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Expert Predictions for Netherlands vs Canada.

The Netherlands will face Canada in a Friendly International match on June 6, 2024, at 18:45 GMT. The match will take place at De Kuip Stadium in Rotterdam, which has a capacity of 47,500 spectators. As both teams prepare for their respective major tournaments—Euro 2024 for the Netherlands and Copa América 2024 for Canada—this friendly match serves as a crucial test of form and tactics. The refereeing team for this match has not been announced yet.

This match is part of the final preparations for the Netherlands before they head into the Euro 2024 Championship, where they will face tough competition in Group D. Meanwhile, Canada looks to refine their strategies ahead of their challenging Group A fixtures in Copa América 2024.


The Netherlands vs Canada prediction today centers on both teams’ readiness for their upcoming major tournaments. The Netherlands have been consistent, showing strong performance in recent matches, while Canada seeks to gain more experience against top-tier European teams. Evaluating their form, strategies, and key players will provide a clearer picture of what to expect in this friendly encounter. Let’s dive into the recent performances and head-to-head statistics of both teams.

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Netherlands Results

The Netherlands have been on an impressive run, showcasing their strength and determination in recent matches. Here are their last five matches:

26.03.24FIGermany vs Netherlands2-1L
22.03.24FINetherlands vs Scotland4-0W
21.11.23EURGibraltar vs Netherlands0-6W
18.11.23EURNetherlands vs Ireland1-0W
16.10.23EURGreece vs Netherlands0-1W

The Netherlands have demonstrated strong defensive capabilities and potent attacking prowess, particularly in their dominant victories against Gibraltar and Scotland. Despite a recent loss to Germany, their overall form remains solid, with four wins out of their last five matches. Key players have been instrumental in securing these results, setting a positive tone ahead of the friendly against Canada.

Canada Results

Canada’s recent matches have been a mixed bag of results, reflecting both strengths and areas needing improvement. Here are their last five matches:

23.03.24CNLCanada vs Trinidad & Tobago2-0W
21.11.23CNLCanada vs Jamaica2-3L
18.11.23CNLJamaica vs Canada1-2W
13.10.23FIJapan vs Canada4-1L
09.07.23GCUSA vs Canada3-2 (1-1)D/L (after penalties)

Canada has shown resilience with key victories against Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. However, their defense has been vulnerable, as seen in the losses to Japan and the USA. This inconsistency highlights the need for a strong performance against the Netherlands to boost their confidence before Copa América.

Netherlands vs Canada Head-to-Head

The upcoming match will be a rare encounter between the Netherlands and Canada. As there are no previous head-to-head records available, this match will set a new precedent for future encounters. Both teams will aim to establish dominance and gain valuable insights from this rare meeting.

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Predicted Lineups for Netherlands vs Canada Football Match

In anticipation of the upcoming friendly match between the Netherlands and Canada, here are the predicted starting lineups for both teams. This section aims to provide insights into the key players likely to take the field, helping you understand the potential dynamics and strategies each team might employ. The following table lists the players, along with their positions, who are expected to start for the Netherlands and Canada.

Netherlands PlayerPositionCanada PlayerPosition
Bart VerbruggenGoalkeeperMaxime CrepeauGoalkeeper
Nathan AkeDefenderTajon BuchananDefender
Virgil van DijkDefenderKamal MillerDefender
Matthijs de LigtDefenderMoise BombitoDefender
Lutsharel GeertruidaMidfielderDerek CorneliusDefender
Jerdy SchoutenMidfielderAlphonso DaviesDefender
Xavi SimonsMidfielderStephen EustaquioMidfielder
Joey VeermanMidfielderSamuel PietteMidfielder
Daley BlindMidfielderIsmael KoneMidfielder
Cody GakpoForwardJonathan DavidForward
Brian BrobbeyForwardCyle LarinForward

These predicted lineups are based on recent performances, player availability, and tactical considerations. The final squads might vary, but this projection provides a good indication of the likely starters for the Netherlands and Canada in this international friendly.

Key Factors to Consider

Before diving into the match prediction, let’s consider some crucial factors that could influence the outcome:

  • Injuries: Key players missing due to injuries;
  • Form: Recent form of both teams in international fixtures;
  • Key Players: Impact of standout players like Memphis Depay for the Netherlands and Jonathan David for Canada;
  • Defense: Defensive solidity and vulnerabilities;
  • Attack: Goal-scoring capabilities and recent performance;
  • Motivation: Importance of the match as a preparation for upcoming tournaments;
  • Previous Results: Outcomes of recent matches and their implications;
  • Tactical Approaches: Strategies employed by coaches Ronald Koeman and John Herdman.
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Free Tips on Netherlands vs Canada

When analyzing the upcoming match between the Netherlands and Canada, it’s essential to consider various aspects that can influence the game’s outcome. By examining statistics, recent team forms, and other critical factors, you can make a more informed prediction. Here are some valuable tips to guide you in placing your bets for this exciting friendly match.

  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Although the Netherlands and Canada have not faced each other frequently, it’s beneficial to review their performances against similar opposition. Understanding how each team has fared against comparable opponents can give insights into potential outcomes.
  • Team Form: Always check the recent form of the teams. The Netherlands have been strong with multiple victories in their last matches, whereas Canada has had a mix of wins and losses. Teams on a winning streak tend to have higher confidence and better performance.
  • Home vs. Away Performance: The Netherlands will be playing at home, which generally provides a significant advantage. Teams often perform better in front of their home crowd, and De Kuip Stadium’s atmosphere could boost the Dutch players’ morale and performance.
  • Weather Conditions: The weather on match day can significantly affect gameplay. Check the forecast for Rotterdam to see if rain or wind might impact the match. Adverse weather conditions can influence the ball movement and overall pace of the game.
  • Referee Influence: The appointed referee’s tendencies can also play a role. Some referees are known for being stricter and giving more cards or penalties, which could impact betting markets like the number of cards in the match.

By considering these tips, you can better anticipate the match dynamics and make more strategic betting decisions for the Netherlands vs Canada friendly.

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Netherlands vs Canada Match Prediction 2024

Based on the recent performances and the current form of both teams, the Netherlands are likely to edge out Canada in this friendly encounter. The Netherlands vs Canada odds favor the Dutch side due to their consistent form and home advantage. Canada, while capable of scoring, may struggle to contain the Netherlands’ attacking threats.

The prediction for this match is a 2-1 victory for the Netherlands. The Dutch team’s strong defense and effective attack are expected to be the key factors in securing the win.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Full-Time ScoreNetherlands to Win1.29
Total GoalsOver 2.51.61

Place your bet on the Netherlands vs Canada match on Enjoy the game and good luck with your wagers!

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