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Almeria vs Athletic Bilbao: Odds, Predictions, and LaLiga Betting Strategies.

As we delve into the 24th round of LaLiga, a fascinating clash is on the horizon with Almeria hosting Athletic Bilbao at the Power Horse Stadium on February 12, 2024. The match kicks off at 20:00 GMT+0, under the watchful eyes of referee Garcia V. in the scenic city of Almería. With a capacity crowd of 17,400 expected, the atmosphere will be electric, setting the stage for a classic LaLiga showdown.

Almeria, languishing at the bottom of the league, faces a formidable challenge against an Athletic Bilbao side buoyed by their recent Copa del Rey success. The historical dominance of Bilbao in this fixture and Almeria’s desperate fight for survival adds an intriguing narrative to this encounter.

Betting Tips and Match Insights

Today’s Almeria vs Athletic prediction leans towards an outcome that could either deepen Almeria’s woes or provide them with a glimmer of hope. Athletic Bilbao’s formidable form, having lost only once in their last 20 outings across all competitions, positions them as the favorites. However, football’s unpredictable nature, coupled with Almeria’s urgent need for points, makes this match an enticing prospect for bettors.

  • Athletic’s recent record and Almeria’s struggle for form paint a clear picture;
  • The head-to-head history heavily favors Bilbao, underscoring their psychological edge;
  • Key player matchups, such as Sergio Arribas vs Yuri Berchiche, could decide the fate of this game;
  • Athletic’s tight defense against Almeria’s struggling attack will be crucial;
  • Bilbao’s quest for European football adds extra motivation for them to secure a win.
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Current LaLiga standings for Almeria vs Athletic 12.02.2024:

Almeria Results

Almeria’s season has been nothing short of a struggle, with their position at the bottom of the table reflecting a campaign filled with missed opportunities and defensive mishaps:

03.02.2024LaLigaValencia vs Almeria2-1L
26.01.2024LaLigaAlmeria vs Alaves0-3L
21.01.2024LaLigaReal Madrid vs Almeria3-2L
14.01.2024LaLigaAlmeria vs Girona0-0D
04.01.2024LaLigaOsasuna vs Almeria1-0L

Almeria’s recent form has been a tale of narrow misses and defensive lapses, with the team failing to secure a win in their last five outings. Their inability to close out games, especially in the dying minutes, has been their Achilles’ heel.

Athletic Bilbao Results

Athletic Bilbao, on the other hand, has been in stellar form, mixing LaLiga ambitions with Copa del Rey glory. Their recent performances paint a picture of a team on the rise:

07.02.2024Copa del ReyAtl. Madrid vs Ath Bilbao0-1W
02.02.2024LaLigaAth Bilbao vs Mallorca4-0W
28.01.2024LaLigaCadiz CF vs Ath Bilbao0-0D
24.01.2024Copa del ReyAth Bilbao vs Barcelona4-2 (2-2)D/W
20.01.2024LaLigaValencia vs Ath Bilbao1-0L

Athletic Bilbao’s form has been impressive, showcasing a blend of defensive solidity and attacking flair. Their ability to secure results, both in high-stakes cup matches and league encounters, positions them as a formidable force.

Head-to-Head: Almeria vs Athletic

The historical matchups between these two sides have largely favored Athletic Bilbao, with Almeria struggling to find a foothold:

06.10.2023LaLigaAth Bilbao vs Almeria3-0
22.04.2023LaLigaAlmeria vs Ath Bilbao1-2
30.09.2022LaLigaAth Bilbao vs Almeria4-0
21.03.2015LaLigaAth Bilbao vs Almeria2-1
25.10.2014LaLigaAlmeria vs Ath Bilbao0-1

Athletic’s dominance in recent encounters sets a daunting challenge for Almeria, highlighting the uphill battle the home side faces in their quest for survival.

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Critical Factors to Watch

As we approach this pivotal match, several key factors come into play:

  • Almeria’s desperate need for points to avoid relegation;
  • Athletic Bilbao’s push for a European spot, potentially even a Champions League berth;
  • The impact of key player absences on both sides due to injuries or suspensions;
  • The historical head-to-head record that heavily favors Athletic;
  • The contrasting forms of both teams, with Athletic on a high and Almeria struggling;
  • The tactical battle between Gaizka Garitano and Ernesto Valverde could decide the outcome;
  • Player matchups, such as the potential duel between Almeria’s top scorer, Sergio Arribas, and Athletic’s defensive stalwart, Yuri Berchiche;
  • The influence of the home crowd at the Power Horse Stadium, urging Almeria to defy the odds.

Free Tips on Almeria vs Athletic Bilbao

In the build-up to the Almeria vs Athletic Bilbao clash in LaLiga, there are myriad factors at play that can sway the outcome of this match. From analyzing past performances to understanding the dynamics of home and away games, each aspect offers a unique insight into how the game might unfold. Here are some tailored tips that leverage historical data, team form, and other crucial variables to guide your betting strategy for this fixture.

  • Historical Head-to-Head Trends: Athletic Bilbao’s dominance in recent meetings with Almeria suggests a psychological edge that could influence the match outcome. Consider how past encounters have ended to gauge potential future performances.
  • Impact of Recent Forms: Athletic Bilbao’s impressive streak across all competitions contrasts starkly with Almeria’s struggles, indicating a disparity in confidence levels. Teams riding high on recent successes often carry that momentum forward.
  • Key Player Influences: The absence or presence of pivotal players due to injuries or suspensions can dramatically alter the match’s dynamics. Keep an eye on the latest team news for updates on critical personnel like Sergio Arribas for Almeria and Yuri Berchiche for Athletic Bilbao.
  • Stadium Atmosphere and Home Advantage: The Power Horse Stadium will be a cauldron of support for Almeria, potentially galvanizing the home team against the higher-ranked visitors. This ’12th man’ effect can sometimes lead to unexpected outcomes, especially in high-stakes matches.
  • Weather and Pitch Conditions: Given the match’s date, weather conditions in Almería could play a significant role, affecting the pace of the game and the players’ performance. Also, the quality of the pitch at Power Horse Stadium may favor or hinder teams based on their style of play.

Incorporating these insights into your betting strategy for the Almeria vs Athletic Bilbao match could provide you with an edge, allowing for more informed decisions in a game that promises to be more than just a straightforward encounter.

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Almeria vs Athletic Match Prediction 2024

Considering the form, historical data, and current circumstances surrounding both teams, the odds lean towards an Athletic Bilbao victory. Almeria’s struggle to find consistency and their porous defense, especially in the latter stages of matches, sets up Athletic Bilbao, a team brimming with confidence and tactical coherence, for success.

Prediction TypePredictionOdds
Final ScoreAthletic Win1.73

For those looking to place a bet, this match presents a clear opportunity to back Athletic Bilbao. With their impressive form and Almeria’s struggles, betting on an Athletic victory seems a prudent choice. You can make your bet on the match – Almeria vs Athletic at, offering competitive odds for this LaLiga encounter.

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