Barcelona vs Real Sociedad Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – LaLiga

Barcelona vs Real Sociedad: Betting Odds, Tips, and LaLiga Match Prediction.

On May 13, 2024, at 19:00 GMT+0, the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys in Barcelona, with a seating capacity of 54,367, will host an enthralling LaLiga matchup between Barcelona and Real Sociedad. This Round 35 clash will be crucial as Barcelona aims to reclaim their second position in the standings. The game will be officiated by referee Cuadra G. from Spain. As Barcelona seeks redemption from their recent losses, the stage is set for a high-stakes encounter in Spain’s top-flight football.


Barcelona vs Real Sociedad prediction today centers on an intense duel that both teams desperately need to win for differing reasons. Barcelona, looking to recover from a disappointing loss, aims to consolidate their position in the league, while Real Sociedad continues to seek European qualification. This fixture promises excitement and tactical intrigue, considering the historical outcomes and current form of both teams. As we delve deeper into their recent performances, this match could be pivotal in defining their seasons. The upcoming analysis will provide a deeper insight into what to expect from this encounter.

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Current LaLiga standings for Barcelona vs Real Sociedad as of 13.05.2024:

Barcelona Results

Barcelona, a team known for its vibrant football, has faced some challenges recently. Their form has been a mix of highs and lows, reflecting the intense pressure they are under. Here is how they have performed in their last five matches:

04.05.2024LLGirona vs Barcelona4-2L
29.04.2024LLBarcelona vs Valencia4-2W
21.04.2024LLReal Madrid vs Barcelona3-2L
16.04.2024CLBarcelona vs PSG1-4L
13.04.2024LLCadiz CF vs Barcelona0-1W

Barcelona’s recent games show a team struggling with consistency, suffering three losses in their last five matches. Despite their scoring abilities, defensive vulnerabilities have led to several defeats, which could be a factor in the upcoming match against Real Sociedad.

Real Sociedad Results

Real Sociedad has been performing steadily but not spectacularly. Their last five matches in LaLiga outline their journey:

04.05.2024LLReal Sociedad vs Las Palmas2-0W
26.04.2024LLReal Sociedad vs Real Madrid0-1L
21.04.2024LLGetafe vs Real Sociedad1-1D
14.04.2024LLReal Sociedad vs Almeria2-2D
31.03.2024LLAlaves vs Real Sociedad0-1W

Real Sociedad shows resilience in away games, a crucial trait as they face a challenging Barcelona side. Their ability to secure points on the road will be tested in this crucial match.

Head-to-Head: Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

In their last five encounters, the results have been mostly favorable to Barcelona, yet Real Sociedad has managed to snatch a few victories, keeping the rivalry alive and unpredictable.

04.11.2023LLReal Sociedad vs Barcelona0-1
20.05.2023LLBarcelona vs Real Sociedad1-2
25.01.2023CDRBarcelona vs Real Sociedad1-0
21.08.2022LLReal Sociedad vs Barcelona1-4
21.04.2022LLReal Sociedad vs Barcelona0-1

Considering their recent head-to-head history, Barcelona appears to have the upper hand, but Real Sociedad’s occasional upsets highlight their potential to surprise.

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Predicted Lineups for Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

As the matchup between Barcelona and Real Sociedad approaches, understanding the potential starting lineups is crucial for fans and analysts alike. Both teams have their preferred formations and key players that are expected to make a significant impact on the game. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the predicted lineups for both sides:

FC Barcelona PlayerPositionReal Sociedad PlayerPosition
Marc-Andre ter StegenGoalkeeperAlex RemiroGoalkeeper
Joao CanceloDefenderJavi GalanDefender
Ronald AraujoDefenderJon PachecoDefender
Pau CubarsiDefenderRobin Le NormandDefender
Jules KoundeDefenderHamari TraoreDefender
PedriMidfielderMartin ZubimendiMidfielder
Andreas ChristensenMidfielderMikel MerinoMidfielder
Ilkay GündoganMidfielderTakefusa KuboMidfielder
RaphinhaForwardSheraldo BeckerForward
Robert LewandowskiForwardArsen ZakharyanForward
Lamine YamalForwardMikel OyarzabalForward

Unavailable Players for the Match

The upcoming Barcelona vs Real Sociedad game will see some key players missing due to injuries, which could significantly affect both teams’ strategies and performance. Below is a list of players who will not be available for this match, along with those who are questionable and might not participate.

