Lyon vs Benfica Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – UEFA Women’s Champions League Quarter-Finals

Lyon vs Benfica UEFA Women's Champions League Quarter-Final: Odds, Tips, and Predictions.

As the UEFA Women’s Champions League heats up, Lyon is set to host Benfica in a crucial quarter-final return leg on the 27th of March, 2024. The stage is set at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais in Lyon, a coliseum ready to witness another chapter of European football history unfold at 17:45 GMT+0. Under the watchful eyes of referee Foster C. from Wales, both teams will battle it out for a spot in the semi-finals, following Lyon’s narrow 2-1 victory in the first leg.

This encounter isn’t just about two teams clashing; it’s a testament to the growth and competitive nature of women’s football in Europe. Lyon, a powerhouse in the women’s game, looks to leverage their home advantage and a slim lead. Meanwhile, Benfica, after showing they can breach Lyon’s defenses, aim to overturn the deficit and script an unforgettable comeback in the heart of France.


Today’s Lyon vs Benfica prediction takes into account the sheer resilience and tactical prowess displayed by both sides in the first leg. Lyon’s second-half performance in Portugal highlighted their ability to dominate under pressure, a trait that makes them formidable opponents on their home turf. Benfica, on the other hand, showcased their grit by finding the net against Lyon, proving they’re not just here to make up the numbers.

Despite the odds favoring Lyon, the slender margin from the first leg leaves the door ajar for Benfica, setting the stage for a thrilling contest. With both teams having their strengths and vulnerabilities exposed in their recent encounters, this match promises to be a tactical chess match, with each move more crucial than the last.

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Lyon’s Path to the Quarter-Finals

Lyon’s journey to this stage of the Champions League has been marked by their characteristic dominance and a slight edge over their competition. Their group stage performance was a testament to their balanced attack and robust defense.

23.03.2024French Division 1Lille W vs Lyon W0-7W
19.03.2024Champions LeagueBenfica W vs Lyon W1-2W
15.03.2024French Division 1Lyon W vs Fleury 91 W4-0W
09.03.2024French CupLyon W vs Fleury 91 W0-1 (0-0)D/L
03.03.2024French Division 1Dijon W vs Lyon W1-3W

Lyon’s recent form is nothing short of spectacular, with a string of victories that underscore their offensive firepower and defensive solidity. Their 7-0 thrashing of Lille in the French Division 1, coupled with their first-leg win over Benfica, positions them as clear favorites heading into the return leg.

Benfica’s Road to Lyon

Benfica’s campaign in the Champions League has been a narrative of overcoming odds, with their group stage performance earning them a well-deserved spot in the quarter-finals.

23.03.2024Portuguese BPI LeagueBenfica W vs Braga W4-1W
19.03.2024Champions LeagueBenfica W vs Lyon W1-2L
15.03.2024Portuguese BPI LeagueDamaiense W vs Benfica W1-1D
10.03.2024Portuguese BPI LeagueBenfica W vs Famalicao W2-0W
03.03.2024Portuguese BPI LeagueAlbergaria W vs Benfica W0-6W

Despite a setback against Lyon in the first leg, Benfica’s recent domestic performances, including a 4-1 victory over Braga, highlight their resilience and scoring prowess. The Portuguese side’s ability to bounce back from adversity will be key as they look to overturn the deficit in Lyon.

Head-to-Head: Lyon vs Benfica

The historical clashes between Lyon and Benfica tell a tale of dominance and resilience, painting a vivid picture of their encounters on the European stage. These matchups, charged with competitive spirit and tactical prowess, have seen Lyon emerge as the prevailing force more often than not. The upcoming quarter-final in the UEFA Women’s Champions League at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais adds another chapter to this riveting narrative.

19.03.2024Champions League WBenfica W vs Lyon W1-2
09.12.2021Champions League WBenfica W vs Lyon W0-5
14.10.2021Champions League WLyon W vs Benfica W5-0

The recent encounters underscore Lyon’s upper hand, with significant victories that showcase their offensive firepower and defensive solidity. The 2-1 victory in the most recent match indicates a slight crack in Lyon’s armor, with Benfica managing to find the back of the net against the French giants for the first time in their meetings.

