Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Turkey: Super Lig

Basaksehir vs Besiktas: Expert Analysis & Predictive Betting Guide.

As the twilight of the Turkish Super Lig season approaches, an Istanbul derby of monumental importance unfolds at the Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium on the 4th of April, 2024, kicking off at 17:30 GMT+0. This match sees Istanbul Basaksehir, seeking to narrow the gap with their higher-placed city rivals, host a Besiktas side that’s been navigating through turbulent waters. Referee Z. Kucuk is set to oversee the proceedings in this pivotal Round 31 clash, with both teams vying for supremacy in a stadium that can host up to 17,156 spirited fans.

This encounter is not just a battle for bragging rights in Istanbul but also a critical juncture for both teams’ aspirations this season. Besiktas, despite enduring a tough phase with three consecutive defeats, remains in contention for a European spot, while Basaksehir aims to bounce back and rekindle their hopes after a recent slip-up.


In preparation for what promises to be a riveting Istanbul derby, the Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas prediction today leans towards a tightly contested affair. Both sides come off the back of disappointing defeats in their last league outings, adding a layer of desperation to secure the win. Despite recent stumbles, Basaksehir’s formidable home record stands out, making them slight favorites in the eyes of many. Besiktas, on the other hand, seeks redemption after a series of away defeats but cannot be discounted given their talent and historic resilience. With both teams showing mixed forms in their friendlies during the international break, this match could very well hinge on which side better capitalizes on their strengths while mitigating their recent inconsistencies.

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Current Super Lig standings for Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas April 4, 2024:

Istanbul Basaksehir Results

In the lead-up to this derby, Istanbul Basaksehir’s form has been a mix of highs and lows. After stringing together a series of impressive victories, their momentum was halted in a recent setback. The table below showcases their journey over the last five matches:

26.03.2024CFBasaksehir vs Kocaelispor5-2W
26.03.2024CFBasaksehir vs Tuzlaspor4-1W
16.03.2024SLAnkaragucu vs Basaksehir2-1L
09.03.2024SLBasaksehir vs Antalyaspor1-0W
03.03.2024SLBasaksehir vs Samsunspor1-0W

A glance at the recent results highlights Basaksehir’s resilience, particularly at home. Their ability to bounce back from defeats, coupled with a strong offensive display in friendlies, signals a team that’s capable of overcoming challenges and mounting a serious challenge for European qualification.

Besiktas Results

Besiktas’ journey to the Fatih Terim Stadium is marked by recent struggles but also by moments of brilliance. The narrative of their last five games paints a picture of a team searching for consistency:

28.03.2024CFBesiktas vs Karagumruk1-1D
23.03.2024CFBesiktas vs Buducnost5-1W
16.03.2024SLBesiktas vs Antalyaspor1-2L
11.03.2024SLGaziantep vs Besiktas2-0L
03.03.2024SLBesiktas vs Galatasaray0-1L

Besiktas’ form has been a concern, with the team failing to secure a win in their last three league outings. However, their ability to find the back of the net in friendlies and the fighting spirit shown against top teams suggest they have the firepower and tenacity to turn their fortunes around in this critical derby.

Head-to-Head: Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas

The recent history between these two Istanbul giants tells a story of fierce competition and closely contested matches. The table below highlights their last five encounters:

12.11.2023SLBesiktas vs Istanbul Basaksehir1-0
12.03.2023SLIstanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas0-2
12.09.2022SLBesiktas vs Istanbul Basaksehir0-1
07.03.2022SLBesiktas vs Istanbul Basaksehir2-2
15.10.2021SLIstanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas3-2

This rivalry has produced some thrilling encounters, with both teams enjoying periods of dominance. Recent matches have been evenly matched, underscoring the unpredictability and intensity of this derby.

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Key Factors to Consider

As we edge closer to this eagerly anticipated match, several critical factors could influence the outcome:

  • Injury Concerns: Both teams face significant absences, with Basaksehir missing Deniz Turuc due to suspension and Patryk Szysz through injury. Besiktas will be without Salih Ucan and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, adding to their selection dilemmas;
  • Home Advantage: Basaksehir’s formidable home form could play a pivotal role, having secured seven wins in their last ten home league games;
  • Besiktas’ Away Struggles: The visitors have found away fixtures challenging, with seven losses in 15 away league matches this season;
  • Form Coming into the Match: Both teams have had mixed results in their recent games, with Basaksehir winning both their friendlies, while Besiktas managed one win and one draw;
  • Historical Head-to-Head Record: Past encounters have been tightly contested, adding an extra layer of intensity to this match;
  • Tactical Battles: The tactical acumen of Çağdaş Atan and Fernando Santos will be under the microscope, with both managers looking to outwit the other;
  • Psychological Factors: The pressure of the derby, coupled with the race for European spots, could impact players’ performances;
  • Fan Support: With a passionate fan base behind them, Basaksehir will look to use this to their advantage in what promises to be a heated atmosphere.

Free Tips on Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas

In the world of football betting, getting an edge often comes down to the nuances that many may overlook. As we approach the keenly anticipated clash between Istanbul Basaksehir and Besiktas, it’s crucial to dig deeper into the elements that could sway this encounter. From analyzing historical performances to considering the unique aspects of the match day, every detail can provide valuable insights. Here are some refined tips to guide you through your betting decisions for this Istanbul derby:

  • Analyzing Team Dynamics: Take a closer look at how Istanbul Basaksehir and Besiktas have squared off in the past. Historical data reveal patterns; for instance, if one team has dominated recent meetings, this could signal a psychological edge.
  • Weather Watch: The conditions on match day in Istanbul can be quite variable. Given the time of year, a sudden change in weather could impact the game’s pace and the players’ ability to control the ball, especially if rain makes the pitch slick.
  • The Twelfth Man: The passionate support at Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium can’t be ignored. With fans known to fervently back Istanbul Basaksehir, their presence could lift the home team’s performance, acting as the proverbial ’12th man’.
  • Tactical Chess: Understanding the tactical setup and style of play of both teams can provide insights into how the match might unfold. For instance, if Besiktas opts for a defensive strategy given their recent away form, this might lead to a game with fewer scoring opportunities.
  • Player Spotlight: Keep an eye on the form of key players. A striker hitting a hot streak or a goalkeeper in imperious form can be the difference-maker in tight encounters such as this one.

These tips, while not exhaustive, are designed to give you a broader perspective on the myriad factors that could influence the outcome of the Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas match. Whether you’re placing a bet or simply looking to understand the game better, considering these angles can enrich your football experience.

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Match Prediction: Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas Prediction 2024

Considering the dynamics at play, the Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas odds slightly tilt in favor of the home side, given their impressive form at the Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium. Despite Besiktas’ pedigree and potential for upsets, their recent away form coupled with Basaksehir’s resilience and tactical discipline makes the hosts favorites to edge this encounter. Expect a closely fought match, with both sides desperate for points, but Basaksehir’s home advantage and recent form might just tip the scales in their favor.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeIstanbul Basaksehir Win2.5
Both Teams to ScoreYes1.69

In the high-stakes game of football betting, this derby presents a tantalizing opportunity. A wager on Istanbul Basaksehir vs Besiktas can be placed at, offering not just a chance to be part of the action, but to potentially reap rewards from this thrilling encounter.

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