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Gil Vicente vs Vizela: How to Bet Smart - Expert Predictions & Odds Analysis.

As the Portuguese Liga heads into Round 21, a pivotal clash is on the horizon. Gil Vicente is set to host Vizela on the 13th of February, 2024, at 15:30 GMT+0, promising a thrilling showdown at the Estádio Cidade de Barcelos in Barcelos, with a capacity to hold 12,046 fans. The man in the middle, Referee Baixinho R. (Por), will have his hands full in what promises to be an enthralling encounter in one of Portugal’s most picturesque venues.


In today’s Gil Vicente vs Vizela prediction, the narrative seems to tilt significantly in favor of the home side. Vizela’s recent form is concerning, with a string of five consecutive defeats painting a grim picture of their campaign. Conversely, Gil Vicente’s fortress at Estádio Cidade de Barcelos has been a source of strength, with the team notching up three wins in their last four home outings. Despite a couple of stumbles away, Gil Vicente’s home record remains formidable, with an unbeaten run stretching back to September. When you consider Vizela’s position at the bottom of the table and their abysmal away record, Gil Vicente emerges as the clear favorites to clinch all three points.

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Current Liga Portugal standings for Gil Vicente vs Vizela 13.02.2024:

Gil Vicente Results

The trajectory of Gil Vicente in their recent fixtures highlights a team with a formidable home advantage.

08.02.2024TPVitoria Guimaraes vs Gil Vicente3-1L
04.02.2024LPBenfica vs Gil Vicente3-0L
28.01.2024LPGil Vicente vs Vitoria Guimaraes1-0W
21.01.2024LPPortimonense vs Gil Vicente0-2W
14.01.2024LPGil Vicente vs Estrela1-1D

Gil Vicente’s resilience at home contrasts sharply with their struggles on the road, underlining their predilection for delivering in front of their supporters. Their ability to secure wins against direct rivals, particularly at Estádio Cidade de Barcelos, hints at a tactical setup that thrives on familiar turf.

Vizela Results

Vizela’s recent performances have set alarm bells ringing, with the team failing to find a winning formula.

08.02.2024TPVizela vs Benfica1-2L
04.02.2024LPVizela vs Vitoria Guimaraes0-1L
28.01.2024LPArouca vs Vizela5-0L
18.01.2024LPVizela vs Sporting CP2-5L
14.01.2024LPVizela vs Boavista1-4L

Vizela’s slide into the abyss is marked by defensive frailties and a lack of cutting edge upfront, contributing to their position at the league’s nadir. The team’s struggle to amass points, especially away from home, paints a bleak picture ahead of their visit to Gil Vicente.

Head-to-Head: Gil Vicente vs Vizela

The history between these two sides has been tightly contested, offering a mixed bag of results.

01.09.2023LPVizela vs Gil Vicente1-0
17.02.2023LPGil Vicente vs Vizela1-1
29.08.2022LPVizela vs Gil Vicente2-2
27.07.2022CFVizela vs Gil Vicente2-3
13.02.2022LPVizela vs Gil Vicente0-1

Despite Vizela’s recent victory over Gil Vicente, the overall balance tips in favor of the hosts, especially when playing at their stronghold.

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As we dissect the facets of this matchup, several key points emerge:

  • Gil Vicente’s indomitable home form;
  • Vizela’s dire run, particularly on the road;
  • The historical edge Gil Vicente enjoys in this fixture;
  • Both teams’ contrasting fortunes in front of goal;
  • The strategic nuances that could decide the tie;
  • Referee Baixinho R.’s potential influence on the game;
  • The psychological battle, with Vizela desperate to reverse their fortunes;
  • The impact of fan support at Estádio Cidade de Barcelos.

Free Tips on Gil Vicente vs Vizela

As Gil Vicente prepares to face Vizela in what promises to be a crucial match in the Portugal Liga, several key factors emerge that could shape the outcome of this encounter. Delving into the depths of statistical analysis, recent team performances, and the unique conditions of the match day provides a clearer picture of what to expect. Here are some tailored insights that could guide predictions and betting strategies for this particular match-up.

  • Home Advantage and Support: Gil Vicente enjoys the backing of their home crowd at the Estádio Cidade de Barcelos, a factor that historically boosts their performance. The energy and motivation derived from playing in front of familiar faces often translate into a more aggressive and cohesive playstyle, potentially tipping the scales in their favor against Vizela.
  • Impact of Recent Form on Team Morale: Gil Vicente’s recent victories at home contrast starkly with Vizela’s string of defeats. This discrepancy in form could play a significant role in the mental preparedness and confidence levels of each team. Teams riding a wave of wins usually enter the pitch with a higher morale, which in turn, could influence the match’s dynamics and outcome.
  • Strategic Play Given Weather Conditions: With the match set in February, weather conditions could impact the gameplay. If rain is expected, it might slow down the pace, affecting teams differently based on their tactical setups and adaptability to wet conditions. Gil Vicente’s ability to control the game in varied weather conditions might give them an upper hand.
  • Critical Player Contributions and Form: Individual performances can be just as crucial as team strategy. Players in top form, particularly those who have demonstrated their ability to make decisive plays or score in recent matches, will be key assets. For Gil Vicente, identifying and leveraging these key players could be the difference-maker, especially against a Vizela side struggling to find its footing.
  • Tactical Matchup and Play Styles: Understanding each team’s tactical approach provides insights into how the match might unfold. Gil Vicente’s home performance suggests a solid defensive setup with quick transitions to attack, a style that could exploit Vizela’s vulnerabilities, especially if they are struggling to maintain possession or create scoring opportunities.

These tips, grounded in the specifics of the Gil Vicente vs Vizela clash, offer a glimpse into the nuanced considerations that could influence the outcome of this Liga Portugal match.

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Match Prediction 2024: Gil Vicente vs Vizela Odds

Given the stark contrast in form and fortunes, Gil Vicente stands out as the clear favorite. Their prowess at home, combined with Vizela’s struggles, lays the groundwork for a home victory. The odds reflect this, leaning towards Gil Vicente securing a win in what promises to be a challenging outing for Vizela.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match WinnerGil Vicente Win2.05
Over/UnderOver 2.5 Goals1.92

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