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Key Match Considerations

As we edge closer to the decisive return leg of this quarter-final clash, several pivotal factors come into play, influencing the dynamics and potential outcome of this encounter:

  • Home Ground Advantage: Lyon’s formidable record at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais could provide them with the edge they need to dominate the proceedings;
  • Recent Form: Both teams have been in stellar form domestically, but Lyon’s recent 7-0 thrashing of Lille sends a clear message of their attacking threat;
  • Defensive Fortitude: Despite Benfica’s ability to breach Lyon’s defense in the first leg, Lyon’s overall defensive record remains impressive, particularly in home matches;
  • Tactical Flexibility: Jean-Luc Vasseur’s ability to adjust tactics mid-game, as seen in the first leg, could be crucial in overcoming Benfica’s challenges;
  • Player Performances: Individual battles across the pitch, especially Lyon’s attacking lineup against Benfica’s defense, could decide the match’s fate;
  • Historical Confidence: Lyon’s historical dominance over Benfica may play a psychological role, boosting the French side’s confidence;
  • Injury Concerns: The availability of key players for both teams, following any potential injuries or suspensions, could significantly impact the match’s dynamics;
  • Benfica’s Resilience: The Portuguese side’s ability to bounce back from adverse situations, evidenced by their goal in the first leg, should not be underestimated.

Free Tips on Lyon vs Benfica UEFA Women’s Champions League Quarter-Final

As Lyon prepares to host Benfica in the return leg of the UEFA Women’s Champions League quarter-final, the anticipation reaches a fever pitch. The first leg has set the stage for an enthralling encounter, with Lyon holding a slender advantage. Given the high stakes and the intensity of the competition at this level, several critical aspects could influence the outcome of this match. Here are some strategic insights that could provide a deeper understanding of what to expect at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais:

  • Lyon’s Second-Half Surge: Reflecting on the first leg, Lyon’s ability to intensify their attack in the second half, evidenced by their seven shots on target, suggests a tactical flexibility that could again prove decisive.
  • Benfica’s Resilience: Despite the loss, Benfica’s capacity to score against Lyon, breaking their defensive streak in head-to-head matchups, indicates a potential to exploit moments of vulnerability in the Lyon defense.
  • Impactful Players: Keeping an eye on team line-ups is crucial, as the presence or absence of key players can significantly tilt the match’s dynamics. Any changes in the squads due to injuries or tactical adjustments could offer new betting angles.
  • Weather and Pitch Conditions: Given the match’s timing, weather conditions in Lyon could play a subtle yet impactful role, possibly affecting the pace of play and the effectiveness of each team’s style.
  • Historical Patterns and Betting Odds: The historical dominance of Lyon in this fixture and their formidable home record could influence betting odds. However, the unpredictable nature of football, especially in knockout stages, means surprises are always on the cards.

These insights, grounded in recent performances, historical encounters, and the unique dynamics of UEFA Women’s Champions League football, provide a nuanced perspective on the upcoming Lyon vs Benfica clash. As the teams take to the pitch, each moment holds the potential to defy expectations, making this match a must-watch for fans and bettors alike.

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Match Prediction: Lyon vs Benfica 2024

Considering the blend of historical dominance, current form, and tactical acumen, Lyon stands as the favorite to progress to the next stage of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The odds reflect this, leaning heavily in favor of the French champions. However, the world of football is no stranger to upsets, and Benfica’s fighting spirit, coupled with their recent goal against Lyon, suggests they won’t go down without a fight.

Our prediction leans towards a comfortable victory for Lyon, yet the possibility of Benfica finding the net cannot be dismissed entirely, given their recent performance and the stakes of this quarter-final clash.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Handicap(-2) Lyon W1.58
Both Teams to ScoreYes2.22

In a match that promises excitement, skill, and the unpredictable charm of football, placing a bet adds an extra layer of thrill. For those looking to join in on the action, offers a dynamic platform to place your bets on this high-stakes encounter. The Lyon vs Benfica match is not just a battle for a semi-final spot; it’s a celebration of football at its finest, where every pass, tackle, and goal tells a story. Place your bet on this enthralling match at and become part of the grand spectacle that is the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

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