Almeria vs Barcelona Prediction, Odds, Betting Tips – LA LIGA 2024

LA LIGA 2024: Almeria vs Barcelona - Betting Guide, Match Insights, and Lineups.

Almeria is set to take on Barcelona in an exciting 2024 La liga clash on May 16th at 19:30 GTM +0. Venue of the match is the Estadio del Mediterráneo stadium. Both teams will be looking to get a positive result in this match as they look to move higher in the league standings.


To provide valuable insights into this matchup, let’s delve into the recent performances and head-to-head encounters between Almeria and Barcelona. Understanding their past performances can offer valuable clues about their current form and potential outcomes in this upcoming clash.

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Current La Liga standings for Almeria vs Barcelona 16.05.2024:


Almeria has had a mixed bag of results in their recent matches, with a win, two losses, and a draw in their last five fixtures. They will be looking to improve their performance in the upcoming match against Barcelona.


Barcelona has also experienced ups and downs in their recent matches, with two wins and three losses in their last five outings. They will be determined to secure a victory against Almeria to boost their position in the league.

HEAD-TO-HEAD MATCHES  Almeria vs Barcelona

In their recent head-to-head encounters, Barcelona has dominated with four wins out of five matches, while Almeria managed to secure only one victory. This history could influence the outcome of their upcoming fixture.

DataCompetitionMatch upResult
Barcelona vs Almeria
3 : 2
Almeria vs Barcelona
1 : 0
Barcelona vs Almeria
2 : 0
Barcelona vs Almeria
4 : 0
Almeria vs Barcelona
1 : 2
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Almeria vs Barcelona starting lineups

For Almeria’s starting lineup against Barcelona, Marino Diego is expected to take the position of goalkeeper, while the defensive line may consist of Centelles Plaza Alejandro, Chumi, Langa Bruno, Montes Cesar, and Pozo Alejandro. In midfield, Pubill Marc, Arribas Sergio, Baba Iddrisu, and Gonzalez Edgar could feature, with Embarba Adrian leading the attack. As for Barcelona, Pena Inaki is likely to guard the goal, with Alonso Marcos, Araujo Ronald, Cancelo Joao, and Christensen Andreas forming the defense. In midfield, Casado Marc, Lopez Fermin, and Pedri could operate, while Fort Hector and Guiu Marc may lead the attacking line.

Marino DiegogoalkeeperPena Inakigoalkeeper
Centelles Plaza AlejandrodefenderAlonso Marcosdefender
ChumidefenderAraujo Ronalddefender
Langa BrunodefenderCancelo Joaodefender
Montes CesardefenderChristensen Andreasdefender
Pozo AlejandrodefenderCubarsi Paudefender
Pubill MarcdefenderFort Hectordefender
Arribas SergiomidfielderCasado Marcmidfielder
Baba IddrisumidfielderLopez Ferminmidfielder
Gonzalez EdgarmidfielderPedrimidfielder
Embarba AdrianforwardGuiu Marcforward

Players Unavailable For Almeria vs Barcelona

Aleksandar Radovanovic

BarcelonaAlejandro Balde
BarcelonaFrenkie de Jong

Key Match Insights Almeria vs Barcelona

  • Injuries: Both teams have key players sidelined with injuries, which could impact their performance on the field;
  • Form: Barcelona has had a slightly better run of form compared to Almeria in recent matches;
  • Head-to-Head Record: Barcelona has a superior head-to-head record against Almeria, suggesting they might have the psychological edge going into the match;
  • Recent Results: While both teams have experienced mixed results in their recent outings, Barcelona has shown more consistency.

Free Tips on Almeria vs Barcelona

Before placing your bets on the Almeria vs Barcelona match, consider these valuable tips:

  • Study Team Form: Analyze the recent performances of both Almeria and Barcelona to gauge their current form and momentum heading into the match;
  • Check Head-to-Head Statistics: Review the historical matchups between Almeria and Barcelona to identify any patterns or trends that could impact the outcome;
  • Monitor Injuries & Suspensions: Stay updated on any key player absences or injuries for both teams, as these can significantly influence the match result;
  • Assess Home vs. Away Performance: Take into account each team’s performance at home versus away from home, as this can play a crucial role in determining their chances of success;
  • Consider Managerial Influence: Evaluate the impact of managerial changes or tactics on the team’s style of play and overall performance in the upcoming match;
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Match Prediction 2024: Almeria vs Barcelona

Both of Almeria’s league victories have come on the road and the players will be keen to bring joy to their home fans as the season draws to a close. A three-game losing streak, two of which ended with players being dropped from the squad, shows that the task is not easy, especially with Barcelona as their opponent.

Given their recent form and personal best, Barcelona look to have the advantage in this match. However, Almeria will be motivated to fight seriously, especially when playing on their home field. Thus, the odds of winning this match favor Barcelona.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds

Barcelona to Win

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