FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Bundesliga

FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund: Detailed Match Prediction, Odds, and Betting Tips.

In the upcoming match at the MEWA ARENA, Borussia Dortmund intends to increase its advantage in the Bundesliga over Mainz 05 by three points, continuing to fight for a place in the Champions League. Mainz 05, in turn, seeks to strengthen its position in order to avoid the relegation playoffs. Borussia Dortmund beat Augsburg 5-1 in their last Bundesliga match and are now fifth in the standings, three points behind fourth position RB Leipzig. Mainz 05 is in sixteenth place, one point above the relegation zone, and continues to fight to maintain its place in the league, demonstrating stability in recent matches.

Betting Tips And Match Insights

When assessing the prediction for the FSV Mainz 05 – Borussia Dortmund match in the Bundesliga today, it’s crucial to consider recent outcomes and the head-to-head history between these clubs. This analysis will enable us to evaluate the present condition and roster of each team and anticipate the potential flow of the forthcoming game. Both sides have encountered ups and downs throughout the season, adding excitement to the anticipation of this matchup for both supporters and players.

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FSV Mainz Results

FSV Mainz have shown impressive resilience this season as they are yet to suffer a single defeat. Their consistency on the field has brought them good results, maintaining their undefeated streak. Under the leadership of their coach, the Mainz team shows a high level of professionalism and skill, which helps them maintain their position in the league table. These impressive results make Mainz a dangerous opponent for any team in the championship.

DataCompetitionMatch upResultOutcome
06/04/24 BUNMainz vs Darmstadt4 : 0W
13/04/24BUNMainz vs Hoffenheim
4 : 1W
21/04/24BUNFreiburg vs Mainz
1 : 1D
28/04/24BUNMainz vs FC Cologne1 : 1D
05/05/24 BUNHeidenheim vs Mainz
1 : 1D

Borussia Dortmund Results

The recent performances of Borussia Dortmund have been commendable, showing resilience and determination on the field. Their ability to secure crucial points in challenging matches demonstrates their strength as a team. Dortmund’s consistent performance in their recent games reflects positively on their overall form and competitiveness.

DataCompetitionMatch upResultOutcome
07/05/24UCLPSG vs Borussia Dortmund0 : 1W
04/05/24BUNBorussia Dortmund vs Augsburg5 : 1W
01/05/24 UCLBorussia Dortmund vs PSG1 : 0W
27/04/24BUNRB Leipzig vs Borussia Dortmund4 : 1L
21/04/24BUNBorussia Dortmund vs Bayer Leverkusen1 : 1D

Head-To-Head FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund

The last five matches between FSV Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund took place in a tense atmosphere. Both teams showed unpredictable play and achieved variable results. During this period, both FSV Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund achieved victories, highlighting the competitive dynamics of the rivalry.

DataCompetitionMatch upResult
19/12/23Bundesliga FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund1 : 1
27/05/23BundesligaFSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund2 : 2
25/01/23BundesligaFSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund1 : 2
16/03/22BundesligaFSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund0 : 1
16/10/21BundesligaFSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund1 : 3
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FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund starting lineups

In the upcoming game between FSV Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund, both teams are anticipated to deploy strong lineups. FSV Mainz 05 will feature experienced players like L. Wilhelm, D. Batz, and R. Zentner, renowned for their capability to impact the game in various facets, whether in attack or defense. Similarly, Borussia Dortmund will showcase a well-balanced squad comprising talented athletes, spanning from defender R. Bensebaïni to Guille Bueno. This equilibrium in the lineup provides the team with offensive dynamism and defensive solidity. As both teams prepare for an intense clash, the match’s outcome will depend on which player can maximize their potential and maintain the energetic pace of play until the final whistle.

FSV Mainz 05Borussia Dortmund
R. ZentnerG. Kobel
A. Hanche-OlsenJulian Ryerson
Sepp van den BergMats Hummels
Edimilson FernandesNico Schlot-terbeck
Anthony CaciIan Maatsen
Dominik KohrM. Sabitzer
Leandro BarreiroEmre Can
Silvan WidmerJadon Sancho
Nadiem AmiriJulian Brandt
Jonathan BurkardtKarim Adeyemi
Ludovic AjorqueNiclas Fullkrug

Players Unavailable For FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund

In the upcoming match, FSV Mainz 05 will be without K. Onisiwo, M. Leitsch, and P. Mwene, while Borussia Dortmund will miss S. Haller, J. Duranville, and R. Bensebaïni. The absence of these key players may influence the teams’ game plans, but both sides will strive for victory with their remaining squad members and tactical adjustments. Despite the missing players, fans can anticipate thrilling action on the pitch.

FSV Mainz 05K. OnisiwoSidelined
FSV Mainz 05M. LeitschSidelined
FSV Mainz 05P. MweneSidelined
Borussia DortmundS. HallerSidelined
Borussia DortmundJ. DuranvilleSidelined
Borussia DortmundR. BensebaïniSidelined

Key Points To Watch  For FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund

  • IThe most common result of Mainz vs Borussia Dortmund matches when Mainz plays at home is 1-2. 4 matches ended with this result.
  • Mainz scores 1.47 goals when playing at home and Borussia Dortmund scores 2.27 goals when playing away (on average).
  • The average number of goals in meetings between Mainz and Borussia Dortmund is 2.8.
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Free Tips On FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund

  • Mainz is currently in a relegation battle, while Borussia Dortmund has secured their spot in the Champions League once more.
  • Borussia Dortmund have failed to win three of their last five league matches.
  • Both teams have scored in 70% of Mainz’s last ten league matches.
  • Mainz have taken ten of their last 12 points on home soil.
  • Mainz have lost only one of their last nine matches in the Bundesliga.
  • Dortmund is expected to rotate their squad significantly, resting players ahead of the Champions League Final. 
  • Mainz has maintained an unbeaten streak of seven matches, securing three victories and four draws during this period.
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Match Prediction FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund:

The upcoming match between FSV Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund is expected to be a tense battle for victory. Both teams will be focused on a successful result, trying to give battle to the opponent on the field.

Given their current form and history, Borussia Dortmund enter the field as favorites thanks to their experience and quality squad. However, FSV Mainz 05 will fight until the last whistle, trying to maintain the result. Given the attacking potential of both teams, a tough fight is expected and goals will be scored on both sides.

According to forecasts, Borussia Dortmund will be able to win with a score of 2-1, maintaining their position in the standings. The odds for a bet on Borussia Dortmund winning may be around 1.75.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Handicap (incl. overtime)Borussia Dortmund1.75

You can bet on this match –  FSV Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund at bc.game. This platform offers a wide range of betting options, ensuring that you can use your information for potentially profitable results.

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