Napoli vs Roma Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – ITALY: SERIE A

Napoli vs Roma: Key Insights and Prediction for Their Upcoming Serie A Match.

On April 28, 2024, a gripping Serie A encounter will unfold at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples, as Napoli prepares to host Roma in a critical Round 34 match. The game, scheduled for 16:00 GMT+0, will be overseen by referee Sozza S. from Italy. This matchup not only carries weight because of the intense rivalry but also due to its timing in the late stages of the season, where every point starts to count significantly in the league standings.


Napoli vs Roma promises to be a captivating clash, given the recent form and historical context between these two storied clubs. In preparing for today’s Napoli vs Roma prediction, it’s evident that both teams have displayed moments of brilliance and vulnerability. Napoli, despite their recent slip-ups at home, remain a formidable force, especially in front of their passionate supporters. Roma, on the other hand, arrives with momentum, bolstered by recent away victories. This fixture’s intrigue is magnified by their desperate push for higher league positions as the season nears its end.

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Current Serie A standings for Napoli vs Roma as of April 28, 2024:

Napoli Results

In their recent outings, Napoli has shown both resilience and inconsistency. Their last five matches in Serie A have been a mixed bag, reflecting the challenging nature of their season:

20.04.2024Serie AEmpoli vs Napoli1-0L
14.04.2024Serie ANapoli vs Frosinone2-2D
07.04.2024Serie AMonza vs Napoli2-4W
30.03.2024Serie ANapoli vs Atalanta0-3L
17.03.2024Serie AInter vs Napoli1-1D

Napoli’s recent form has been shaky, with only one win in the last five matches. This indicates a potential vulnerability, especially in defense, as they have conceded multiple goals in crucial games.

Roma Results

Roma, contrasting Napoli, has displayed a robust form, especially in critical matches:

25.04.2024Serie AUdinese vs AS Roma1-2W
22.04.2024Serie AAS Roma vs Bologna1-3L
18.04.2024Europa LeagueAS Roma vs AC Milan2-1W
11.04.2024Europa LeagueAC Milan vs AS Roma0-1W
06.04.2024Serie AAS Roma vs Lazio1-0W

Roma’s recent performances suggest a team that is finding its stride at the right time, with victories in significant matches boosting their confidence.

Head-to-Head: Napoli vs Roma

Analyzing the last five encounters between these teams provides a snapshot of their competitive dynamics:

23.12.2023Serie AAS Roma vs Napoli2-0
29.01.2023Serie ANapoli vs AS Roma2-1
23.10.2022Serie AAS Roma vs Napoli0-1
18.04.2022Serie ANapoli vs AS Roma1-1
24.10.2021Serie AAS Roma vs Napoli0-0

The recent history between these teams has been tight, with Napoli generally having the upper edge at home.

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Predicted Lineups for Napoli vs Roma

For the upcoming Serie A clash at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, both Napoli and Roma are expected to field strong lineups in a 4-3-3 formation, emphasizing attack. This setup allows both teams to leverage their strengths on the wings and through the midfield. Here’s a closer look at the probable starting XI for each team:

Napoli PlayerPositionRoma PlayerPosition
Alex MeretGKMile SvilarGK
Giovanni Di LorenzoRBRick KarsdorpRB
Amir RrahmaniCBGianluca ManciniCB
Juan JesusCBDean HuijsenCB
Mario RuiLBAngelinoLB
A. Zambo AnguissaCMEdoardo BoveCM
Stanislav LobotkaCMBryan CristanteCM
Piotr ZielinskiCMLorenzo PellegriniCAM
Matteo PolitanoRWPaulo DybalaRW
Victor OsimhenSTTammy AbrahamST
K. KvaratskheliaLWStephan El ShaarawyLW

Player Availability: Injuries and Suspensions

As the match approaches, both teams face challenges with player availability due to injuries and suspensions, which could impact their game strategies and depth. Here’s an overview of the players who will not be available and those who are questionable for the game:

NapoliOlivera M.Will Not PlayMuscle Injury
RomaLlorente D.Will Not PlayYellow Cards
RomaLukaku R.Will Not PlayMuscle Injury
RomaParedes L.Will Not PlayYellow Cards
RomaNdicka E.QuestionableInjury
RomaSmalling C.QuestionableGroin Injury

These absences, particularly for Roma, could necessitate tactical adjustments and provide opportunities for other players to step up in this crucial matchup.

Key Factors to Consider

In the buildup to this crucial match, several factors could influence the outcome:

  • Team Form – Both teams have had mixed results recently, but Roma seems slightly more consistent;
  • Injuries and Suspensions – Napoli will miss Pierluigi Gollini, while Roma cannot count on Chris Smalling and Romelu Lukaku; these absences could impact team strategies;
  • Home Advantage – Napoli plays at home, where they have traditionally been strong, despite recent stumbles;
  • Tactical Matchup – The tactical battle between Francesco Calzona and Daniele De Rossi could be decisive;
  • Stakes – With the season winding down, the stakes could not be higher for both teams in their quest for European qualification;
  • Psychological Factors – The pressure of expectation might affect player performance;
  • Scoring Ability – Napoli has struggled to convert chances into goals, a trend they need to reverse to succeed;
  • Defensive Solidity – Roma’s recent defensive record is impressive, suggesting they might be tough to break down.
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Free Tips on Napoli vs Roma

In anticipation of the Serie A clash between Napoli and Roma, certain factors can significantly influence betting decisions. By delving into the details of team dynamics and historical performances, bettors can better understand potential match outcomes. These insights are particularly valuable when placing educated bets on high-stakes games like this one. Here are some tailored tips that focus on the specific aspects of the upcoming Napoli vs Roma match:

  • Examine Head-to-Head Records: Historically, Napoli has shown stronger performances against Roma in home matches. Considering past encounters can provide insights into likely outcomes, as some teams consistently perform well against certain opponents.
  • Assess Team and Player Form: Current form is crucial; Napoli has been struggling with consistency at home, while Roma has gained momentum with recent away wins. Also, player form, especially key players like strikers and goalkeepers, can sway the results of the match.
  • Impact of Absences: With key players like Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling out for Roma, and Pierluigi Gollini sidelined for Napoli, these absences could significantly alter team strategies and game dynamics.
  • Consider the Stakes of the Match: With the season nearing its end, both teams are fighting for crucial points that could affect their standings for European competition qualifications. Higher stakes often push teams to perform beyond their usual capabilities.
  • Stadium Atmosphere and Fan Influence: Playing at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Napoli enjoys the backing of their passionate supporters, which could provide them with the extra motivation needed to overcome their recent home game challenges.

These tips are designed to guide your betting strategies, offering a deeper understanding of the factors that could influence the Napoli vs Roma match. Always consider these aspects to make the most informed betting decisions.

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Match Prediction: Napoli vs Roma 2024

This Serie A clash between Napoli and Roma is poised to be a tightly contested affair. Given both teams’ current form and historical matchups, a close game is anticipated. Napoli, with the advantage of playing at home, might just have the edge over Roma, who have struggled away against Napoli in recent seasons.

Napoli vs Roma odds suggest a slight favor towards Napoli, considering their need to bounce back from recent disappointments and the supportive home crowd. The likely outcome could be a narrow victory for Napoli, perhaps a 2-1 scoreline.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Both Teams to ScoreYes1.73

In conclusion, the match between Napoli and Roma is expected to be highly competitive with chances at both ends. Betting enthusiasts can place their bets on this thrilling encounter at, ensuring an engaging and potentially rewarding experience.

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