Napoli vs Lecce Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – SERIE A

Napoli vs Lecce: Expert Betting Tips and Predictions.

The much-anticipated match between Napoli and Lecce is scheduled for May 26 at 16:00 GMT+0. This crucial encounter will take place at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples. Both teams are set for an exciting clash as they aim to conclude their seasons on a positive note.

Napoli, currently having a challenging season, will be looking to leverage their home advantage to secure a much-needed victory. Known for their resilience, especially in past final-day encounters, Napoli aims to make a strong statement in this decisive match. Lecce, on the other hand, is looking to capitalize on their confirmed survival in Serie A and end the season on a high note. With a more relaxed approach, Lecce is prepared to challenge Napoli and potentially secure an unexpected win.


In this section, we will delve into the latest performances and head-to-head matches between Napoli and Lecce to provide a detailed forecast for the upcoming match. Analyzing their current form, key players, and previous encounters offers valuable insights into what to expect.

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Current SERIE A standings for Napoli vs Lecce 26.05.2024:


Napoli has had a challenging run in their last five matches, struggling to find their winning form. They have endured two defeats, which highlighted their defensive weaknesses and inability to close out games. In addition to the losses, three of their matches ended in draws, showing a consistent struggle to convert chances into decisive victories. These draws indicate a pattern of near misses and missed opportunities, reflecting the team’s difficulty in maintaining a lead. Overall, this winless streak has put a damper on their season, affecting their confidence and standings as they prepare for future challenges.


Lecce has had a mixed performance in their last five matches, reflecting their ongoing struggles and occasional successes. They suffered two defeats, highlighting areas where the team needs improvement in both defense and attack. Additionally, two of their matches ended in draws, showing their ability to hold off opponents but also their difficulty in securing wins. However, they did manage to clinch a victory in one of these matches, demonstrating that they have the potential to perform well under the right circumstances. Overall, Lecce’s recent form is a blend of resilience and inconsistency as they aim to finish the season on a stronger note.


In the last five head-to-head encounters between Napoli and Lecce, Napoli has emerged victorious three times, showcasing their dominance in these fixtures. Lecce, however, managed to secure a significant win in one of these matches, proving they can challenge Napoli effectively. One match ended in a draw, highlighting the competitive nature of their encounters. These results reflect Napoli’s general superiority but also underscore Lecce’s potential to disrupt and secure positive outcomes. This sets the stage for an intriguing match on May 26, 2024.

DataCompetitionMatch upResult
30.09.23SALecce vs Napoli0:4
07.04.23SALecce vs Napoli1:2
31.08.22SANapoli vs Lecce1:1
09.02.20SANapoli vs Lecce2:3
22.09.19SALecce vs Napoli1:4
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Napoli vs Lecce starting lineups

Based on the latest predictions and team news, here are the expected starting lineups for the upcoming match between Napoli and Lecce on May 26, 2024.

Player NapoliPosition Player LeccePosition 
Alex MeretGoalkeeperWladimiro FalconeGoalkeeper
Giovanni Di LorenzoRight BackValentin GendreyRight Back
Amir RrahmaniCenter BackMarin PongracicCenter Back
Juan JesusCenter BackFederico BaschirottoCenter Back
Mario RuiLeft BackAntonino GalloLeft Back
Stanislav LobotkaMidfielderAlexis BlinMidfielder
Piotr ZielinskiMidfielderMorten HjulmandMidfielder
Eljif ElmasAttacking MidfielderYoussef MalehMidfielder
Khvicha KvaratskheliaRight WingGabriel StrefezzaRight Wing
Giovanni SimeoneStrikerLorenzo ColomboStriker
Hirving LozanoLeft WingAssan CeesayLeft Wing

These lineups are subject to change based on last-minute injuries or tactical decisions by the coaches. Make sure to check the final lineups closer to match time for any updates.

Players Unavailable For Napoli vs Lecce

For the upcoming match between Napoli and Lecce, several key players will be missing due to injuries. Napoli will be without goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini, who is sidelined with an injury. Star striker Victor Osimhen is also out with a muscle injury, which is a significant blow to their attacking options. Additionally, Mario Rui is unavailable due to an injury, and Piotr Zielinski will miss the game because of a calf injury. On the Lecce side, they will miss Lameck Banda and Kastriot Dermaku, both out with injuries, along with Muhamed Kaba and Nicola Sansone, who are also sidelined due to injuries. These absences could have a major impact on the strategies and performance of both teams in this crucial encounter.

NapoliGollini P.Injury
NapoliOsimhen V.Muscle Injury
NapoliRui M.Injury
NapoliZielinski P.Calf Injury
LecceBanda L.Injury
LecceDermaku K.Injury
LecceKaba MInjury
LecceSansone N.Injury

Key Match Insights: Napoli vs Lecce

As we approach the match between Napoli and Lecce, several critical factors need to be examined to understand the potential outcomes. These elements include the current form of both teams, recent injuries, individual player performances, and any off-field controversies that might impact the game. Here is a detailed look at the key points to keep in mind:

