EURO Qualification: Netherlands vs France Predictions

Elation on the faces of the French team after netting a goal.

In an electrifying clash of football titans, the Netherlands will host France at the iconic Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. Scheduled for the 13th of October 2023, at 21:45 GMT+3, this pivotal Round 7 game of the EURO Qualification promises unparalleled intensity. Helming the proceedings as the referee will be Zwayer F. from Germany. Both teams, fueled by their recent encounters, aim to dominate the pitch and inch closer to European glory.

Setting the Stage

As we gear up for this encounter, it’s pivotal to understand the context. Both teams, having had their highs and lows in recent games, bring unique strengths and strategies. The legacy of their past encounters and individual game performances will play a critical role in shaping the dynamics of this face-off.

Last Matches for Netherlands

10.09.23EURAwayIreland vs Netherlands1-2
07.09.23EURHomeNetherlands vs Greece3-0
18.06.23UNLHomeNetherlands vs Italy2-3
14.06.23UNLHomeNetherlands vs Croatia2-2
27.03.23EURHomeNetherlands vs Gibraltar3-0

Recent games showcase Netherlands’ offensive capability, registering impressive wins against formidable opponents. Their defensive vulnerability was exposed against Italy and Croatia, something they’d be keen to mend against France.

Last Matches for France

12.09.23FIAwayGermany vs France2-1
07.09.23EURHomeFrance vs Ireland2-0
19.06.23EURHomeFrance vs Greece1-0
16.06.23EURAwayGibraltar vs France0-3
27.03.23EURAwayIreland vs France0-1

France’s track record suggests a solid defense, having conceded just three goals in their last five games. Their narrow defeat against Germany serves as a stern reminder of the margin of error at this level.

Netherlands vs France: Head-to-Head

24.03.23France vs Netherlands4-0
16.11.18Netherlands vs France2-0
09.09.18France vs Netherlands2-1
31.08.17France vs Netherlands4-0
10.10.16Netherlands vs France0-1

Historically, France has had an upper hand, but the Dutch have shown they can upset the status quo. The last encounter was heavily tilted in favor of the French, but football’s beauty lies in its unpredictability.

Netherlands vs France: Predictions, Head-to-Head Stats & Key Moments.

Key Match Insights

  • Team Form and Key Players: Netherlands emerged victorious against Ireland, showcasing their prowess with Wout Weghorst and Cody Gakpo netting goals. Meanwhile, France, despite a hiccup against Germany, still remains a formidable side with Antoine Griezmann on their roster.
  • Recent Scoring Trend: Netherlands games have been high-scoring lately, with at least three goals in their last six matches. This highlights both their offensive firepower and potential defensive gaps; France has a pattern where at least one side struggles to score, indicating their strong defensive tactics.
  • Historical Matchups: France has dominated past matches against the Netherlands, with five victories since 2016 compared to one for the Dutch side. The recent 4-0 defeat of the Netherlands will be a fresh memory for both teams.
  • Goal Distribution: Over their past encounters, France netted 14 goals to Netherlands’ five. Such statistics further cement France’s dominance in their head-to-head clashes.
  • Potential Scoring Chances: Given both teams’ track records, it’s anticipated that they will have numerous opportunities to score in the upcoming match.
  • Betting Insights: The betting odds reflect a neck-to-neck competition. The odds are slightly tilted towards the Netherlands, but it’s clear that there’s no overwhelming favorite for the upcoming match.
  • Defensive Patterns: France has been particularly strong in their defensive plays, allowing only two goals across their last six matches, showcasing their capability to lock down the opposition.
  • Game Dynamics: Based on the teams’ recent form, historical matchups, and individual player performances, spectators can anticipate an engaging and competitive match.

Match Outcome Predictions

The upcoming Netherlands vs France clash isn’t just another game; it’s a battle of strategies, strengths, and willpower. Given France’s slight edge in recent head-to-head encounters and their robust defense, they appear as favorites. However, the Dutch, playing on home soil with a point to prove, won’t make it easy for Les Bleus. The electric atmosphere at the Johan Cruijff Arena could spur the Oranje to pull off a surprise.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match OutcomeDraw or France1.33
Total GoalsOver 2.51.88

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