Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Indian Super League

Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC: Your Ultimate ISL Betting Guide.

As the Indian Super League heats up, Mumbai City FC is set to face NorthEast United FC in a crucial encounter at the Mumbai Football Arena. Scheduled for a 14:00 GMT kick-off on March 12, 2024, the match pits the high-flying Islanders against the struggling Highlanders in a game that could have significant implications for both teams’ seasons.

Mumbai City FC enters the fray on the back of a mixed run, having drawn their last match against Jamshedpur FC. Despite this, they remain in hot pursuit of the league shield, sitting level on points with the league leaders. NorthEast United FC, meanwhile, finds itself in a precarious position after recent setbacks have derailed their campaign, making this fixture a do-or-die battle for the visitors.


The Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC prediction today leans towards a home advantage, considering the Islanders’ robust performance this season and their historical dominance over the Highlanders. Mumbai City FC’s ambition for the league shield and their strong home record make them favorites, but NorthEast United’s desperation for points could inject unpredictability into the match. The clash promises not just a test of tactics but also a battle of wills, with both sides keen to assert their authority.

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Mumbai City FC Results

Mumbai City FC has been a force in the Indian Super League this season, showcasing a blend of tactical acumen and on-field dynamism. Their journey towards the top has been marked by notable victories and a few stumbles, underlining their resilience and tactical flexibility.

08.03.24ISLJamshedpur vs Mumbai City1-1D
02.03.24ISLPunjab vs Mumbai City2-3W
28.02.24ISLMumbai City vs Goa1-1D
23.02.24ISLChennaiyin vs Mumbai City0-2W
18.02.24ISLMumbai City vs Bengaluru2-0W

The Islanders have proven themselves as formidable opponents, especially at home. Their solid defensive setup, combined with lethal attacking prowess, has made them a daunting team to face.

NorthEast United FC Results

NorthEast United FC’s recent form paints a picture of a team in turmoil, struggling to find consistency. The Highlanders have shown flashes of potential but have failed to capitalize on key moments, leading to a precarious position in the league.

07.03.24ISLNorthEast Utd vs Punjab0-1L
04.03.24ISLHyderabad vs NorthEast Utd2-2D
21.02.24ISLGoa vs NorthEast Utd0-2W
17.02.24ISLMohun Bagan vs NorthEast Utd4-2L
10.02.24ISLNorthEast Utd vs East Bengal3-2W

The Highlanders’ struggle to maintain leads and close out games has been their Achilles’ heel this season, a trend they desperately need to reverse to salvage their campaign.

Head-to-Head: Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC

The historical matchups between these two sides have often tilted in favor of Mumbai City FC, particularly in their home fixtures. The Islanders’ dominance in these encounters provides them with a psychological edge heading into this crucial match.

24.09.23ISLNorthEast Utd vs Mumbai City1-2
15.04.23HSCNorthEast Utd vs Mumbai City2-1
19.01.23ISLMumbai City vs NorthEast Utd4-0
25.11.22ISLNorthEast Utd vs Mumbai City1-3
25.01.22ISLMumbai City vs NorthEast Utd1-1
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Key Factors to Consider

Several critical factors will play into the outcome of this match:

  • Home Advantage: Mumbai City FC’s strong record at home;
  • Recent Form: Mumbai’s pursuit of the top spot vs. NorthEast’s struggle for points;
  • Injuries: Key absences for both teams could impact strategies;
  • Historical Dominance: Mumbai City FC’s favorable record in head-to-head matchups;
  • Tactical Battle: The contrasting styles of play and how each team adapts;
  • Pressure Factor: The differing stakes for each team in this match;
  • Impact Players: Individuals capable of turning the game on its head;
  • Set Pieces: Potential game-changers in a tightly contested match.

Free Tips on Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC

As Mumbai City FC prepares to face NorthEast United FC in a pivotal Indian Super League match, there are several factors that could influence the outcome. From recent performances to historical clashes, and considering the strategic nuances both teams bring to the pitch, this match offers a wealth of insights for fans and bettors alike. Here are some key aspects to consider that could sway the result in favor of one side or lead to an unexpected turn of events.

  • Recent Momentum: Mumbai City FC’s form has been more consistent compared to NorthEast United FC, which could provide them with a psychological edge. Their ability to secure points, even in challenging fixtures, indicates resilience and tactical efficiency.
  • Impact of Absences: With both teams facing significant injuries, the depth of the squad and the ability of players stepping in will be crucial. The absence of key players like Iker Guarrotxena for Mumbai and Tomi Juric for NorthEast could alter the dynamics of the game.
  • Historical Dominance at Home: Mumbai City FC’s stronghold over NorthEast United in home games is noteworthy. This historical advantage could play a role in boosting the confidence of the Islanders and their fans.
  • Tactical Adaptability: The tactical approach and in-game adjustments by the coaches, especially given Mumbai City FC’s mid-season change in leadership, will be pivotal. The ability to read the game and make effective changes could be the difference-maker.
  • Home Support: The atmosphere at the Mumbai Football Arena could act as an additional motivator for Mumbai City FC, pushing them to maintain their strong home record against NorthEast United FC.

Considering these factors, the match between Mumbai City FC and NorthEast United FC is shaping up to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams eager to assert their dominance and secure crucial points in their Indian Super League campaigns.

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Match Prediction 2024: Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC

Considering the form, historical data, and current circumstances, Mumbai City FC appears to have the upper hand in this clash. Their consistent performances, coupled with the added motivation of pushing for the league shield, make them formidable opponents. NorthEast United, while underdogs, have the potential to surprise, making this match an intriguing affair. The odds favor Mumbai, but in football, the unexpected is never far away.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Handicap(-1.5)Mumbai City2.26

For those looking to add an extra layer of excitement to the match, placing a bet could enhance the experience. Consider laying your wager on Mumbai City FC vs NorthEast United FC at, where the odds might just be in your favor.

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