Israel vs Iceland Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – EURO Qualification Playoffs

Israel vs Iceland in Budapest: Strategic Predictions and Betting Tips for the EURO Qualification Duel.

As the EURO Qualification Playoffs gear up for an enthralling showdown, Israel and Iceland are poised to battle it out under the bright lights of the Szusza Ferenc Stadion in Budapest. With kickoff scheduled for 19:45 GMT+0 on the 21st of March, 2024, anticipation is building for what promises to be a pivotal match in the race for EURO glory. English referee Taylor A. will be at the helm, ensuring fair play in a stadium that, despite its modest capacity of 12,670, is expected to be buzzing with the electric atmosphere of international competition.

Israel enters this contest on the back of a solid 2-0 victory against Andorra, a performance they’re eager to replicate. However, it’s been a while since they’ve strung together consecutive wins, a streak they’re desperate to break. Iceland, on the other hand, comes off two successive wins and clean sheets in friendly matches, providing a sharp contrast to their recent competitive form. With both teams having their own strengths and weaknesses, this match is set to be a tightly contested affair.


Today’s Israel vs Iceland prediction hinges on several key factors. Israel’s knack for finding the back of the net is undeniable, with the team failing to score in only one of their last eight matches across all competitions. On the other side, Iceland’s recent form, highlighted by an average of one goal per game in their last eight outings, indicates their potential to upset the odds. Despite Iceland’s defensive resilience, their historical record against Israel suggests vulnerability, having conceded at least two goals in each of their last three encounters.

In light of these aspects, betting on both teams to score seems like a wise choice. Israel’s consistency in front of goal, combined with Iceland’s scoring ability and questionable defensive record against the Israelis, points towards a match where both teams are likely to get on the scoresheet.

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Israel’s Recent Results

Israel’s journey to this stage has been a rollercoaster, with moments of brilliance often followed by spells of inconsistency. Their recent victory against Andorra was a testament to their potential, yet the elusive back-to-back wins remain a hurdle.

21.11.2023EURAndorra vs Israel0-2W
18.11.2023EURIsrael vs Romania1-2L
15.11.2023EURIsrael vs Switzerland1-1D
12.11.2023EURKosovo vs Israel1-0L
12.09.2023EURIsrael vs Belarus1-0W

While their recent form showcases a blend of wins, draws, and losses, Israel’s ability to consistently find the net stands out. Their offensive prowess, coupled with sporadic defensive lapses, shapes a team capable of high-scoring encounters.

Iceland’s Recent Challenges

Iceland’s path to this playoff match paints a picture of a team finding form at the right time. With back-to-back wins in their recent friendlies, they’ve shown flashes of the potential that once took Europe by storm.

18.01.2024FIHonduras vs Iceland0-2W
14.01.2024FIGuatemala vs Iceland0-1W
19.11.2023EURPortugal vs Iceland2-0L
16.11.2023EURSlovakia vs Iceland4-2L
16.10.2023EURIceland vs Liechtenstein4-0W

Iceland’s recent form, especially their prowess in friendlies, juxtaposed with their competitive struggles, reveals a team with untapped potential. Their ability to secure clean sheets, coupled with occasional offensive outbursts, hints at a side capable of surprising even the staunchest of opponents.

Head-to-Head: Israel vs Iceland

The past engagements between Israel and Iceland have consistently delivered tightly contested matches, often leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.

13.06.2022UNLIceland vs Israel2-2
02.06.2022UNLIsrael vs Iceland2-2
17.11.2010FIIsrael vs Iceland3-2

These encounters underscore a trend of high-scoring games and a neck-and-neck rivalry, with neither side managing to establish clear dominance over the other. The shared spoils in their last two meetings, both ending in 2-2 draws, set the stage for another thrilling chapter in this ongoing saga.

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Key Factors to Consider

As we delve deeper into this fixture, several critical elements come to the forefront, each likely to influence the outcome of this eagerly awaited clash:

  • Scoring Prowess: Both Israel and Iceland have demonstrated a consistent ability to breach opposition defenses, hinting at a potentially goal-laden encounter.
  • Defensive Concerns: Iceland’s historical difficulty in containing Israel’s attacking threat could be a significant factor, especially with Israel’s current form suggesting they’re likely to score.
  • Recent Form: Israel’s search for consecutive victories contrasts with Iceland’s recent upturn in form, particularly their back-to-back clean sheets in friendlies.
  • Squad Dynamics: Fresh faces in the Israeli squad, alongside seasoned veterans, could inject unpredictability into their game plan. Iceland’s reliance on experienced campaigners like Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson and Alfreð Finnbogason adds a layer of intrigue.
  • Tactical Battles: The tactical nous of managers Alon Hazan and Åge Hareide will be under the spotlight, with each seeking to outmaneuver the other in this crucial playoff encounter.

Free Tips on Israel vs Iceland EURO Qualification Playoff

As Israel and Iceland gear up for a crucial encounter in the EURO Qualification Playoffs, several key factors come into play that could sway the outcome of this match. From historical head-to-head matchups to current form and the influence of playing conditions, every detail contributes to the tapestry of what promises to be an enthralling battle. Here are a few tailored insights and free tips based on the rich history and current dynamics surrounding this upcoming clash:

  • Historical Goal Fest: The past encounters between Israel and Iceland have been notably high-scoring affairs, suggesting that fans might be in for another goal-rich match. This trend points towards the potential value in betting markets related to total goals.
  • The Form Factor: While Israel has shown inconsistency in stringing together wins, their ability to find the net remains evident. On the other side, Iceland comes off back-to-back victories, albeit in friendlies. Considering these aspects, assessing the recent performances could provide insights into the teams’ current momentum.
  • Impact Players on the Pitch: Keep an eye on the team sheets for potential game-changers. Israel’s inclusion of fresh faces and seasoned players like Manor Solomon, alongside Iceland’s reliance on experienced figures like Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson, could be pivotal in crucial moments.
  • Weather and Pitch Conditions: Given the match’s location in Budapest, the local weather and pitch conditions could play a significant role. Adverse weather or a challenging pitch could level the playing field, particularly affecting teams’ playing styles and strategies.
  • Defensive Dynamics: Iceland’s historical struggle to contain Israel’s attack, coupled with their recent defensive improvements, adds an intriguing layer to the match’s tactical battle. Betting markets related to both teams scoring or defensive performances may offer value based on these observations.

As the teams take to the field, these factors, intertwined with the unpredictable nature of football, promise to make Israel vs Iceland a match filled with strategic depth, individual brilliance, and, most importantly, the sheer unpredictability that fans cherish.

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Match Prediction: Israel vs Iceland EURO Qualification Playoffs 2024

Taking into account the attacking tendencies of both teams, their recent forms, and the historical context of their encounters, this match is poised to be a closely fought battle. While Israel might leverage their slight edge in offensive consistency, Iceland’s recent resurgence cannot be overlooked.

The prediction leans towards a draw, with both teams finding the back of the net. The Israel vs Iceland odds suggest a tightly contested match, likely echoing their recent head-to-head encounters.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Both Teams to ScoreYes1.82

In the dynamic arena of football betting, this match presents a myriad of opportunities. For those looking to engage in the excitement, BC Game offers a platform to place your bets with confidence. Remember, the unpredictability of football is what makes it thrilling, and the Israel vs Iceland clash in the EURO Qualification Playoffs is a testament to the beautiful game’s enduring allure. Place your bets on Israel vs Iceland at, and become part of the action in this enthralling encounter.

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