EURO Qualification: Italy vs Ukraine Match Predictions

Italy and Ukraine national team players vying for ball control.

The illustrious Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, better known as San Siro in Milan, will play host to what promises to be a thrilling encounter between two European giants. Italy, after their recent hiccup against North Macedonia, will be desperate to assert their authority and keep their hopes alive of direct qualification for Euro 2024. The Azzurri, under the stewardship of Luciano Spalletti, will be keen on making a statement, especially given Spalletti’s successful domestic campaign with Napoli. Hernandez A. from Spain will be the man in the middle, ensuring the game runs smoothly, adding yet another layer of anticipation to this heavyweight clash.

On the other side, Ukraine, led by the astute Serhiy Rebrov, has been punching above its weight, showcasing resilience against some of the top European nations. Their spirited draws against giants like England and Germany are a testament to their newfound vigour and willpower. However, the San Siro is a different beast altogether, a cauldron of emotions and footballing history. It remains to be seen if Rebrov’s men can weather the Italian storm or if the Azzurri will leverage their home advantage to inch closer to Euro 2024 qualification.

Setting the Scene for a Thrilling Contest

With Italy’s surprising 1-1 draw against North Macedonia and a less than stellar start to their qualification campaign, the pressure is certainly mounting. On the other hand, Ukraine, showcasing resilience, is coming off a commendable draw against the formidable England. These recent form lines suggest that the upcoming clash is much more than just another qualifier; it’s about pride, form, and the future trajectory in European football.

Recent Form of Italy

09.09.23EURNorth Macedonia1-1D

A glimpse at Italy’s recent form suggests they’re having a mixed bag of results, with two wins, two losses, and a draw. Their ability to hold their own against top European sides such as the Netherlands is notable, but defeats against Spain and England indicate vulnerabilities. The draw against North Macedonia would have been a disappointment for the defending European champions.

Recent Form of Ukraine

16.06.23EURNorth Macedonia3-2W

Ukraine’s recent outings paint a picture of resilience, especially considering their commendable draw against the formidable German side. Their ability to secure results against Malta and North Macedonia shows a team with focus. However, the defeat against England would be a reminder of the level of competition they’re up against.

Italy vs Ukraine: EURO 2024's Pivotal Match-Up.

Italy vs Ukraine Head-to-Head Matches

10.10.18FIItaly vs Ukraine1-1
29.03.11FIUkraine vs Italy0-2
12.09.07EURUkraine vs Italy1-2
07.10.06EURItaly vs Ukraine2-0
30.06.06WCItaly vs Ukraine3-0

Historically, Italy seems to have the upper hand when it comes to face-offs against Ukraine. Out of the five most recent matches, Italy won four while one game ended in a draw. This dominance might play on the minds of both teams as they approach the upcoming fixture.

Key Factors to Watch

  • Italian Home Advantage: The iconic Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, colloquially known as San Siro, is not just a football stadium but a fortress for the Italian side. The energy and passion that the home fans bring to this stadium can be incredibly intimidating for visiting teams. Italy’s remarkable record at home in European Qualifiers this century, with only a single defeat, is a testament to this advantage. Ukraine will need to be mentally prepared to face both the Azzurri and their ardent supporters.
  • Ukraine’s Resilience Against Top Sides: Under Serhiy Rebrov, Ukraine has showcased immense grit, especially against the top-tier European teams. Their ability to snatch draws against teams like England and Germany proves they can withstand pressure. Their resilience will be vital in holding off Italy, especially during the game’s crucial moments.
  • Key Players in Form: Ciro Immobile for Italy and Oleksandr Zinchenko for Ukraine are in stellar form. Immobile’s goal-scoring prowess was evident in Italy’s recent games, while Zinchenko’s versatility and ability to score crucial goals for Ukraine make him a significant threat. The performance of these key players could be decisive in tilting the balance in favor of their respective teams.
  • Pressure of Past Failures: The haunting memories of Italy failing to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup might still be lingering in the minds of the players and fans. With their European 2024 qualification on the line, this match holds even more significance. This pressure can either galvanize the squad to rise to the occasion or could lead to mistakes due to anxiety.
  • Tactical Approaches: Both managers, Luciano Spalletti for Italy and Serhiy Rebrov for Ukraine, are known for their tactical acumen. The chess match between the two, in terms of formation changes, player substitutions, and strategic decisions, will be intriguing to watch. A single tactical masterstroke from either side could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Expert Match Prediction

Considering all the variables, it seems like Italy, with their home advantage and historical dominance, might have a slight edge. However, Ukraine’s recent form and their fearless approach, especially against top teams, means they are far from pushovers. While Italy’s defense needs to be wary of Zinchenko, their own frontline, especially Immobile, might be the key to unlocking Ukraine’s defense. Given the stakes and the talents on display, a high-energy match with goals from both sides seems likely.

Predictions Table:

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Match ResultItaly Win1.52
Both Teams to ScoreYes2.13

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