Predictions: Romania vs Israel in EURO Qualification

Forward George Puscas (on the left) is set to lead Romania in their quest for victory against Israel.

As the countdown to the Euro 2024 qualification heats up, all eyes are firmly fixed on the enthralling encounter between Romania and Israel. These two nations, with their rich footballing histories, are set to clash at the iconic Arena Nationala in Bucharest. This game is not just about three points; it’s about national pride, about stamping authority in a group that remains tantalizingly poised, and about edging closer to the grandeur of European football’s biggest spectacle.

The picturesque backdrop of Bucharest will play host to a footballing drama that promises intensity and intrigue. Referee Vincic S. from Slovenia is bestowed with the responsibility of ensuring this game flows smoothly. And as the twilight of September 9, 2023, descends upon us, the stage will be set. Two teams, separated by a mere point in the Group I standings, will unleash their strategies, hoping to outwit the other and carve a clearer path towards Euro 2024 qualification.

Setting The Stage

Before diving deeper, let’s familiarize ourselves with the backdrop. To understand the gravity of this fixture, a brief glance at the recent performances and past encounters of these two footballing nations is essential.

Recent Matches: Romania

19.06.23Switzerland – Romania2-2D
16.06.23Kosovo – Romania0-0D
28.03.23Romania – Belarus2-1W
25.03.23Andorra – Romania0-2W
20.11.22Moldova – Romania0-5W

Romania has showcased resilience recently. Undefeated in their last five, they’ve displayed defensive solidity, especially evident in their impressive draws against Switzerland and Kosovo. Under the leadership of Eduard Iordanescu, they’ve also shown an ability to secure points when most needed, signaling their intention to qualify.

Recent Matches: Israel

19.06.23Israel – Andorra2-1W
16.06.23Belarus – Israel1-2W
28.03.23Switzerland – Israel3-0L
25.03.23Israel – Kosovo1-1D
20.11.22Israel – Cyprus2-3L

Israel’s journey has been a mixed bag. After a rocky start with a defeat to Switzerland and a draw against Kosovo, they have regrouped, securing two successive victories. However, their vulnerabilities, especially against stronger teams, remain a concern.

Israeli players celebrate a goal in the Euro 2020 qualifier at Sammy Ofer Stadium.

Head-To-Head Showdowns


The previous encounters between these nations have been tight, with both showing dominance in phases. The recent 2-2 draw highlights their closely matched capabilities.

Key Points to Consider: Romania vs Israel EURO Qualification Clash

  • Form Guide: Romania has been showing consistency, with recent impressive performances against Andorra and Belarus, and commendable draws against stronger sides like Switzerland and Kosovo. Israel, after stumbling in the beginning against Switzerland and Kosovo, managed to regain some confidence by defeating Andorra and Belarus.
  • Tactical Approaches: Romania, under Eduard Iordanescu, has been tactically flexible, often changing formations mid-game to outwit the opposition. Israel, however, has been more straightforward, focusing on a compact defense and quick counter-attacks.
  • Star Performers: Valentin Mihaila, the Parma midfielder, has been Romania’s standout player with clutch performances. Israel, while not boasting standout individual performances, has emphasized a team-centric approach.
  • Defensive Records: Both teams have shown vulnerabilities in defense, especially when faced with quality opposition. Romania’s defense was breached by Switzerland, while Israel suffered a heavy defeat.
  • Previous Encounters: The history between these two sides suggests closely contested battles. Their last encounter ended in a 2-2 draw, with both sides showcasing their offensive capabilities.
  • Stakes and Pressure: With just a point separating the two in the Group I standings, the psychological aspect of the game will be under the limelight. Handling pressure in such crucial ties can often be the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Fan Influence: The roaring fans of Arena Nationala can play the 12th man for Romania. Their influence can’t be underestimated, especially in crucial moments, potentially swaying the game in their team’s favor.

Considering these points, both teams are set to offer a riveting encounter. It’s not just about the tactics and skills; it’s about passion, determination, and the sheer will to secure a spot in EURO 2024.

Match Outcome and Predictions

As the D-day approaches, our analysis leans slightly towards Romania. Their recent form, combined with the home advantage, seems to give them the edge. Moreover, their ability to eke out results even in tough scenarios makes them the favorites. That said, with both teams defensively astute, goals might be hard to come by.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeRomania Win2.0
Total GoalsOver 1.51.35

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