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NAC Breda vs Excelsior: Predictions, Lineups, and Betting Insights.

The much-anticipated match between NAC Breda and Excelsior is scheduled for May 28 at 18:00 GMT+0. This crucial encounter will take place at the Rat Verlegh Stadion in Breda. Both teams are set for an exciting clash as they aim to conclude their seasons on a positive note.

NAC Breda, currently facing a challenging season, will be looking to leverage their home advantage to secure a much-needed victory. Known for their resilience, especially at home, NAC Breda aims to make a strong statement in this decisive match. With a strong lineup and tactical prowess, Excelsior is prepared to challenge NAC Breda and potentially secure an important win.


In this section, we will delve into the latest performances and head-to-head matches between NAC Breda and Excelsior to provide a detailed forecast for the upcoming match. Analyzing their current form, key players, and previous encounters offers valuable insights into what to expect.

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Current Eredivisie standings for NAC Breda vs Excelsior 28.05.2024:


NAC Breda has been in commendable form in their recent outings, winning three out of their last five matches. This winning streak highlights their offensive and defensive strengths as they push to finish the season positively. The other two matches ended in draws, showcasing their ability to secure points even when not at their best. This unbeaten run has boosted their confidence and placed them in a strong position as they head into their next fixtures. Overall, NAC Breda’s recent performances indicate a team in good shape, ready to take on new challenges.

25.05.24EREFC Emmen vs NAC Breda0:3W
21.05.24ERENAC Breda vs FC Emmen1:1D
17.05.24ERERoda vs NAC Breda0:5W
13.05.24ERENAC Breda vs Roda3:1W
10.05.24EREOss vs NAC Breda1:1D


Excelsior has shown a mixed form in their last five matches, securing victories in three of these encounters. This indicates a strong ability to dominate their opponents and capitalize on key moments in the game. However, the team has also faced setbacks, losing two matches, which highlights areas where improvement is needed. Despite these losses, the overall performance demonstrates their potential to compete effectively and bounce back. Excelsior recent results reflect a team with both strengths and vulnerabilities, making their upcoming matches crucial for maintaining momentum.


In the last five encounters between NAC Breda and Excelsior, NAC Breda has emerged victorious in two matches. Excelsior managed to secure a win in one of these matches, demonstrating their capability to challenge NAC Breda effectively. The remaining two matches ended in draws, highlighting the competitive nature of their meetings. These results indicate that while NAC Breda has had the upper hand recently, Excelsior can still pose a significant threat. This pattern sets the stage for an exciting and unpredictable matchup in their next encounter.

DataCompetitionMatch upResult
22.07.23CFNAC Breda vs Excelsior2 – 0
09.07.22CFNAC Breda vs Excelsior1 – 1
06.05.22EERExcelsior vs NAC Breda2 – 2
01.10.21EERNAC Breda vs Excelsior4 – 1
23.04.21EERNAC Breda vs Excelsior1 – 2
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NAC Breda vs Excelsior starting lineups

NAC Breda PlayersPositionExcelsior PlayersPosition
Pepijn Van De MerbelGoalkeeperCouhaib DriouechForward
Aime Ntsama OmgbaMidfielderMimeirhel BenitaDefender
Roy KuijpersForwardLance DuijvestijnMidfielder
Casper StaringMidfielderJulian BaasMidfielder
Boy KemperDefenderTroy ParrottForward
Boyd LucassenDefenderKenzo GoudmijnMidfielder
Dominik JanosekMidfielderArthur ZagreForward
Sigurd HaugenForwardRedouan El YaakoubiDefender
Jan van Den BerghDefenderSiebe HoremansDefender
Fredrik JensenMidfielderStijn van GasselGoalkeeper
Cuco MartinaDefenderLazaros LamprouForward

Players Unavailable For NAC Breda vs Excelsior

For the upcoming match between NAC Breda and Excelsior, both teams will be missing key players due to injuries.
NAC Breda: Javier Vet will be unavailable due to a knee injury. His absence will be felt in the midfield, where his defensive capabilities are crucial. Clint Leemans is also out with an injury, which impacts NAC Breda’s attacking options and set-piece strength.

Excelsior: Lennard Hartjes is sidelined with a knee injury, weakening their midfield’s depth and ball distribution. Kik Pierie is out with a foot injury, a significant blow to Excelsior’s defensive stability.

Serano Seymor is also injured, further depleting the squad’s options in crucial areas.

These absences could significantly impact the strategies and performances of both teams in this crucial encounter.

