PSV vs AZ Alkmaar Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – NETHERLANDS: EREDIVISIE

PSV Eindhoven vs AZ Alkmaar: In-Depth Prediction, Odds, and Exclusive Betting Tips for Eredivisie Showdown.

The Eredivisie’s 29th round brings us an enthralling fixture as PSV Eindhoven host AZ Alkmaar at the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven. Scheduled for April 6, 2024, with a kick-off at 16:45 GMT+0, this match promises to be a crucial battle in the quest for supremacy in Dutch football. Overseeing the action will be referee Higler D., ensuring the game flows smoothly and fairly. As we approach the business end of the Eredivisie, both teams have everything to play for, with PSV looking to edge closer to the title and AZ Alkmaar fighting for a Champions League spot.


As we dive into the PSV vs AZ Alkmaar prediction today, it’s clear that the stakes couldn’t be higher for both sides. PSV’s leadership in the Eredivisie and their consistent performance at home make them favorites, but AZ Alkmaar’s ambition to secure a Champions League spot cannot be underestimated. Both teams have shown resilience and skill in their recent fixtures, setting the stage for a compelling showdown. This encounter will undoubtedly offer insights into the tactical approaches of both teams and highlight key players whose performances could tip the scale.

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Current Eredivisie standings for PSV vs AZ Alkmaar April 6, 2024:

PSV Eindhoven Results

PSV Eindhoven has shown remarkable consistency this season. Their journey is characterized by strategic gameplay and the ability to seize crucial points, making them a formidable leader in the Eredivisie.

02.04.2024EREExcelsior vs PSV0-2W
30.03.2024ERENijmegen vs PSV3-1L
17.03.2024EREPSV vs Twente1-0W
13.03.2024CLDortmund vs PSV2-0L
08.03.2024EREG.A. Eagles vs PSV0-1W

PSV’s results reflect a team in prime form, capable of securing wins both home and away. Despite the occasional setback, their ability to bounce back and maintain a lead at the top of the Eredivisie is commendable.

AZ Alkmaar Results

AZ Alkmaar’s recent performances underline their potential and determination to climb higher in the standings.

03.04.2024EREHeracles vs AZ5-0L
30.03.2024EREAZ vs Vitesse2-0W
17.03.2024EREFC Volendam vs AZ0-4W
10.03.2024EREAZ vs Excelsior4-0W
02.03.2024ERESparta Rotterdam vs AZ1-1D

AZ’s journey showcases a team with the capability to dominate matches and secure decisive victories. Their recent loss, however, poses questions about consistency against top-tier teams.

Head-to-Head: PSV vs AZ Alkmaar

The historical clashes between PSV and AZ Alkmaar offer a glimpse into their competitive nature.

17.12.2023EREAZ vs PSV0-4
28.05.2023EREAZ vs PSV1-2
12.11.2022EREPSV vs AZ0-1
05.02.2022EREPSV vs AZ1-2
11.09.2021EREAZ vs PSV0-3

This rivalry has seen its fair share of drama, with PSV showing dominance in recent encounters.

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Possible Lineups for PSV vs AZ Alkmaar

As we look ahead to the eagerly anticipated Eredivisie clash between PSV Eindhoven and AZ Alkmaar, fans and analysts alike are speculating on the potential starting lineups. These lineups are crucial for understanding the tactical setups both teams might employ, influencing the flow and outcome of the match. Below, we present the predicted starting lineups for both teams, based on their recent forms, strategies, and available players.

PSV Eindhoven PlayerPositionAZ Alkmaar PlayerPosition
TilForwardDe WitMidfielder
TillmanForwardVan BrederodeForward
De JongForwardPavlidisForward

Player Availability for PSV vs AZ Alkmaar

In addition to the starting lineups, knowing which players will not be available for the match is essential for a full understanding of each team’s potential performance. Below is a table detailing the players who are confirmed to be out of the upcoming match, along with those whose participation is questionable.