  • Injuries and Suspensions: Napoli: Key players will be missing due to injuries, including goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini, striker Victor Osimhen with a muscle injury, Mario Rui with a general injury, and Piotr Zielinski with a calf injury. Lecce: They will also be without several important players: Lameck Banda, Kastriot Dermaku, Muhamed Kaba, and Nicola Sansone, all sidelined due to various injuries;
  • Team Form: Napoli: The team has struggled recently, failing to win any of their last five matches, with two losses and three draws. This inconsistent form indicates potential vulnerabilities and a lack of finishing power. Lecce: They have had a mixed run with two losses, two draws, and one win in their last five matches. While their form is slightly better, it still highlights areas of concern, particularly in defense;
  • Player Performance: Napoli: With key players like Victor Osimhen out, the pressure will be on others like Matteo Politano and Hirving Lozano to step up and deliver crucial performances. Lecce: Nikola Krstović will be crucial for Lecce, especially given his knack for scoring important goals. His performance will be pivotal in determining Lecce’s attacking threat;
  • Off-Field Issues: Any ongoing controversies or team morale issues can significantly impact performance. For instance, Napoli’s poor title defense and subsequent need to secure a European spot could add pressure. On the other hand, Lecce, having secured their Serie A status, might play with more freedom but less intensity.

By considering these factors, fans and analysts can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play and make better-informed predictions for the Napoli vs Lecce match.

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Free Tips on Napoli vs Lecce

To help you make informed decisions for the upcoming match between Napoli and Lecce, here are some valuable tips based on critical aspects of the teams and their recent performances. These insights provide a clearer picture of what to expect and how to approach your bets effectively.

  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Review the historical encounters between Napoli and Lecce. Understanding how these teams have performed against each other in the past can offer insights into potential outcomes. Napoli has generally dominated these fixtures, winning three of the last five matches, while Lecce has managed only one victory, with one match ending in a draw;
  • Team Form: Analyze the recent form of both teams. Napoli has struggled recently, failing to secure a win in their last five matches, with two losses and three draws. In contrast, Lecce has also faced challenges, with two losses, two draws, and one win in their last five matches. Teams on a losing streak, like Napoli, might lack morale, while a win can boost Lecce’s confidence;
  • Injuries & Suspensions: Always check for team news regarding injuries and suspensions before placing a bet. For this match, Napoli will miss Pierluigi Gollini, Victor Osimhen (muscle injury), Mario Rui, and Piotr Zielinski (calf injury). Lecce will be without Lameck Banda, Kastriot Dermaku, Muhamed Kaba, and Nicola Sansone due to injuries. These absences can significantly impact the game;
  • Home vs. Away Performance: Consider how each team performs at home versus away. Napoli, playing at home, might leverage the support of their fans to boost their performance. Historically, home teams tend to perform better due to familiar conditions and the morale boost from home supporters. Lecce will need to overcome the disadvantage of playing away from home;
  • Player Form: Just as teams have form, so do players. A key player in top form, like Napoli’s Matteo Politano, might be more likely to make a significant impact. Similarly, Nikola Krstović for Lecce can influence the match significantly if he continues his scoring form.

By considering these factors, you can gain a deeper understanding of the match dynamics and make more informed predictions for the Napoli vs Lecce clash.

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Napoli vs Lecce Match Prediction 2024:

Lecce is expected to secure a surprising victory over Napoli in their upcoming match. Here are the main reasons supporting this prediction:

Recent Form and Momentum:

Napoli: Napoli has struggled significantly in their recent fixtures, failing to secure a win in their last five matches. Their two losses and three draws highlight their current vulnerability and lack of form. This winless streak has affected their confidence and performance, making it challenging to regain their earlier momentum.

Lecce: On the other hand, Lecce, although not in perfect form, has shown resilience by securing a win and drawing two of their last five matches. This indicates that they have the capability to hold their ground and potentially exploit Napoli’s weaknesses.

Tactical Adjustments and Motivation:

Lecce: With their survival in Serie A confirmed, Lecce can play with less pressure and more freedom. This relaxed mindset can allow them to execute their game plan effectively without the burden of relegation fears. Additionally, Lecce’s coach Luca Gotti will be highly motivated to secure his first win against Napoli, having come close on several previous occasions.

Napoli: Conversely, Napoli’s need to secure a spot in European competition adds pressure. Their desperation might lead to errors, which Lecce can capitalize on.

Key Player Performances:

Lecce: Nikola Krstović, Lecce’s top scorer, has been crucial in their attack. His knack for scoring important goals, especially early in matches, can put Napoli on the back foot right from the start. His form will be pivotal in breaking down Napoli’s defense, which has been leaky in recent games.

Napoli: The absence of key players like Victor Osimhen and Piotr Zielinski due to injuries will severely impact Napoli’s attacking and midfield capabilities. This provides Lecce with an opportunity to dominate key areas of the pitch.

Defensive Vulnerabilities:

Napoli: Napoli has conceded goals in each of their last 16 Serie A matches, a worrying statistic that highlights their defensive fragility. If Lecce can exploit this weakness, they have a solid chance of scoring and controlling the game.

Lecce: Lecce’s defense, while not impeccable, has shown enough resilience to keep stronger teams at bay, as evidenced by their recent draws. Their ability to disrupt Napoli’s attack will be crucial.

Historical Edge:

Lecce: Although historically Napoli has had the upper hand, Lecce’s recent performances indicate they are capable of causing upsets. Their victory over Napoli in February 2020 and draws in the more recent encounters show that they can compete effectively against Napoli.

Considering these factors, it is reasonable to predict that Lecce will win this match. Their current form, tactical advantages, key player performances, and Napoli’s vulnerabilities make them the favorites in this encounter.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds


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