Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – Copa del Rey

Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid: Pro Betting Tips for the Copa Semi-Final.

As the Copa del Rey heads into the semi-finals, a riveting clash is on the cards at the Estadio San Mamés in Bilbao, where Athletic Bilbao will face Atletico Madrid on the chilly evening of February 29, 2024. With the first leg seeing the Basques take a slender 1-0 lead, the stage is set for a compelling second act. Referee Munuera J. will be the man in the middle, ensuring fair play in a stadium that can hold over 53,000 passionate fans, adding to the intensity of this crucial fixture.


The Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid prediction today is anything but straightforward. Athletic’s surprising victory in the first leg has set the tone for a fiercely contested return match. With both teams vying not just for a spot in the final but also battling it out in La Liga for a Champions League berth, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Recent form, head-to-head records, and the undeniable influence of a roaring home crowd at San Mamés make this tie delicately poised.

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Athletic Bilbao Results

Athletic Bilbao’s journey to this stage has been marked by resilience and formidable home form. Despite a recent setback against Real Betis, the Lions have roared in most of their encounters, especially at San Mamés.

25.02.2024La LigaBetis vs Ath Bilbao3-1L
19.02.2024La LigaAth Bilbao vs Girona3-2W
12.02.2024La LigaAlmeria vs Ath Bilbao0-0D
07.02.2024Copa del ReyAtl. Madrid vs Ath Bilbao0-1W
02.02.2024La LigaAth Bilbao vs Mallorca4-0W

The Lions have demonstrated a knack for rising to the occasion, particularly in front of their home fans. Their recent form, barring the slip-up at Betis, showcases a team that’s tough to beat, especially at the fortress that is San Mamés.

Atletico Madrid Results

Atletico Madrid’s recent outings have been a mixed bag, with Diego Simeone’s men struggling to find consistency. The pressure is on for the “mattress makers” to turn things around.

24.02.2024La LigaAlmeria vs Atl. Madrid2-2D
20.02.2024Champions LeagueInter vs Atl. Madrid1-0L
17.02.2024La LigaAtl. Madrid vs Las Palmas5-0W
11.02.2024La LigaSevilla vs Atl. Madrid1-0L
07.02.2024Copa del ReyAtl. Madrid vs Ath Bilbao0-1L

Atletico’s form has been uncharacteristically patchy, with the team struggling to string together victories. The draw against Almeria and the loss to Inter underscore the challenges Simeone’s side faces in regaining their top form.

Head-to-Head: Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

The recent encounters between these two sides have been tightly contested, with Athletic Bilbao having the upper hand in the Copa del Rey and La Liga this season.

07.02.2024Copa del ReyAtl. Madrid vs Ath Bilbao0-1
16.12.2023La LigaAth Bilbao vs Atl. Madrid2-0
19.02.2023La LigaAtl. Madrid vs Ath Bilbao1-0
15.10.2022La LigaAth Bilbao vs Atl. Madrid0-1
30.04.2022La LigaAth Bilbao vs Atl. Madrid2-0

Athletic’s recent success against Atletico, especially at home, suggests a psychological edge that could be pivotal in this tie.

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Key Points to Watch

As we delve deeper into this match, several factors emerge as potentially decisive:

  • Athletic’s Impenetrable Home Record: San Mamés has been a fortress for the Basques;
  • Atletico’s Search for Consistency: Simeone’s men need to rediscover their winning formula;
  • The First Leg Advantage: Athletic’s 1-0 lead adds an extra layer of intrigue;
  • Star Performers on Both Sides: Key players’ form will be under the microscope;
  • Tactical Battle: The strategic chess match between Valverde and Simeone will be fascinating;
  • The Referee Factor: Munuera J.’s officiating style could influence the game’s flow;
  • Fan Influence: The passionate Bilbao crowd could play the role of the ’12th man’;
  • Copa del Rey Pressures: The unique tension of cup football adds to the drama.

Free Tips on Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

As we approach the high-octane Copa del Rey semi-final clash between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid, delving into the finer nuances of the game becomes imperative for any bettor or football enthusiast. Analyzing past performances, understanding the impact of the venue, and gauging the current form of the teams and their players can provide invaluable insights. Here are some expert tips based on the crucial aspects of the match that could influence its outcome:

  • Historical Dominance: Athletic Bilbao’s recent upper hand in head-to-head encounters, especially their victory in the first leg and league match against Atletico, hints at a potential psychological edge.
  • Form Factor: Bilbao’s stellar performance at San Mamés this season, coupled with Atletico’s recent inconsistent results, suggests the home side might have the momentum going into this fixture.
  • Injury Impact: Keeping abreast of the latest team news is essential, as the absence or return of key figures like Bilbao’s star forward or Atletico’s defensive linchpin could sway the match dynamics significantly.
  • Tactical Tussle: With both managers known for their strategic acumen, understanding their potential game plans could offer clues on the match’s tempo and scoring likelihood. Will Simeone’s defensive mastery neutralize Bilbao’s attacking threats?
  • San Mamés Fortress: Bilbao’s formidable record at home this season cannot be overlooked. The passionate Basque crowd could play a pivotal role, potentially lifting the home team in crucial moments.

These insights, grounded in recent performances, historical data, and tactical forecasts, are tailored to help refine your predictions and betting strategies for this enthralling Copa del Rey showdown.

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Match Prediction 2024: Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid

Given the dynamics at play, the Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid odds slightly favor the home side, thanks to their formidable record at San Mamés and the advantage from the first leg. However, Atletico’s pedigree and Simeone’s tactical nous should never be underestimated. Expect a tightly contested match, with Athletic likely leveraging their home advantage to secure a narrow victory or a draw that sees them through.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
HandicapAth Bilbao (0)1.76

In this high-stakes encounter, placing your bet through offers an exciting opportunity to engage with the match. Consider the Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid face-off for a chance to witness and bet on top-tier football at its finest.

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