NAC BredaVet J.Knee Injury
NAC BredaLeemans C.Injury
ExcelsiorHartjes L.Knee Injury
ExcelsiorPierie K.Foot Injury
ExcelsiorSeymor S.Injury

Key Points to Consider

Several factors will play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the match between NAC Breda and Excelsior:

  • Team Form: NAC Breda: The team has had a strong run recently, with three wins and two draws in their last five matches. This form indicates their capability to compete effectively and leverage their home advantage. Excelsior: In contrast, Excelsior has had a mixed set of results, winning three of their last five matches but losing the other two. Their inconsistency might be a factor, but their wins show they can still be formidable opponents;
  • Player Performance: NAC Breda: Key players such as Roy Kortsmit and Greg Leigh have been pivotal in their recent performances. Maintaining their top form will be crucial for Breda’s success. Excelsior: Excelsior will rely heavily on the performances of players like Stijn van Gassel and Redouan El Yaakoubi. Their ability to perform under pressure will be vital for the team’s chances;
  • Recent Successes and Failures: NAC Breda: Recent matches have seen NAC Breda draw against top opponents and secure victories that demonstrate their resilience and tactical effectiveness. Excelsior: Despite their losses, Excelsior’s recent victories emphasize their attacking potential and ability to capitalize on their opportunities.

By considering these factors, fans and analysts can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play and make better-informed predictions for the NAC Breda vs Excelsior match.

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Free Tips on NAC Breda vs Excelsior

To help you make informed decisions for the upcoming match between NAC Breda and Excelsior, here are some valuable tips based on critical aspects of the teams and their recent performances:

  • Head-to-Head Statistics: Review the historical encounters between NAC Breda and Excelsior. Understanding how these teams have performed against each other in the past can offer insights into potential outcomes. NAC Breda has the edge, winning two out of the last five encounters, while Excelsior has won one, with two matches ending in draws;
  • Team Form: Analyze the recent form of both teams. NAC Breda has shown solid form, winning three out of their last five matches, with the other two ending in draws. This indicates their consistent performance and ability to secure points. On the other hand, Excelsior has won three of their last five matches but lost the remaining two, showing potential but also some inconsistencies;
  • Player Form: Just as teams have form, so do players. Key players like Roy Kortsmit and Greg Leigh for NAC Breda can significantly influence the match outcome with their performances. For Excelsior, the contributions of Stijn van Gassel and Redouan El Yaakoubi will be crucial. Their recent form and ability to create scoring opportunities will play a vital role.

By considering these factors, you can gain a deeper understanding of the match dynamics and make more informed predictions for the NAC Breda vs Excelsior encounter.

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NAC Breda vs Excelsior Match Prediction 2024:

NAC Breda is poised to secure a victory in the upcoming match against Excelsior. Here are the key reasons supporting this prediction:

Recent Form: NAC Breda: NAC Breda has been in excellent form recently, winning three out of their last five matches and drawing the remaining two. This unbeaten run highlights their consistent performance and ability to secure crucial points. Their form suggests a team that is peaking at the right time, capable of handling the pressures of a critical match.

Excelsior: In contrast, Excelsior’s recent form has been mixed, with three wins but also two significant losses. This inconsistency may indicate vulnerabilities that NAC Breda can exploit, especially under high-pressure conditions.

Home Advantage: NAC Breda will benefit from playing at home, where they have historically performed better. The support of their home crowd at the Rat Verlegh Stadion can provide a significant morale boost and create an intimidating atmosphere for the visiting team. Home advantage often translates to better coordination and confidence on the field, critical factors in securing a win.
Key Player Impact: NAC Breda: Key players like Roy Kortsmit and Greg Leigh have been pivotal in NAC Breda’s recent successes. Their form and leadership on the field will be crucial in maintaining the team’s momentum. Kortsmit’s goalkeeping and Leigh’s defensive skills are expected to play a significant role in keeping Excelsior at bay.

Excelsior: While Excelsior has talented players, the absence of key players like Lennard Hartjes, Kik Pierie, and Sven Seymor due to injuries could severely impact their performance. These absences might disrupt their defensive setup and midfield balance, giving NAC Breda a tactical advantage.
Tactical Superiority: NAC Breda’s recent performances have demonstrated tactical efficiency, with effective defensive strategies and creative attacking plays. Their ability to adapt and implement strategic changes during matches has been a significant factor in their unbeaten run. This tactical awareness is likely to outmaneuver Excelsior, who might struggle to find cohesion without their key players.

Considering these factors, it is reasonable to predict that NAC Breda will emerge victorious in this encounter. Their recent form, home advantage, key player performances, and tactical superiority make them the favorites to win against Excelsior.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds

NAC Breda

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