Will Not Play

TeamPlayerInjury Reason
BarcelonaBalde A.Muscle Injury
BarcelonaGaviKnee Injury
Barcelonade Jong F.Ankle Injury
Real SociedadFernandez C.Muscle Injury
Real SociedadGalan J.Finger Injury
Real SociedadMerquelanz M.Knee Injury
Real SociedadMunoz A.Knee Injury
Real SociedadZubeldia I.Muscle Injury


TeamPlayerInjury Concern
Real SociedadTierney K.Thigh Injury
Real SociedadZubimendi M.Muscle Injury

This information about lineups and player availability is pivotal as it not only impacts the tactical setups but also influences betting odds and fan expectations.

Key Factors to Consider

Before making any predictions, it’s important to consider several key factors affecting both teams:

  • Injuries and Suspensions: Barcelona will miss key players like Alex Balde and Gavi due to severe ligament injuries, and Frenkie de Jong due to a recent ankle sprain;
  • Recent Form: Barcelona has been inconsistent, with three losses in their last five games, showing defensive weaknesses;
  • Home Advantage: Barcelona remains strong at Estadi de Montjuic, unbeaten in their last six matches there;
  • Visitor Strength: Real Sociedad has been strong in away games, remaining unbeaten in their last three visits;
  • Scoring Ability: Both teams have demonstrated the capacity to score, with Barcelona’s offensive strength balanced by their defensive lapses;
  • Tactical Matchups: The tactical setup by both coaches, Xavi and Imanol Alguacil, will be crucial, especially in midfield battles;
  • Stakes of the Match: With high stakes for both teams, motivation levels could dictate the pace and intensity of the match;
  • Weather Conditions: Expected clear weather should favor an uninterrupted, fast-paced game.
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Free Tips on Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

When considering a bet on the match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad, it’s crucial to look beyond the basic match facts. Understanding deeper aspects such as team dynamics, historical performances, and external factors can significantly impact your betting strategy. Here are some tailored tips that draw on comprehensive statistics and insights from their previous encounters and current conditions.

  • Assess Player and Team Form: Before placing a bet, examine how both Barcelona and Real Sociedad have performed in their recent matches. Teams in good form tend to carry that momentum forward, while teams struggling with consecutive losses may lack confidence.
  • Head-to-Head Record: Historical data shows that Barcelona has had the upper hand in most of their recent meetings with Real Sociedad. However, Sociedad’s occasional upsets should not be overlooked, as they indicate potential for surprising results.
  • Consider the Impact of Absences: Injuries and suspensions can significantly alter the dynamics of a match. For instance, Barcelona will be missing several key players, which could affect their gameplay and defensive solidity.
  • Home vs. Away Performance: Barcelona tends to perform well at their temporary home venue, Estadi de Montjuic, maintaining an unbeaten streak there in recent matches. This factor should be considered, as home performance can often tip the scales in close encounters.
  • Weather Conditions and Pitch Quality: The match day weather and pitch conditions at Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys can influence the style of play and the match’s pace. A dry and clear day is expected, which generally supports a fast-paced game and could benefit Barcelona’s quick passing style.

By incorporating these insights into your betting strategy for the Barcelona vs Real Sociedad match, you can make more informed decisions that go beyond superficial match analysis.

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Match Prediction: Barcelona vs Real Sociedad Prediction 2024

Given the current form and historical data, the upcoming match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad is likely to see both teams scoring. Barcelona, despite their defensive issues, has the offensive capability to challenge any team, especially at their temporary home ground where they have been strong. Real Sociedad, on the other hand, will look to exploit Barcelona’s recent defensive vulnerabilities and secure a crucial away point.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Both Teams to ScoreYes1.81
TotalOver 2.51.91

Considering the odds and both teams’ current form, placing a bet on both teams to score and over 2.5 goals seems promising. You can make your bet on Barcelona vs Real Sociedad at, ensuring a potentially lucrative opportunity in this high-stakes match.

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