PSVLang N.Muscle InjuryWill Not Play
PSVSaibari I.Muscle InjuryWill Not Play
AZ AlkmaarZeefuik L.Ankle InjuryWill Not Play
AZ AlkmaarLahdo M.InjuryQuestionable
AZ AlkmaarMartins Indi B.Back InjuryQuestionable
AZ AlkmaarWesterveld S.Knee InjuryQuestionable

This information about player availability, along with the predicted lineups, provides a comprehensive view of what to expect in terms of team composition and potential strategies. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle for fans and analysts making predictions or bets on the game.

Key Factors to Consider

Before we delve into the PSV vs AZ Alkmaar match prediction, let’s highlight some crucial factors that could influence the game:

  • PSV’s strong home record;
  • AZ Alkmaar’s mixed performance in recent games;
  • Impact of key players’ availability due to injuries;
  • The psychological advantage of PSV over AZ from their last encounter;
  • Tactical adjustments by both coaches in response to opponent’s strategies;
  • Potential influence of weather conditions;
  • Recent European competition experience of both teams;
  • Motivation levels given the Eredivisie standings.
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Free Tips on PSV vs AZ Alkmaar

As we approach the PSV vs AZ Alkmaar clash in the Eredivisie, it’s essential to delve into various factors that could tip the scales in this high-stakes match. By analyzing team statistics, current form, and historical performances, we can glean insights that may influence betting decisions. Here are a few tailored tips for this specific match, drawing from a comprehensive analysis of both teams’ recent journeys and their encounter dynamics.

  • Examine Recent Team Dynamics: Given PSV’s strong positioning at the top of the Eredivisie and their solid home performance, contrasted with AZ Alkmaar’s determination to secure a Champions League berth, the recent form of both teams is a critical indicator of potential match outcomes. PSV’s resilience in bouncing back from European competition elimination to maintain league dominance, and AZ’s recovery from setbacks, highlight the unpredictable nature of football.
  • Consider Historical Head-to-Head Performances: PSV has historically had an upper hand in recent meetings with AZ Alkmaar, including a decisive victory earlier this season. Such statistics are not just numbers but reflect psychological edges and tactical compatibilities between the teams.
  • Impact of Key Player Availability: The absence or return of influential players due to injuries or suspensions can significantly alter the match’s dynamics. Both teams’ lineups and any last-minute changes should be scrutinized for a more accurate prediction, especially given the physicality and pace of Eredivisie play.
  • Home Advantage and Fan Support: The Philips Stadion has been a fortress for PSV, and the passionate Eindhoven crowd can indeed serve as the proverbial ’12th man.’ Analyzing how AZ Alkmaar has performed in away games, especially in high-pressure environments, can provide insights into their resilience and adaptability.
  • Analyzing Playing Styles and Matchups: Understanding each team’s tactical approach, with PSV’s balanced attack against AZ’s counter-attacking prowess, offers a nuanced view of how the game might unfold. The clash of styles could dictate the pace and openness of the match, potentially influencing betting markets like ‘total goals’ or ‘both teams to score.’

These considerations, rooted in thorough research and analysis, aim to offer a comprehensive view of the upcoming PSV vs AZ Alkmaar match. By taking into account these factors, bettors can make more informed decisions, enhancing their engagement with this Eredivisie highlight.

Match Prediction: PSV vs AZ Alkmaar Prediction 2024

Considering the dynamics and the current form of both teams, the PSV vs AZ Alkmaar odds lean towards a victory for PSV. Their leadership in the Eredivisie, coupled with their convincing home record and the psychological edge from their last encounter, positions them as the favorites. However, AZ Alkmaar’s resilience and their pursuit for a Champions League spot mean they cannot be underestimated. Expect a tightly contested match, but PSV’s overall consistency and tactical superiority should see them through.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomePSV Win1.43
Goals Over/Under 2.5Over 2.51.6

A bet on the match – PSV vs AZ Alkmaar can be made on This fixture promises not only excitement but also a great opportunity for insightful betting, with PSV showing the potential to secure another win in their remarkable season.

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