Greece vs France Prediction & Betting Tips – Euro 2024 Qualifying

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As the Euro 2024 qualifiers progress, Greece prepares to host France in a pivotal match on Tuesday. Set in the historic city of Athens, this game is a crucial stage in the qualification journey. France, with their spotless record in the qualifiers, visits Athens aiming to continue their dominance, while Greece plays for pride after securing their playoffs spot.

Betting Tips and Match Analysis

In today’s Greece vs France prediction, the focus is on France’s impeccable form in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, where they’ve won all seven matches, boasting an impressive 27 goals scored and conceding just once. On the other hand, Greece’s recent form has seen low-scoring games, with under 2.5 goals in four of their last six matches. Considering the teams’ current forms and past performances, France seems set to secure another victory, potentially by a 2-0 margin, given Greece’s defensive resilience.

Recent Performance of Greece

Greece has shown a mix of results in their recent games.

17.11.2023FriendlyNew ZealandW 2-0
16.10.2023Euro 2024NetherlandsL 0-1
13.10.2023Euro 2024IrelandW 2-0
10.09.2023Euro 2024GibraltarW 5-0
07.09.2023Euro 2024NetherlandsL 0-3

Greece’s recent performances have been a blend of strong wins and narrow losses. Their ability to secure wins against lower-ranked teams while struggling against top-tier opponents will be tested against France.

Recent Performance of France

France has been in stellar form, cruising through the qualifiers.

18.11.2023Euro 2024GibraltarW 14-0
17.10.2023FriendlyScotlandW 4-1
13.10.2023Euro 2024NetherlandsW 2-1
12.09.2023FriendlyGermanyL 1-2
07.09.2023Euro 2024IrelandW 2-0

France’s recent record is intimidating, highlighted by their 14-0 thrashing of Gibraltar. Their form suggests they are capable of overpowering most opponents, including Greece.

Head-to-Head Encounters

Historical matchups between these teams offer insight into their competitive dynamics.

19.06.2023Euro 2024France vs GreeceW 1-0
15.11.2006FriendlyFrance vs GreeceW 1-0
25.06.2004Euro 2004France vs GreeceL 0-1
03.12.1958Euro 1958Greece vs FranceD 1-1
01.10.1958Euro 1958France vs GreeceW 7-1

France has generally had the upper hand in their encounters with Greece, with a few exceptions. This history favors France in the upcoming match.

Key Considerations for the Match

  • Greece’s Playoff Perspective: Although Greece can no longer qualify directly for Euro 2024, their secured playoff spot, thanks to their performance in the UEFA Nations League, offers a different motivation. This match at the OPAP Arena in Athens serves as vital preparation for them, allowing coach Gus Poyet to experiment and fine-tune strategies ahead of the decisive playoffs in March.
  • France’s Record-Breaking Form: France’s recent 14-0 victory over Gibraltar, the largest in their ECQ history, underlines their formidable form in the qualification campaign. This historic win, part of their perfect qualification run (W7), demonstrates their attacking prowess and sets a high bar for their performance against Greece.
  • Deschamps’ Determined Approach: Despite having already secured a place in Euro 2024, French manager Didier Deschamps emphasizes that the match in Athens won’t be taken lightly. His focus on maintaining France’s top position in the FIFA rankings signifies that France will approach this game with seriousness and the intent to win.
  • Key Players’ Impact: For Greece, Giorgos Giakoumakis, who has been instrumental in recent victories, will be a crucial figure in their attack. In contrast, France’s squad depth allows them to adapt even in the absence of young talent like Warren Zaïre-Emery, with veterans like Olivier Giroud, who recently made history as France’s oldest goalscorer, ready to step up.
  • France’s Pursuit of the Top FIFA Ranking: Victory in Athens is more than just another win for France; it is a step towards securing the top spot in the FIFA rankings by year’s end. This additional goal adds an element of competitiveness to the match, ensuring that France will bring their best game to maintain their impeccable record.

These key considerations set the stage for an intriguing matchup between Greece and France, with each team bringing its unique motivations and strengths to this Euro 2024 qualifier.

Euro 2024 Qualifier: Greece vs France Betting Guide and Match Predictions.

Free Tips on Greece vs France Match

In the upcoming Euro 2024 qualifying match between Greece and France, several key factors come into play that can significantly influence the game’s outcome. Understanding these elements is crucial for anyone looking to get a deeper insight into the match, whether for betting purposes or general interest. Here are some critical tips to consider for the Greece vs France encounter:

  • Historical Head-to-Head and Team Form: France has historically had the upper hand in their encounters with Greece, including a narrow victory in their most recent match. Additionally, France’s current form in the Euro 2024 qualifiers has been impeccable, which might give them a psychological edge over Greece.
  • Impact of Home Advantage vs. Away Performance: Greece will be playing at home, which could provide them with a morale boost. However, France’s performance away from home has been consistently strong, suggesting they are comfortable playing in different venues.
  • Influence of Recent Team Schedules and Player Form: Analyzing both teams’ recent fixtures can give insights into their fatigue levels and readiness for this match. Also, the form of key players, such as France’s strikers who have been prolific in front of goal, could play a pivotal role.
  • Pitch Conditions and Weather Impact: The pitch condition in Athens and the weather on match day could influence the playing style of both teams. For instance, a wet, slippery pitch might favor France’s quick, attacking play, while a dry, slower pitch might aid Greece’s defensive strategy.
  • Team Motivation and Stakes of the Match: While France has already secured their spot in the tournament, maintaining their perfect record could be a motivator. For Greece, playing for national pride in front of a home crowd could inspire a more determined performance.

These factors, when combined, provide a comprehensive view of the Greece vs France match, offering insights into potential strategies, performances, and the overall dynamic of this highly anticipated qualifier.

Match Prediction 2023: Greece vs France

Considering the Greece vs France odds, France is the clear favorite to win. Their stellar form, coupled with a strong lineup and a history of success against Greece, positions them for another comfortable victory. A 2-0 win for France is a plausible outcome, given Greece’s robust defense but limited offensive threat.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeFrance Wins1.59
Total GoalsUnder 2.51.86

In conclusion, while France is expected to dominate, Greece’s resilience should not be underestimated. This match promises to be an intriguing battle of tactics and skill. For those looking to place bets, BC Game offers a range of options with competitive odds, making this Euro 2024 qualifier a thrilling prospect for football enthusiasts and bettors alike.

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