-3 for Roma and 3-4-2-1 for Lazio, highlight differing tactical approaches that will clash on the field;
  • Impact Players: The performance of key players like Roma’s Paulo Dybala and Lazio’s Luis Alberto could be decisive;
  • Home Advantage: Playing at Stadio Olimpico, albeit a shared venue, might offer Roma a slight edge in terms of familiarity and support;
  • Motivation: The derby’s significance extends beyond the standings, with pride and prestige at stake for both teams.
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Free Tips on Roma vs Lazio

When diving into the Roma vs Lazio clash, it’s crucial to dissect various elements that transcend the usual team form and head-to-head statistics. This derby is not just about current standings or recent performances; it encapsulates a broader spectrum of factors, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the match’s outcome. Below, we distill these elements into actionable insights, offering a nuanced approach to predicting this iconic encounter.

  • Tactical Synergy vs. Opposition Weakness: With Roma expected to line up in a 4-3-3 formation, emphasizing wing play and Lazio employing a 3-4-2-1, aiming for midfield dominance, the battle will pivot on exploiting tactical mismatches. Pay close attention to how Roma’s wingers navigate Lazio’s potentially overcrowded midfield and whether Lazio can counter Roma’s high press.
  • Impact of Absences: The absence of key players due to injuries, such as Rasmus Kristensen and Sardar Azmoun for Roma, and suspensions, notably Evan Ndicka, may significantly tilt the playing field. Lazio’s missing personnel, like Mattia Zaccagni, could equally disrupt their game plan, making it imperative to analyze how both squads adjust tactically.
  • Motivation Fuelled by Derby Stakes: The intrinsic motivation within derbies, especially one as charged as Roma vs Lazio, often transcends league positions or form. Considering both teams’ aspirations and the psychological edge a derby win grants, expect an intensified effort that could sway the match’s momentum.
  • The 12th Man Effect: Stadio Olimpico’s atmosphere, shared yet divided between Roma and Lazio fans, provides a unique ’12th man’ advantage. The fervent support can elevate players’ performances, making the home advantage a less predictable factor in this evenly shared venue.
  • Recent Schedule and Player Workload: Assessing both teams’ recent schedules, with Roma and Lazio navigating domestic and European competitions, could offer insights into potential fatigue factors. Teams with denser schedules may exhibit signs of wear, influencing substitutions and match dynamics as the game progresses.

These tips are tailored to navigate the complexities of the Roma vs Lazio matchup, offering a layered understanding beyond conventional metrics. By considering these nuanced aspects, enthusiasts and bettors alike can approach the Rome derby with a comprehensive perspective, enhancing the matchday experience.

Match Prediction: Roma vs Lazio Prediction 2024

Considering the factors at play, the Roma vs Lazio odds suggest a closely contested match. However, Roma’s resilience and defensive solidity, coupled with the absence of key players for Lazio, might tilt the scales in favor of the Giallorossi. A 1-0 victory for Roma seems plausible, reflecting their ability to secure narrow wins in crucial matches.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeRoma to Win2.18
TotalUnder 2.51.66

A bet on the match – Roma vs Lazio can be placed at, offering a unique opportunity to engage with one of Serie A’s most anticipated fixtures. This matchup promises not only to captivate but also to offer insightful glimpses into the tactical and strategic depths of Italian football.

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