Denmark vs Slovenia Prediction & Betting Tips – EURO Qualification

Denmark and Slovenia footballers competing for the ball.

As the EURO Qualification enters its 9th round, a pivotal clash awaits football enthusiasts: Denmark will take on Slovenia. Scheduled for November 17, 2023, at 21:45 GMT+2, this game promises to be a thrilling encounter. The match will unfold at Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium, under the watchful eye of referee Sanchez J. from Spain. This stage of the tournament is critical for both teams, as they currently share the top spot in Group H, making this match a potential decider for the group leadership.

Betting Tips: What to Expect in Denmark vs Slovenia

The Denmark vs Slovenia prediction today hinges on several factors. Both teams have been in formidable form, with Denmark boasting an impressive home record and Slovenia excelling in away matches. The Danes have a streak of seven consecutive home wins, while Slovenia has claimed victory in four out of their last five road games. However, Denmark’s historical advantage at Parken Stadium, having won both past home encounters against Slovenia, tips the scales slightly in their favor. Expect a tactical, defensively sound match, with both teams boasting strong backlines. The odds suggest a Denmark win, but the tight nature of the contest makes a draw or a narrow Slovenia victory also plausible.

Recent Form: Denmark

Denmark’s recent performances have been nothing short of impressive. Let’s look at their last five matches:

17.10.2023EURAwaySan MarinoW 2-1
14.10.2023EURHomeKazakhstanW 3-1
10.09.2023EURAwayFinlandW 1-0
07.09.2023EURHomeSan MarinoW 4-0
19.06.2023EURAwaySloveniaD 1-1

Denmark’s recent form shows a team in ascendancy, with a series of convincing wins and a solid draw against Slovenia. Their offensive prowess and defensive solidity are evident from these results, setting them up as favorites in the upcoming match.

Recent Form: Slovenia

Slovenia, on the other hand, has also shown commendable form in their recent outings:

17.10.2023EURAwayNorthern IrelandW 1-0
14.10.2023EURHomeFinlandW 3-0
10.09.2023EURAwaySan MarinoW 4-0
07.09.2023EURHomeNorthern IrelandW 4-2
19.06.2023EURHomeDenmarkD 1-1

Slovenia’s recent matches highlight their ability to secure wins both at home and away. Their draw against Denmark suggests they can hold their own against top teams, making the upcoming match a potentially tight affair.

Head-to-Head Encounters: Denmark vs Slovenia

When analyzing the historical matchups between Denmark and Slovenia, a pattern of Danish dominance emerges. Here’s a glance at their previous encounters:


Denmark has consistently outperformed Slovenia in their past meetings, particularly in competitive fixtures. Their last encounter in the Euro 2023 ended in a draw, suggesting an evolving competitiveness in Slovenia’s approach. However, Denmark’s historical strength, especially in home and neutral venues, is a significant factor to consider for their upcoming match.

Key Factors to Consider

In assessing the upcoming Denmark vs Slovenia match, several factors are crucial:

  • Equal Standing but Varied Strengths: Both Denmark and Slovenia are neck-and-neck in Group H, showcasing their competitive edge. However, Slovenia’s superior goal differential has them leading the group, while Denmark’s lower goal count places them in a slightly less favorable position. This subtle difference could influence their approaches to the game, with Slovenia potentially playing more defensively.
  • Denmark’s Home Dominance: Denmark’s record at their home venue, Parken Stadium, is formidable, with seven consecutive wins. This home-ground advantage could be a significant factor, as they have historically outperformed Slovenia in Copenhagen, adding confidence to their play.
  • Slovenia’s Away Game Resilience: Contrasting Denmark’s home form, Slovenia has shown remarkable resilience in away matches, winning four out of their last five. This suggests they are comfortable and confident playing on the road, which could pose a challenge to Denmark’s dominance.
  • Expectation of a Defensive Battle: Both teams have demonstrated strong defensive capabilities, as reflected in their recent match statistics. The anticipation of a low-scoring game with under 2.5 goals indicates a tight contest where defense could overshadow offensive play.
  • Betting Market Insights: The current betting odds favor a Denmark victory (1.57), with a draw at 4.34 and a Slovenia win at 7.7. These odds reflect the perceived likelihood of outcomes, suggesting that while Denmark is favored, there’s still a considerable chance for different match scenarios, including an unexpected win by Slovenia or a draw.
Denmark vs Slovenia Betting Preview: EURO Qualification Insights.

Free Tips on Denmark vs Slovenia

In the exciting lead-up to the Denmark vs Slovenia match, understanding the dynamics and factors influencing the game is crucial. Our free tips provide insights based on a comprehensive analysis of team statistics, recent forms, and historical data. These tips are designed to give you a clearer picture of what to expect, aiding in making informed decisions.

  • Team Form Matters: Denmark’s impressive home winning streak and Slovenia’s resilience in away games indicate strong forms for both teams. This match-up could be a close contest, considering the recent momentum of both sides.
  • Historical Edge: Looking at head-to-head statistics, Denmark has a historical advantage, especially in home settings. However, Slovenia’s recent form, including a draw against Denmark, shows they’re closing the gap.
  • Impact of Player Availability: Check for any recent injuries or suspensions on both sides. An absent key player can drastically change the dynamics of a team’s performance and the match outcome.
  • Tactical Analysis: Denmark’s strength lies in their solid defense and consistent attacking play, while Slovenia often capitalizes on counter-attacks. Understanding these tactical nuances can help predict how the match might unfold.
  • Home vs. Away Dynamics: Denmark’s stellar performance at their home ground, Parken Stadium, cannot be overlooked. The home advantage could play a significant role in tilting the odds in their favor.

By considering these aspects, you can gain a more nuanced understanding of the upcoming Denmark vs Slovenia match, helping you make more informed predictions and bets.

Match Prediction: Denmark vs Slovenia

Considering the Denmark vs Slovenia odds, the prediction leans towards a Danish victory, given their strong home form and historical advantage. However, the competitive nature of Slovenia and their recent away victories suggest a close contest. Expect a low-scoring affair, with Denmark likely to edge it due to their consistent performance and home advantage.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
1×2Denmark win1.53
Goal Over/UnderUnder 2.51.71

As the match day approaches, remember the excitement and potential rewards of sports betting. BC Game offers you the platform to engage with this thrilling encounter, so why not place your bets and enjoy the game?

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