Farense vs Benfica Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Liga Portugal

Expert Betting Tips for Farense vs Benfica Liga Portugal Clash.

On April 22, 2024, Farense will host Benfica in Liga Portugal match at Estádio de São Luís in Faro, with a kickoff scheduled for 19:15 GMT+0. This game, falling under the 30th round of the league, features referee Correia G. (Por) and takes place in a stadium with a capacity of 6,500. The match holds significant implications, especially for Farense, who are fighting to avoid relegation.

Farense, struggling near the bottom of the table, desperately needs points to ensure their survival in Liga Portugal. In contrast, Benfica, a team with a rich history of 38 national league titles, is out of the race for the championship this season but still competes for a respectable finish. This backdrop sets the stage for a dramatic encounter between two teams with differing objectives this season.


As we delve into the Farense vs Benfica prediction today, it’s clear that this matchup is more than just a regular league game. Both teams come into the match with their own set of challenges and recent form concerns. Benfica, recovering from a draining Europa League journey, and Farense, struggling for consistency in the league, are set to clash in what promises to be a tightly contested affair. This game could very well hinge on tactical nuances and player readiness, making it a fascinating encounter for Liga Portugal followers. The detailed insights into their recent performances and head-to-head records will further illuminate the dynamics at play.

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Current Liga Portugal standings for Farense vs Benfica April 22, 2024:

Farense Results

In their most recent matches, Farense has shown a mix of resilience and vulnerability. The team managed to secure a draw against strong sides but also suffered narrow losses, indicating a fighting spirit tempered by inconsistency. Here’s how their last five games have shaped up:

13.04.2024LPVitoria Guimaraes vs SC Farense1-1D
05.04.2024LPSC Farense vs Boavista2-0W
30.03.2024LPArouca vs SC Farense2-1L
16.03.2024LPSC Farense vs Rio Ave1-1D
09.03.2024LPVizela vs SC Farense2-1L

From these results, it’s evident that Farense has struggled, particularly in away games, but their home performance against Boavista shows they can capitalize on home advantage.

Benfica Results

Benfica, on the other hand, has had a mixed bag of results, with their performance slightly affected by European commitments. Their last five matches provide a snapshot of their current form:

18.04.2024ELMarseille vs Benfica1-0L
14.04.2024LPBenfica vs Moreirense3-0W
11.04.2024ELBenfica vs Marseille2-1W
06.04.2024LPSporting CP vs Benfica2-1L
02.04.2024TPBenfica vs Sporting CP2-2D

Benfica’s results show a team capable of strong performances, especially at home, but their away form, like their upcoming hosts, suggests vulnerability.

Head-to-Head: Farense vs Benfica

Analyzing the last five encounters between Farense and Benfica reveals closely contested matches, often with tight scores:

08.12.2023LPBenfica vs SC Farense1-1
10.07.2021CFBenfica vs SC Farense3-2
21.02.2021LPSC Farense vs Benfica0-0
04.10.2020LPBenfica vs SC Farense3-2
18.03.2002LPBenfica vs SC Farense5-0

These past meetings indicate that while Benfica often has the upper hand, Farense has managed to secure crucial points, especially in more recent seasons.

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Possible Lineups for Farense vs Benfica

As Farense prepares to host Benfica in this crucial Liga Portugal clash, understanding the possible lineups for both teams can provide insights into their strategies and potential match dynamics. This section outlines the expected starting players for each team, highlighting their roles and positioning, which are critical for anticipating how the match may unfold.

Farense PlayerPositionBenfica PlayerPosition
Ricardo VelhoGoalkeeperAnatolii TrubinGoalkeeper
PastorDefenderAlexander BahDefender
Goncalo SilvaDefenderAntonio SilvaDefender
Igor RossiDefenderNicolas OtamendiDefender
TalysDefenderFredrik AursnesDefender
Fabricio IsidoroMidfielderFlorentinoMidfielder
Claudio FalcaoMidfielderRafa SilvaMidfielder
Rafael BarbosaMidfielderJoao NevesMidfielder
BelloumiForwardAngel Di MariaForward
Marco MatiasForwardCasper TengstedtForward
(Vacant due to suspension)ForwardDavid NeresForward

Players Unavailable for the Match

The availability of key players can significantly influence the course of the match. Below is a table detailing the players from both teams who will not be participating in the upcoming match due to suspensions or injuries, which could affect the balance and strategies employed by both teams.

FarenseBruno DuarteYellow Cards
FarenseLuiz FelipeInjury
FarenseMattheusYellow Cards
BenficaAraujo T.Ankle Injury

This information is crucial for fans and analysts to understand potential weaknesses or changes in team dynamics, impacting both the tactical setup and the flow of the match.

Key Factors to Consider

Before making your betting decision, consider the following key points:

  • Farense’s urgent need for points to avoid relegation;
  • Benfica’s fatigue from recent European travels;
  • Injuries affecting both teams’ line-ups;
  • Historical head-to-head results favoring Benfica slightly;
  • Both teams’ struggles in goal-scoring in recent matches;
  • The potential impact of strategic rotations by Benfica;
  • The influence of the home crowd at Estádio de São Luís;
  • Recent defensive vulnerabilities shown by both sides.
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Free Tips on Farense vs Benfica

In anticipation of the Liga Portugal match between Farense and Benfica, it’s essential to consider various factors that could influence the outcome of the game. This section provides a tailored selection of betting tips that reflect the unique circumstances of this matchup. By taking into account specific team dynamics and external conditions, these tips can help guide your predictions and betting strategies.

  • Analyze Player and Team Statistics: Reviewing the statistical performance of Farense and Benfica, including their recent matches and head-to-head encounters, is crucial. Benfica’s performance, despite recent fatigue, shows resilience in tough matches which might play a crucial role.
  • Consider the Home/Away Factor: Farense tends to show stronger performances at their home stadium, Estádio de São Luís. The support from local fans could provide them with the extra momentum needed against a traditionally stronger Benfica.
  • Impact of Recent Schedules: Benfica’s recent participation in the Europa League could lead to fatigue, affecting their performance. This factor is particularly critical given the physical demands of back-to-back competitive matches.
  • Weather and Pitch Conditions: Check the weather forecast for match day in Faro. Inclement weather can influence the style of play and effectiveness, especially if the pitch conditions at Estádio de São Luís become challenging.
  • Current Motivational Factors: Farense’s fight against relegation adds a layer of motivation that could enhance their performance, making them a formidable opponent even against a top-tier team like Benfica.

By keeping these points in mind, you can form a more informed prediction on the match outcome and potentially find value in the betting odds available.

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Match Prediction: Farense vs Benfica

Considering the current form and circumstances surrounding both teams, the prediction for Farense vs Benfica leans towards a low-scoring game, potentially under 3.5 goals. Farense will be desperate to capitalize on their home advantage, but Benfica’s quality, even with a rotated squad, should not be underestimated. The odds suggest a tight game, possibly ending in a draw or a narrow victory for Benfica.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Under/Over 3.5Under 3.5 Goals1.59

A bet on this match can be placed at BC Game. Betting on Farense vs Benfica at bc.game offers a variety of options with competitive odds. Whether you’re backing a draw or an under on goals, BC Game provides a comprehensive platform for all your betting needs.

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